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The idea of combat aircraft is to support the ground troops in their endeavors, question is, how do you do that?

  • There are two general approaches to using air power – direct (tactical) and indirect (strategic) – both are vital for the overall war effort and both approaches affect the outcome through carrying out specific missions.
  • Bomber missions for instance, can be either tactical or strategic in nature. Tactical bombing targets individual enemy units and installations, whereas strategic bombing targets the enemy research and production capability – which in turn has tactical effects in terms of increased supply times and troop morale.
  • Fighter missions too can be tactical or strategic: you may choose between fighting in the frontline or to interdict the enemy en-route to the frontline, or to escort friendly bombers to their strategic targets.

Whether to commit yourself to tactical or strategic missions is your personal choice, tempered by what the overall situation dictates – for instance, your fighter may have a more pronounced effect in intercepting enemy strategic bombers heading for your factories than in strafing a few measly trucks. On the other hand, killing those trucks may be the thing that helps your side win a key battle… choose, and live with your choice!

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