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This release consists of many updates and bug fixes.

Bug Fixes

- Corrected the Daimler driver to be counted as a critical hit

- Fixed the issue causing vehicle hulks to disappear immediately

- Fixed the problem that allowed 20mm AP rounds to kill Churchill tanks

- Repaired the Sdkfz 7/36 SPAA hitmap to conform with the crew members

- Corrected an issue that was causing propeller spinners to disappear

- Numerous terrain issues and tweaks have been made to correct terrain anomalies

- The riding positions for the Morris has been fixed

- Fixed a clipping issue in four different buildings

- Corrected the issue causing the PaK36 to slide down a hill

- The red ammo counter lights within the 109F2, 109F4 and 109G have been corrected to show for the proper weapons


- All water shaders have been updated to represent better looking water

- Crew members for the M1, 6-Pdr and PaK38 have been updated with newer models

- Updated a bunch of different unit images within the unit selection menu

- Multiple building textures have been updated with higher resolution textures

- The initial game splash screen has been updated to an updated version of the 1.17 style

- The FlaK38 model has been updated to a more realistic model

- The Infantry Field of View (FOV) has been increased in order to allow for better situational awareness

- The sounds for MG17 and MGFF weapons has been updated

- Some grass textures now render more smoothly as you approach them

- The barriers at some rivers has been removed to allow for larger ships to go up rivers

- Chain linked fences near docks have been updated to allow for players to shoot through it

- New bunkers have been added to Dinant, Schilde, Grobbendonk, Leuven, Namur, Verdun, Longwy, Ramet, Tielt and Vlissingen

- Translations have been updated for the recent changes

- The FW190 ammo counters have been updated to show for only cannon weapons

- Updated aircraft component damage levels to better achieve more realistic values and functionality

New Content

- Added an "Airbored" picture to a bunker

S! Cornered Rat Software (12 June 20)

This release is a Hotfix patch to fix a few bugs that popped up in the latest release.

Bug Fixes

- Invisible FRUs should now be fixed

- FPS loss when stacking multiple straight Sandbags together should now be fixed

- Corrected an issue that allowed some PPOs to be placed under player units

- HUD Waypoints should now disappear properly whenever the Mission Lead deletes them or the Mission closes

- Implemented a change that should alleviate Firebugs

- Fixed an issue that was causing continuous messages to appear for the new player AI Notification


- The curved Sandbags should now be able to be attached to one another

- The DB7's Bombardier's altitude gauge is now more visible whenever looking at the instrument view

- Updated the pilot's view so that the top of the altitude gauges in the DB7 and Boston I can be fully seen

- The DB7, Boston I and He111's altitude and airspeed gauge textures have updated, making them much easier to read

- HUD Waypoints now have a separate Preference Options page with new Options

- The ATG PPO can now be attached to the new Trench PPOs

- The new Trench PPOs have had their wood and grass textures darkened in order to help blend them into their environment

- The new Trench PPOs were updated to not have such a "rough" floor while walking/running on them

- Combat Engineers have had their spawnlist selection menu image updated

New Content

- Opacity of HUD Waypoints can now be adjusted per player's preferences

- The color of each HUD Waypoint can now be adjusted per player's preferences

- The distance at which HUD Waypoints are no longer shown can now be selected per player's preferences

- A new hotkey Keymapper Option (default shift+y) has been added to allow players to hide/show HUD Waypoints while spawned into the game

- When it's night time in-game, HUD Waypoints will have their opacity reduced by 40% so that they aren't as bright during the night

S! Cornered Rat Software (01 June 20)

This release is an assortment of bug fixes, updates and long awaited new features.

Bug Fixes

- Fixed a Playgate (PC only) crash that wasn't allowing for it to download patch files

- Corrected an issue that wasn't showing proper commands in the .help menu

- Fixed the issue that caused engines to fall off whenever plane landing gear were shot

- The M4A3 Sherman's ammo readout has been fixed to represent the proper ammunition being used

- An error that was showing up in the log file has been resolved

- Found and fixed the issue that was causing only Hurricanes to be listed in the Enemies tab of the AAR screen


- Adjusted the Vickers Mk VIc's 15mm Besa penetration and ballistics to address the over performance issue

- Added a section to the FlaK 36's user manual in regards to the "Look Over" feature

- Straight Sandbag and Barbed Wire PPOs can now "stick" together, allowing for a solid line of PPO objects

- The Copying Old Setup Files popup message has been updated to help make it less confusing

- The in-game Credits have been updated

- Language translations have been updated with this release's information

- The Mac log file is now located at "Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/com.corneredrats.wwiiol"

New Content

- The Sturmgewehr 44 (StG 44) is being added to the German arsenal, in limited quantities

- Kill credits will now be given for running over infantry units with various types of other units

- Bombs have been added to Server Tracked Objects (STOs), this will now allow bomber pilots to kill infantry from above 700m

- Mission Waypoints will now appear both on the player's map and their Heads-Up Display (HUD), this feature can be disabled within the Preference options

- Mission Waypoints are now shared across multiple Missions that have the same Target location

- Whenever a new player, rank 1, shoots an AI unit they will receive an alert that AI units can only be destroyed by larger caliber weapons or grenades

- In-game chat transmissions may be temporarily revoked for violating the Terms of Service

- Combat Engineers have been added to all countries which allow more defined focus on offensive operations

- The Trench Player Placed Object (PPO) has been added to normal Engineer's equipment availability

S! Cornered Rat Software (18 April 20)

This hotfix release corrects an issue with Mac OS 10.15 (Catalina).

Bug Fixes

- Fixed an issue that was causing the game to not be full screen on Mac OS 10.15 (Catalina)

S! Cornered Rat Software (14 April 20)

This hotfix release fixes a few issues the were revealed after the initial 64bit public release

Bug Fixes

- Corrected an issue that was causing the 64bit Mac client to crash whenever submitting a .bug or .report

- Fixed an issue with logging on the server side of things

S! Cornered Rat Software (27 March 20)

This release serves as the hotfix patch to remedy a few issues found during Open Beta testing.

Bug Fixes

- Corrected the issue causing terrain to stop rendering whenever flying or traveling long distances

- Updated the keymapper to get rid of the light grey boxes that appeared on the HUD

- Found and fixed the issue that was causing intermittent loss of keyboard and mouse control

- Removed a reference to the Terrain Editor (TE) from the preferences


- Netcode3 has further updates to help with poor connections

S! Cornered Rat Software (06 March 20)

This release is the initial release for the 64bit version of WWII Online.


- Adds the ability to create either a 32bit or 64bit game client

- The game's credits have been updated with CRS staff changes

S! Cornered Rat Software (09 March 20)

This release was a server side fix.

Bug Fix

- Corrected the error that was causing the server to crash on rare Mission Scoring situations

S! Cornered Rat Software (09 November 19)

This release corrects a few errors that were noticed after the recent release.

Bug Fixes

- The Steam Mac client wasn't being properly uploaded

- The CFML (keymapper) folder was only being created for new installs with the Organic PC client

- The Mini-Map on the Mac wasn't showing properly

- The issue that caused some infantry to not make sounds while rotating has been fixed

S! Cornered Rat Software (01 November 19)

This release fixes some long standing bugs while also introducing some long requested features

Bug Fixes

- When despawning from a Multicrewed mission, the Crew will no longer be sent to the Offline screen

- The Mission Creation Map tab will now automatically be closed whenever spawning into the game world

- Player Ping values were being shown as only half rates, this is now fixed

- Map Icons (players, contact reports and waypoints) now appear larger whenever using a 2k+ monitor

- On screen notifications now appear in the proper location whenever using a 2k+ monitor

- The issue that was causing a player's client to crash whenever using the French language is now fixed


- After installing a PC Patch, the game will now be launched like after a fresh install

- The Char's Loader position (#4) has been removed and the Driver's MG (secondary trigger) has been updated to aim a bit higher

- Netcode 3 has been updated to better handle players with poor connections

- The Installer should now uninstall old versions of the game prior to installing the new version

- The HCMS is now removed and the HC Officer class infantry can now deploy the Ammo Cache and Sandbag PPOs

New Content

- When a ground unit's Main Gun is disabled, players will now see a notification and chat indicator that their Main Gun is disabled

- While on the Mission Creation Map tab, double clicking a valid spawning location now updates the Mission Origin

- When right clicking a valid spawning location a Quick Mission option will now appear which will automatically create a mission from that Origin

- Quck Mission creation can now be done while at either the Brigade (mission list) screen or the Brigades (brigade list) screen

S! Cornered Rat Software (09 September 19)

This release corrects a few issues that came up with the recent release.

Bug Fixes

- Fixed an issue that was causing AWS to trigger over friendly airspace in specific situations

- The issue that caused Axis players to CTD when selecting the Army persona is now fixed

- Corrected an issue with the Russian translation that was causing a crash whenever creating an Attack mission

- Repaired the German G41 manual to show up properly

- The Firefly manual now shows the proper language


- Mission creation has been updated to have automatic defaults set for the Origin and Target

- Made adjustments to the anti-griefing resupply timers

New Content

- Players can now change the color of the in game tags for new players (green tags)

- Player's ping now shows up in the Game Info HUD window

S! Cornered Rat Software (05 August 19)

This release is a mix of all three categories for a release and include fixes for a few long standing bugs.

Bug Fixes

- Removed a few references from the manuals section of aircraft that are no longer in game

- Updates the Sd. Kfz 232's rear deck upper armor to correspond to proper armor thickness

- The FMS has been updated to better handle situations where it shouldn't be able to be placed

- Traction for the Morris Gun Tractor has been updated to better climb steep hills

- Satchels have been updated to better handle situations where they would clip into a moving tank

- The StuG IIIB's LODs have been updated to better handle different distances

- The Air Warning System (AWS) has been updated to only show as being active when within 10km (adjustable) of the front line, 10km (adjustable) away from their own towns (which is off map) or over the enemy territory


- The Starter Account upsell message has been updated to reflect recent changes with subscriptions

- Spd has been added to the Fallen Soldier Memorial

- The Icons manual section has been updated to reflect the correct Grey Circle distances

- Engine idling sounds have been updated for the Bedford in order to give more definition between idling and higher RPMs

- The WWII Online installer has been updated to reflect the current name

New Content

- Players can now press the "p" key to quickly bring up the keymapper for the specific unit that they are spawned in with

- Allied High Command members can now Manually Change Garrison ownership of Inactive towns, allowing for retreat set up

- The Panzer IV H (Shurtzen) has been added to the game

- The Russian language translations have been added

S! Cornered Rat Software (12 June 19)

This release is a hotfix for a few issues that came up with the recent release.

Bug Fixes

- Fix the bug causing CTDs around the Echternach area

- Corrected the cause for not being able to delete map marks while not spawned


- Updated the FB objects back to their original maximum damage values

S! Cornered Rat Software (10 June 19)

This release is a hotfix for a few issues that came up with the recent release.

Bug Fixes

- Updated PPOs so that they are unable to be placed on the new Airfields

- Corrected an issue that was causing ATGs to bounce uncontrollably in some towns

- Removed changes that were made to sound handling that was meant to help with the Engine Bug

S! Cornered Rat Software (03 June 19)

This release is labeled as a Maintenance Release and is geared to fixing some of the long-standing bugs.

Bug Fixes

- The sound for a large bomb's explosion has been replaced

- The issue preventing a player from being able to walk behind the French TT crane has been resolved

- The RPM Gauge, used in some British and French aircraft, has been reverted to its original form

- The Italian Rifle unit now has the same PPO options as the other Infantry units

- The FlaK38 has been added to FMS and Depot spawning options

- The Gouda and Aalst city name has been fixed

- A floating berm in Charlois and Warmeriville has been corrected

- The river bank near Vise is now updated to be corrected

- The Barracks location has been adjusted in Warmeriville, Rotterdam, Den Haag, Zaltbommel, Gouda, Faulquemont, Luxembourg, Wyler, Nijmegen, Heijen, Longwy, Thiaucourt, St.Quentin, Mons and Hillesheim

- A clipping issue is now resolved in the AB Vehicle spawn, Abbeville Railway and a City Building

- Fixed an issue that caused a Japanese flag at a Hellevoetsluis FB

- Found and fixed the issue that was causing some Depots to have incorrect ownership on the map

- Removed an ATG from a Gent AI MG pit

- Corrected an invisible tree in Maubeuge

- Fixed an issue that allowed non-aircraft to be able to be spawned at the Ypenburg Airfield

- Fixed an issue that allowed aircraft to spawn at the Rotterdam Aircraft Subassembly Store

- The Pentagon bunker's map icon has been added

- Infantry Grenades and Smoke Grenades are now using the proper image and textual indicators

- The PzIII-N now has a proper weapon barrel

- Removed a grey panel that appeared in the German 38t's commander view

- The British P40 Kittyhawk's windshield has been updated to correct an issue with its appearance

- Player Decals have been fixed on the British Sherman M4A3 and M4A2 tanks

- Offline Infantry clones can now be positioned properly

- The position of the pilot and gun sight for the H87b3, P40F and KittyHawk has been fixed

- Contact reports can now be removed by the player that placed them

- A bush has been removed from an Eind building

- Third person tracers are now fixed for the Ju87B/G and the Vickers IB

- The Crusader III tank's weapon breach texture has now been corrected

- When deploying a PPO from a truck, players will now see "Backspace to Cycle | Z to Place" similar to what they see with infantry placed PPOs

- Whenever a player joins a Paratrooper mission, the Paratrooper Infantry selection menu will be the first to open instead of the plane selection menu

- The RTB text when despawning during the Tutorials has been updated

- Flags within the City Detail map menu has now been fixed

- Autopilot has been updated to better deal with the ability to "float" a plane

- The default aircraft convergence has been updated from 0 meters to 200 meters

- Changes have been made to better help with handling engine sound bugs


- The Steam Upsell message has been updated with recent pricing changes

- Standard SMGs (Submachine Guns) have been added to the HCMS (High Command Mobile Spawn)

- The "Netcode 3" text alert has been disabled from always showing up during spawning

- The French R35 tank now has an updated exterior texture

- Numerous planes, ships and all ground vehicles have been updated to have closer to realistic crew body mass values

- The German Sd.Kfz. 251's white internals have been toned down in order to not be so bright

- Xxsalxx and Hvyoutput have been added to the Fallen Soldier Memorial

- New translations for the Italian and Chinese languages have been added

- The manual pages have been updated to remove references to the British HEAT rifle grenade

- The French LMG's texture has been updated to look better than it was

- The British Havoc Mk I has been updated to be the British Boston I

- Bombers are now able to destroy both the FB Vehicle spawn and the "Other" objects

- Ammunition variance has been updated to be a maximum of 1% difference from their currently set values

New Features

- The Fliegerhorst Airbase has replaced the old airfield at Brussels

- The in-game AAR screen will now list the player's name that you have killed during your sortie

S! Cornered Rat Software (29 April 19)

This release is a hotfix for issues that came up with the latest release.

Bug Fixes

- Fixed an issue that was allowing Spawnable missions to exist even though the FB was blown

- Corrected a issue causing friendly FBs to flip to enemy whenever a town was liberated

- Updated the right click menu to show Airforce Brigades whenever the town has become Frontline

- Fixed the issue that was not allowing a currently spawned player to re-cap or communicate whenever they lost a town

- Fixed the cause for players randomly changing sides whenever their town changed sides

- Updated the UI in order to resolve an issue that was causing supply to be inaccessible whenever they despawned the last weapon

- Corrected the issue that was allowing LMGs and AT units to still move while reloading

- Fixed the cause for allowing units to be overstocked after warping to a depot

S! Cornered Rat Software (14 April 19)

This release is a hotfix for issues that came up with the latest release.

Bug Fixes

- Corrected the issue for whenever a weapon was despawned and the spawn list wasn't shown

- The Squad member mission join tab is now fixed

- Fixed the issue that was causing the town change timer after the town was liberated

- The Naval Garrison in Andenne now shows in the Brigade Selection list

- The Airforce Garrison in Antwerp South now shows in the Brigade Selection list

- Player kill notifications has now been fixed

- The $orig chat command now outputs the proper information

Adjusted Content

- Brigade and Garrison designations have been updated so that only Brigades have unit flags while active Garrisons only have dots

- Updated the $miss and $unit chat commands to show the full name of the Unit

- The Beta Map Options are now removed from the Map Options tab

- Further changes to better improve player connections have been implemented

New Content

- Translations have been added for numerous 1.36 additions

S! Cornered Rat Software (07 April 19)

In this release, CRS brings back persistent front line supply with the introduction of Garrisons

Adjusted Content

- The Automatic AO system has been adjusted to take into account Garrisons

- If a player logs into the game and their previous Garrison has now changed sides, a replacement will be found for them

- Towns that are owned by the United States will utilize French Airforce and Naval Garrisons

New Content

- Garrisons for each Branch (Army/Airborne/Airforce/Navy) have been created

- Garrisons have been placed into every town where appropriate

- Separate Inactive and Supply Trickle timers have been added for Garrisons

- The Allied HC can choose which Allied Country can own each of their towns

- The Allied HC will have a 10 minute timer that allows for changing of the town owner, after a battle, without penalty

- The Allied HC can use the current Voting system when manually changing a town's Country

- Towns now have a status (Frontline/Backline/Reserve/Inactive)

- A number of translations have been updated to include the changes in this release

S! Cornered Rat Software