Aigle Destroyer

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Aigle Class Destroyer
Type Escort Destroyer
Armament 5 x 5.5 in Deck Guns,
4 x 20 mm Oerlikon Anti-Aircraft Guns,
3 x 37 mm Bofors Anti-Aircraft Guns,
8 x 21 in Tube Torpedoes
Crew 8 total (Position: Role)
1: Helmsman
2: Lookout
3: Forward Fire Control
4: Starboard Fire Control
5: Anti-Aircraft Gunner
6: Port Fire Control
7: Rear Fire Control
8: Torpedo Launcher Control
Weight 2,114 tons
Top Speed 36 knots


The Aigle class Destroyer was a light escort type otherwise referred to as contre-torpilleurs.

Game Play

These light Destroyers were similar in size and armament to their German counterpart the Z34. Like it they were very effective in convoy escort and attack, providing AA cover for fleet operations and utilizing the ability to mount torpedo attacks against other shipping. It can carry troops during amphibious operations also, as we see often employed with the other boats in Battleground Europe.