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  • IVC Target channel added
  • IVC HC channel added
  • IVC Multi-crew channel added
  • IVC Squad channels will now be separated by their side
  • An IVC tab has been added to the Keymapper pop-up (P) window
  • A new Hero Builder infantry unit has been added
    • RPAT w/2 rounds
    • Main battle rifle w/20 rounds
    • 2 HE Frag Grenades
    • 1 Knife
    • 1 Shovel
  • Matilda, Pz2c, Pz3, SdKfz 231 and Firefly crew members have been visually updated


  • The Triumphal Arch has been added to Brussels
  • Players can now damage the newly added Dams
  • New towns have been added: Chalons, Chalons South, Tilloy-et-Bellay, Attendorn, Sittingbourne, Sheerness, Juvigny, Conde Sur Marne, Les-Petite Loge, Bochum, Hattingen, Zevenaar, Elten, Bechy, Verny, Baronville, Francaltroff, Cuvilly, Montdidier, Lassigny, Ribecourt, Orbeval, Marville, Jametz, Vittarville, Rouen, Rouen East and Barentin
  • Tongeren has had new town walls built
  • Beauvais, Clermont and Willemstad have been rebuilt
  • Terrain tiles around Paris have been fixed up
  • Dover, Bergen op Zoom and Calais are now enlarged
  • Some river barriers have been moved under water with buoys added to mark them
  • Some in game Manuals have been updated
  • Genobrst has been added to the Fallen Soldier Memorial
  • A few new props have been added: Row Boat, Submarine, Aircraft Carrier and Swordfish
  • Double ponds with a creek and bridge have been added to Sittingbourne
  • Factories from Amiens and Abbyville have been moved to Rouen and Rouen East

Audio & Effects

  • Sound effects audio has been equalized across all units and weapons, this may require players to adjust game audio volume in preferences
  • All new special effects have been added
    • Create longer lasting VFX for artillery rounds that have no fireball
    • Create individual SFX for artillery HE shells
    • Create mortar specific VFX
    • Improve muzzle smoke VFX on tank main guns
    • Improve fuel fire VFX
    • Improve engine fire VFX
    • Improve frag grenade VFX & SFX
    • Create new bomb explosion VFX & SFX
    • Create new bazooka explosion SFX


  • Secondary "Hurricane" kill bug fixed
  • Fixed the bug that caused some building to disappear during town captures
  • Motorized Mortars can now shoot beyond 2,150m
  • Repaired the Beauvais-Poix-de-Picardie FB
  • Fixed the unkillable Stuart driver
  • The AB Barracks buildings now have a damage model (10 December 22)

Introducing Integrated Voice Communications for WWII Online!


  • Lobby voice radio channel for general comms and choosing sides
  • Side voice radio channels active when no mission has been selected (Separate Axis, Allied channels)
  • Mission radio channels (side unique) becomes primary radio channel (whether spawned or not)
  • Squad voice radio channel for dedicated squad ops (always available)
  • In-game 3D voice chat providing attenuated and directional positional-based voice audio
  • Configurable key mapping
    • Cycle through available voice channels
    • Transmit on selected voice channel (PTT)
    • 3D voice activation (talking)
    • Temporary IVC Disable (Mute/Deafen) for tense moments
    • IVC Hud Enable/Disable
  • IVC Hud displays who is talking, Icons over talking players (Radio vs 3D Chat)
  • IVC Configuration
    • Voice audio input/output device selection
    • Input/Output volume
    • Enable/Disable channel types (uncheck all for IVC opt-out)
  • Sensitive to .ignore list for muting other players