25mm CA mle 1938

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Aa fr hotchkiss 38.jpg
Canon de 25mm C.A. mle 1938
Type canon de 25mm C.A. mle 1938
Armament 25 mm Anti-Aircraft Gun
Gun Elevation -5° to +80°
Turret Traverse 360°
Crew 2 (Commander, Gunner)
Weight 850kg
Tow Class Light
Main Gun Optics
Designation  ?
Magnification  ?
Field of View  ?

The 25 mm CA mle 38 was a stable platform with an accurate and reliable gun, and proved to be an excellent anti-aircraft weapon.

Game Play

For a light AA gun, the 25 mm CA has a powerful high explosive charge and can bring enemy planes down very quickly, if they are within its effective range. In Battleground Europe you should deploy this gun to provide a close-in anti-air umbrella over attacking forces; try to set up in a brush line or trees behind your main advance, where your HE firepower will not only be useful against enemy aircraft, but can provide heavy fire-support for your advancing infantry. A very high muzzle velocity makes for easier deflection shooting.