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What is the visibility limit?

The visibility limit (aka vislimit) is a limitation on the number of units that your system is told about while you are in the game. If the servers are not telling you about a unit because it's in excess of your vislimit, then in your version of the world, it does not exist.

Why is there a visibility limit?

The visibility limit exists to keep control over the amount of data that is being sent to each client. If there is too much data that needs to be sent per second, then the data will begin to backlog on route to the client, and lag ensues.

Where is the visibility limit set?

You can select Low, Medium, and High visibility limits in the WW2OL:BE Configuration Utility.

How does the visibility limit work?

The game servers know what your desired amount of units is (as per your setting in the configuration utility)

An important note about the visibility limit is that it is not bi-directional. This means that it is possible, although difficult, to see somebody that cannot see you and vice versa. Since you can only shoot at people that you can see, and you can shoot at any people that you can see, this means that the very rare cases where an enemy can see you but you can't see them result in "being killed by nothing".

A Forums|Playnet forums posting from KFS1:

  • You can't see someone shooting unless they are on your update list. It sounds like your system is having a hard time loading the textures/model for the vehicle that is firing at you. If you can see him shooting, you are being sent updates on him, and we don't provide vehicles with a way to say "you can't see me".
  • However - you can be shot by someone you can't see. There is a finite limit on the number of people you can see simultaneously, which is largely bandwidth related (unlike a PvE MMO its more important to see a few people very accurately than seeing everyone with 15s between updates like, say, Ironforge).