Holiday 2021 Release

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It's that time of year again - PATCH FEVER - Merry Christmas boys and girls! New vehicles, game play changes, fixes and a whole new look at WWII Online's snow are inbound tonight at 6PM Server Time (at which point we will activate the new snow for the remainder of December). This is one of the biggest patches of the year and it's loaded with goodies! Mark your calendars as Welcome Back Soldier" will be activated December 20th - 27th, be sure to pass the word and get those vets back in-game! Did you know they can enter right now with Free Play access? www.wwiionline.com/join

It's now time to find out what Santa Xoom and his Crafty Elves have been doing these last few months - so buckle-up and keep reading to see lots of great screenshots and game play changes!

The Elves have been tweaking small things, big things with several Easter Eggs are out there in the gaming world so you will have to seek and explore to find out those wonderful things in terrain, environment, and structures that are sprinkled about. KEMPI, "General Winter" as he's known at the North Pole / Rat HQ, has been working for weeks to give you an immersive environment during the 'snowy season'. We cannot overlook the work of TR6AL with his seasonal trees. BMBM, HATCH, and CORN have gone 15 rounds with the new (and existing) models and they are now ready to come out of the history books, archival footage, and are ready to be played with. Gone are the bouncing anti-tank guns when towed and they should react as expected when interacting with the terrain when fired. We think you will enjoy it all and don't worry, snow blindness should be a thing of the past. cool

CRS has been grinding for months to get this significant patch to your desktop. We have overcome unexpected technical issues, gone through a series of testing/refinement and so finally... it's here! Strike up the band, spike the eggnog... it's time to tear the wrapping off our present to you, the steadfast and ever optimistic and hopeful community that is WWII Online!

-Cornered Rat Software

View the Readme here: Readme 1.36