Airborne Sniper

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Overview & Game Play

Snipers were often recruited from the finest marksman in the force and assigned to hit high-value targets. Working from concealed positions, snipers were commonly experts in camouflage, infiltration, and reconnaissance.

Since killed players can just respawn, a sniper's role is less important in the game than it was in real life, but their impact can still be felt. The first skill you'll need to master is using the rifle at long ranges: The bullet doesn't hit instantly and gravity pulls the bullet downward as it travels. Practicing offline is a necessity to get a feel for the rifle, and even online it's worthwhile to hold the fire button to avoid chambering another bullet until you see where the last one landed.

The second skill you need to master is staying hidden. you have a big advantage that by dropping from the skies you can land in positions that aren't normally available to other troops. One or two players are known to depoly their airborne sniper very effectively this way.

Airborne Snipers are equipped with a scoped rifle,a pistol, four smoke grenades, and a combat knife.



The reliable Lee-Enfield No.4 was also employed as a sniper weapon. A Mk.3 Scope was added with x3 magnification.

Ab uk sniper.jpg
British Airbrone Sniper
Lee-Enfield No.4 Mk I (T)
webley .455
No.77 Mk I Smoke Grenade
Combat Knife


Despite more modern weapons using the 7.5 mm calibre entering service, the French army continued to issue older 8 mm rifles to its snipers. This was not necessarily a bad thing, as the old ammunition type was somewhat harder-hitting at long ranges, whereas the new 7.5 mm calibre had been designed for shorter, lighter weapons than the pre-WWI rifles. In WWIIOL:Battleground Europe, French snipers use the Lebel rifle fitted with an APX mle 1921 telescopic sight.

Ab fr atr.jpg
French Airborne Sniper
Lebel with APX mle 1921 Scope
Pistolet automatique mle 1935S
Grenade fumigène
Combat Knife


The reliable Mauser Kar.98 was also employed as a sniper weapon. A scope was added with x3 magnification.

Ab de sniper.jpg
German Airbrone Sniper
Karabiner 98k with ZF-41 Scope
Pistole 08
Nebelhandgranate 39
Combat Knife


American AB Sniper.png
American Airborne Sniper
M1903A4 Springfield
M1911 Colt
M8 Smoke Grenade
Combat Knife