Armed trawler

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Brtish armed trawler.jpg
Armed Trawler
Type Patrol Boat
Armament 1 x 76-mm Main Gun,
1 x QF Quad 2pdr "Pom-Pom" AA Cannon Mk VII,
2 x Twin 20-mm Oerlikon Cannon
Crew 6 Total (Position: Role)
1: Helmsman
2: Lookout
3: Forward Deck Gun
4: Starboard Anti-Air Gunner
5: Port Anti-Air Gunner
6: Rear Anti-Air Gunner
Weight 750 Tons
Top Speed 12 Knots


Naval trawlers are vessels built along the lines of a fishing trawler but fitted out for naval purposes; they were widely used during the First and Second World Wars. Some—known in the Royal Navy as "Admiralty trawlers"— were purpose-built to naval specifications, others adapted from civilian use. Fishing trawlers were particularly suited for many naval requirements because they were robust vessels designed to work heavy trawls in all types of weather, and had large clear working decks. A minesweeper could be created by replacing the trawl with a mine sweep. Adding depth charge racks on the deck, ASDIC sonar below, and a 3-inch (76 mm) or 4-inch (102 mm) gun in the bow equipped the trawler for anti-submarine duties.

Game Play

Its role in World War II Online is to support amphibious operations and provide and other fire support close to shore, as well as defence against smaller vessels. The trawler is slow, but deadly!

Crew Insights

Here is a detailed explanation on the type of crew and the Armament it controls.

  • Position 1. Helmsman - Not much explanation required, from here you can turn the Engine On/Off and navigate the Boat.
  • Position 2. Lookout - This Crew is Equipped with Binoculars.
  • Position 3. Forward Deck Gun - This Position would be the 76mm Anti-Tank Gun.
  • Position 4. Starboard Anti-Air Gunner - Stood on the Right side side of the Ship (Starboard) controlling Twin 20mm AA Gun.
  • Position 5. Port Anti-Air Gunner - Stood on the Left side side of the Ship (Port) controlling Twin 20mm AA Gun.
  • Position 6. Rear Anti-Air Gunner - Equipped this time with a Quad QF 2pdr Pom-Pom AA Cannon.