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During World war two many navies needs small vessels quickly and simplist solution was to purchased many trawlers and other auxiliary vessels of civilian pattern and adapted them for ASW and minesweeping duties. Armed trawlers mainly performed escort duties for slow convoys, port picket and shore patrols. The trawlers were formidable AA platforms and defensive enemies for submarines and light vessels but no match for capital ships.

Brtish armed trawler.jpg
armed trawler
Type Patrol Boat
Armament 1 x 76-mm main gun,
1 x QF quad 2pdr "pom-pom" AA cannon Mk VII,
2 x twin 20-mm Oerlikon cannon
Crew 6
Weight 750 tons
Top Speed 12 knots

Game Play

Its role in World War II Online is to support amphibious operations and provide and other fire support close to shore, as well as defence against smaller vessels. The trawler is slow, but deadly!