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7th Army - Allied Strike Team

7th AST
Squad image/logo
Affiliation: Allied
Squad Size: Approx 500
Leadership: CO-B2k


Recruitment Policy: Open recruitment - all account types welcome
Contact: Contact us via our website or forums
Website: http://www.7thast.com

About 7th AST

We Don't find the from..... we CREATE it

Squad History

7th AST has been involved with WWII Online since January of 2001. 7th AST was first created as the United Forces in January of 2001. It consisted as the 1st Infantry (Big Red One (BRO)), 1st Airborne, 1st Armored, and 11th Armored. Immediately after release, it was realized the the organization we had was not doable with WWII Online. The squads had a meeting and decided to merge under one squad key. b2k was asked to be the permanent CO. Emporer1 was the 1st XO. It was hoped that with the consolidation to one squad key and merging of chains of command, that the squad would become more streamlined.

On 2 Aug, 2001, it was reformed as the 7th Army. 1st Airbourne became 4th Infantry (pending implementation of paratroopers), 11th Armored became 103rd Infantry, and the SOG and 31st Fighter Group were established. We fought under the French flag until the introduction of brigades made aligning with a specific country or area of the map unrealistic. Our primary focus is ground, however, we also have dedicated pilots. 7th Army was originally modeled along the force structure of the US 7th Army from WW2. 1st Airborne was renamed as the 4th Infantry Division (pending paratrooper implementation), 1st Armoured was created, 103rd Infantry Division relaced the departed 1st Infantry. Finally, an air unit, 31st Fighter Wing was created. And thus the 7th Army era was born. From 1.01 until Version 1.65 was released, 7th Army remained a dominant force on the battlefield. The 31st Fighter Wing was renamed the 41st Jaguars. Briefly, 7th Army also fielded a British sub-squad, the Royal Gurka Regiment. Over time though, we dropped the separate divisions within the squad and now fight as a collective team.

Over time 7th Army and several other squads began to operate together. Eventually this common operational cooperation lead to the merger of the various squads into a common squad identity. Thus 7th AST was born.

Other Information

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