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A listing of all the squads referenced on the Wiki.

All squad pages should start off using the Squad Template - when you start the page, Please do the following:
1) Begin with the tag {{subst:SquadStart}} on the first line.
2) Then make sure to put both the category [[Category:Squads]] AND [[Category:Allied or Axis]] (delete whichever side your squad does not play on). This will enable your squad to show on the respective side pages.
3) Save the page - this will generate the template information, then select edit to customize your squad page.

Your Squad Page

We haven't opened access to create and edit pages to all subscribers yet (but we will). If you would like to see your squad listed, please have a representative of your squad contact Sniper62 ( to have your squad page added.


Squads are a collection of players who enjoy the game together. There are many different types of squads, some are one side only, some play both, some only fly, some only play Armor. Find a group that you like to play with as it makes the game significantly more fun to play and easier to learn. Below are some of the squad within the game.

Allied Squads

Allied Squads
Short Name Long Name Wiki Page Web Page Forum
7th AST 7th Army Allied Strike Team 7th AST Home_Page Playnet_Forum


Axis Squads
Short Name Long Name Wiki Page Web Page Forum
1stLB 1st Lithuanian Brigade "Iron Wolves." 1LB The Iron Wolves None None

Either Side

Either Side
Short Name Long Name Wiki Page Web Page Forum

Waiting Side determination

These squads need to be sorted by side

Royal lancers
22nd Special Air Service
Allied expeditionary force
13th Infantry
101st Airborne
617 Dambuster squadron

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