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WWII Online is a combined arms simulation, featuring co-operative gameplay between Ground, Air, and Naval units. Of these three, the Airforce is arguably the most potent arm: without air superiority and close air support the Army and the Navy cannot hope to make an impact, and without fighters to pave the way for bombers and paratroop aircraft, very little can be accomplished. Strategic bombers, roaming far beyond the reach of riflemen and patrol boats, have the power to strangle supply in the game’s RDP (Research, Development and Prodouction) model. Air superiority is a vital concept and during your first few hours in the game world, as you find yourself anxiously looking skyward or ducking under a hail of bombs, you will recognize just how important it is. This guide aims to help you to get airborne, armed and ready to influence the flow of battle.

Air combat IS tough
Be advised that air combat is an incredibly complex field to venture into. Becoming an effective pilot requires long hours in the cockpit and countless fiery deaths. Do not be turned off by the steep learning curve however – once you get the hang of some basic concepts you will be ready to fight it out with the best of them.

WWII Online has a good selection of various types of combat aircraft to choose from, all with their own peculiar traits, benefits and disadvantages. Aside from general similarities and the universal challenge of combat shared by all, each aircraft requires a specific modus operandi to ensure success. Learn by flying them all, offline, through reading and by experimenting, to find the aircraft and the practice that best suits your fighting personality.

First time pilot? Fly offline!
If this is your first attempt at flying, we strongly recommend that you review the basic aircraft controls below and practice extensively offline before venturing out online. This is because aircraft availability online is severely limited and senseless waste of aircraft is largely frowned upon by your fellow pilots. Once online, do not hesitate to ask for help and advice – you will find many helpful pilots online who are eager to help you along.

General Instruction

Find out all you need to know about cockpit instruments, engine management, gunnery, energy, situational awareness and more! Here

Piloting Quick Start Guide

From n00b to dweeb in 10 minutes flat! All Info found Here

Incremental flaps

Learn how to configure "combat flaps" for better turn performance in dogfights Here

Basic Flight Maneuvers (BFM)

Take off and landing, turning, diving, barrel-rolling... so much to learn, so little time. Give it a few minutes and you will gain prowess to last you a lifetime (no, not a game lifetime). Here

Advanced Combat Maneuvers (ACM)

Advanced Combat Maneuvers (ACM) is the collective name for all kinds maneuvers that you will need to employ to produce a guns opportunity against enemy aircraft – or to escape from a threatening situation. Learn about the Scissors, the Yo-Yo, the Rope-a-Dope and many more useful maneuvers, right here.

Air Missions

Now that you can fly an aircraft, what are you going to do with it? Missions - Have guns, will travel.
Learn more about how to succeed in fighter missions such as CAP, CAS and BARCAP; learn how to make the groundpounders miserable with fighter-bombers and attack aircraft; learn how to lay waste to enemy factories through strategic bombing... and more.

Level Bombing

Bombers have one goal: to grind the enemy into dust and impress him with the futility of continued resistance. To this end, bombers of all sizes and denominations bring forth high explosive bombs to render the enemy production facilities inoperable and his frontline units paralyzed for want of fuel and supplies. Bombers can also be leveraged against tactical targets such as cities, armybases and bridges, in low level attack runs, or high level bombing.
Level bombing at altitude is the safest and typically most accurate mission profile, as it well above AA guns and often above enemy fighters engaged at lower altitude, but the trade off is the more demanding flight from a technical and managerial point of view. Still, it ranks as one of the most fulfilling and exciting missions you can perform in WWII Online. Here we show you how it's done.
Here you can find all Information