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Here you can choose between 3 preset options - Best Quality/Balanced/Best Performance Also you can also change the language and if you want Game Credits enabled/Disabled


This Heading has 2 selections-

  • "Network Route" where you can choose between: Use Best - Primary - Secondary
  • "Visable Player Limit" selections being Low - Medium - High


Here you can select which Display to use, the Resolution on the Display and if Vertical Syncing is Enabled/Disabled.
Vertical Syncing helps to create stability by synchronizing the image frame rate of the game with your display monitor refresh rate. If it's not synchronized, it can cause screen tearing, an effect that causes the image to look glitched or duplicated horizontally across the screen.


This lists all Effects that can be Enabled/Disabled to better game performance:

  • Normal Maps
  • Post Render Filter
  • Water Shaders
  • Water Reflections
  • Muzzle Flash Lights
  • Combat Smoke
  • Specular

Radial Clutter - Also you can change the Ground Clutter, its Density and Radius


This has one selector "Shadow Presets" which can be Low-Medium-High.


With the Infantry Preferences you can control the following:

  • Level of Detail- You can select how detailed Troops are in Third Person view.
  • Leave Corpses- Select Enabled/Disabled if you want the dead to leave Corpses.
  • Leave Blood- Again Enabled/Disabled to leave Blood Splats.

Disabling Corpses or Blood Splats may increase Performance but does not help you as a player to read what has transpired during the battle.

Leave Corpses- here you can choose how many Corpses can be seen and the Duration they remain visible in Minutes.


Here you can change Audio Preferences.

  • Sound Card- You can select which Audio Sound comes out from including Headsets.
  • Ambient Sounds- this can be Birds Chirping or Wind. You can select between Frequent/Infrequent/Disable.
  • Alerts- you can Enable/Disable a sound that plays everytime an Alert comes in.
  • Music- you can Enable/Disable music to play when not in game.

Volume Control has two selectors, Sound Effects and Music Volume.

Intergrated Voice Comms (IVC)

IVC Preferences are as follows:

  • Speaker- you can select from which Speaker/Headset voice comes out of.
  • Microphone- select the device you want to capture voice from.
  • Local Microphone Test- toggles a test on/off to carry out a self-test of your Microphone.

Next you have a list of Channels to Enable/Disable:

  • Area Voice Comms
  • Mission Voice Comms
  • Target Voice Comms
  • Side Voice Comms
  • Lobby Voice Comms
  • Squad Voice Comms

IVC Volume Control has two selectors, Speaker and Microphone Volume.

User Interface

Here you can change the "FONT SIZE" and Enable/Disable "TOOLTIPS". It is possible here to change "Icon Color Preferences":

  • Friendly Color
  • Enemy Color
  • Squad Color
  • Mission Color
  • Mission Leader Color
  • New Player Color

"AWS Colors" (Air Warning System) can also changed here:

  • Low Color
  • High Color
  • Opacity (which is controlled by a Slider Bar)


You can "RESET TO DEFAULT RADIOS" by clicking the "RESET" Button. This would return all Chat Bars F1-F6 to the following:

  • F1 Mission
  • F2 Target
  • F3 Origin
  • F4 Squad
  • F5 Ops
  • F6 Help

Enable/Disable "Bad Language Filter" and "Squad Invites".

Heads Up Display (HUD)

From here you can Show/Hide your "HUD MODE".
Choose between Name and Rank/Vehicle Type/None for "ICON MODE"
Enable/Disable "DEATH ICONS"
"RESET HUD" would place all HUD Boxes in their default locations.
"PPO PLACEMENT" would change Color Preferences for Good or Bad Placements.

HUD Windows

Here you can Enable/Disable the following HUD Windows:

  • Game Info
  • Readout
  • Orders
  • Health Bar
  • Primary Ammo
  • Secondary Ammo
  • Chat
  • Mini Map
  • Voice Comms

Change HUD TRANSPARENCY for the following:

  • HUD Elements
  • IVC Box
  • Chat Box
  • Mini Map


HUD Alerts

You can Enable/Disable HUD ALERTS Change "MESSAGE BEHAVIOR" from Automatic Text Display/Display Text on Click.
MESSAGE DISPLAY INTERVAL can be changed on a Sliding Scale in "Seconds".

HUD WayPoints

You can Enable/Disable HUD WayPoints Origin/Targets You can Enable/Disable HUD WayPoints Rally/Attack/Bomb/Ammo

You can Change the "VIEW DISTANCE" of "Ground Missions" (in Meters/Unlimited) and "Air/Naval Missions" (in Kilometers/Unlimited). "WAYPOINT PREFERENCES" you can change the following:

  • OPACITY (Slider Bar)
  • Rally Color
  • Attack Color
  • Bombard Color
  • Ammo Request Color