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Anti-Tank Rifleman

Preface is an anti-tank rifle soldier has been neglected arms, played his true power, you will find that you can even dominate the battlefield.

Anti-tank rifle to kill tanks primarily by members of detonating ammunition and fuel tank ignited three ways to kill a tank, so the key point is to know the members of the tanks, ammunition, and fuel tank location, and tanks can puncture site angular distance, two were combined, they can at maximum range, get the most chance of any plan, and video showed only a single case, the only truly understand the operational principles and understand the position of the members and ammunition through the line version, in service training and battlefield in practice, in order to become a true master, what you want is to play only 50 percent of the power, not so much the ideal fighter in front of you, and only by understanding the principles and practice of their own in order to get more opportunities!

White smoke and yellow smoke

Information: Tanks rear engine compartment is concentrated, will have two non-real-fatal condition. One is white smoke, according PLANE argument is simulated tank rupture, distributed water vapor, especially after effect is not yet clear. Another is to take yellow smoke, can confirm that simulate the fuel leak, fumes when exposed to heat.

Here Focus on the after effect of this situation. After the occurrence of the situation to take yellow smoke, tanks functional operation without strange, but if you continue to exercise, after a few minutes, will cause engine damage. If until then ESC, the whole car explosion occurred. If the parking stall, will appear in a dozen or tens of minutes after the engine damage, ESC also the whole car explosion.

For tankers is concerned, we must consider whether they smoke after the shooting in a favorable position, trying to do a fixed fort.

The anti-tank side is concerned, a lot of weapons not immediately destroy each other, but broke the engine compartment is entirely possible; consider hitting the engine compartment to produce tobacco as a Anti-flag effect, reducing the number of their fire, let the other foot with a ticking time bomb. At present, the situation in line with actual verified models: M4, M10, all 3,4 chassis vehicles.

Before reading the history of war, when seen such a period: M24 close encounter tigers, theoretically the former is 0 Douyao not move away from the latter, but the actual combat, the latter after a high rate of fire continued use of tiger body shot in sustained after hitting a dozen hair, tiger burning fire! Later analysis of the reasons: M24 armor-piercing Tiger failed to penetrate the body, but strong shock destroyed the fuel tank, causing fuel leaks. When the fuel has been continuously exposed to hit into a hot object of armor plate, tiger spontaneous combustion.

Although the game is not fully simulate the real world, but there are similar kind of effect damage. Use Pak36 S-35 shooting and tank location char, the target will emerge tobacco, then continued shooting 3-4 hair, it will make the target on fire and then, if using a No. 3 F's 37MM gun, because the power of the smaller, more shells. Finally, this phenomenon experiments on all Allied tanks, in addition to outside Churchill and Matilda, are valid. Currently combat wars: M4A2 10 m 7 hair, M4A3 200 m 4 hair, char 70 m3 hair.



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Crusader II

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Panzer IIc

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Panzer 38t

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