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Introducing Integrated Voice Communications for WWII Online!


- Lobby voice radio channel for general comms and choosing sides
- Side voice radio channels active when no mission has been selected (Separate Axis, Allied channels)
- Mission radio channels (side unique) becomes primary radio channel (whether spawned or not)
- Squad voice radio channel for dedicated squad ops (always available)
- In-game 3D voice chat providing attenuated and directional positional-based voice audio
- Configurable key mapping
-- Cycle through available voice channels
-- Transmit on selected voice channel (PTT)
-- 3D voice activation (talking)
-- Temporary IVC Disable (Mute/Deafen) for tense moments
-- IVC Hud Enable/Disable
- IVC Hud displays who is talking, Icons over talking players (Radio vs 3D Chat)
- IVC Configuration
-- Voice audio input/output device selection
-- Input/Output volume
-- Enable/Disable channel types (uncheck all for IVC opt-out)
- Sensitive to .ignore list for muting other players

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