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Needs Revision

Most of these settings have been moved in-game to the Settings tab.

Notes for revision

Limit LOD Changes Limited update rate for LOD switching. Should be enabled by default.

Limit FOV Changes LOD switching is only done for objects within the FOV. Should be enabled by default.

Accessing the Game Settings

Follow this path to adjust your game settings.

START->ALL PROGRAMS->Cornered Rat Software->Battleground Europe->settings

This is the main menu for Battleground Europe (BE) Settings.

Basics of Tuning for Performance

Game Sounds

First you'll need to check for your "Sound card".

You'll want to make sure that your Sound Card is selected instead of "Primary Sound Driver".

This is a major source of problems and lag while running BE.

Ambient Sounds

Ambient Sounds are things like chirping birds, barking dogs, rustling leaves, and wind. These are not necessary but add to the overall experience of BE. This does affect performace. This is even more true if your system has an Intergrated Sound Card. If you experience difficulties in game play or your computer performs poorly in BE you might turn the Ambient Sound option to "Never".

Sound Options

3D Sounds - Turn this on when using a surround sound speaker system. The can greatly affect gameplay and performance.

2D Sounds - Select this if you have a stereo or 2 Speaker System.

Maximum sounds

Maximum Sounds means the total number of sounds heard at any one time. You'll need to know how many sounds your sound card can successfully support.

If the Maximum Sound Setting is incorrect it can cause a Crash to Desktop (CTD) or a host of other problems.


You can adjust your Video and Network settings from this menu screen.

Video Options

Make Sure your Video Card is selected and not something else. BE runs most efficiently with a properly installed video card. Make sure to update your drivers often to ensure the highest quality gameplay.


This is the Resolution that BE will be displayed in.

There are 16 bit (x16) and 32 (x32) bit modes.

The image above is the most common resolution of 1024x768x32 bit.

No Lock To Refresh (V Sync)

Checking this box allows the frame rate to render higher then the refresh rate of the monitor (60hz,72hz+).

Unchecking the box prevents the computer from rendering above the selected refresh rate.


Always leave this at "Use Best" (Recommended).

Special FX

Show game info

This shows the chat bar,compass, and other important tools you can use in gameplay. Turning these off can increase overall performance, but not using them when in battle can seriously affect your overall gaming experience.

Shadow size

This displays shadows under objects. However this is not very important and rarely affects gameplay. Turn this off to gain a mild performance boost.

HUD Visibility

This displays Your health & ammo or health, ammo, & compass. Turn on or off to suit your needs. Again can this can affect performance, but rarely with great consequence.

Lighting Correction

This adjusts the color settings for BE. It's best to leave this as is at 1.


This turns the Special Effects on or off for BE.

For better performance turn Muzzle Smoke and Tracer Smoke off. You'll want to leave Muzzle light on for night time battles.

Visual/Visual Limits


This reduces coloring or shading from 32 bit down to 256 colors. This results in a very poor image. This does not result in a major performance increase anymore.

Texture Reduction

Reduces the amount of textures introduced into the online world. This can be a performance gain.

Enable Specular

Introduces shine or a glossy effect to tanks, planes, boats and other items in the world. Older video cards may take a large performance decrease with this enabled.

Visible Player Limit

this sets the total amount of players that can be seen at once. This is a Large Performance loss at high. Default is medium.


Enable Shaders

This renders the new water effects for BE. Although this depends on your Graphics card Pixel Shader. The Water effects need Pixel Shader 2.0 or higher.

Water Reflections

This renders reflective objects in the water. This is/can be the Cause of the "5 second lag spike" Bug. It is also a major performance increase when disabled.

Post Render Filter

This is BE's Version of HDR Lighting (High dynamic range) Adding Better lighting Effects for BE. Disabled results in a high performance increase for older video cards.

Grass Shader

This introduces a Higher resolution texture for the grass in BE. Turning this off results in a mild Performance increase,it can also help with lag "spike" issues.

Normal Maps

This turns on/off the new maps for BE. This can be a mild performance increase. Although it is recommended to leave as enabled.