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This game has a fairly steep and brutal learning curve. This page is a compilation of advice that's often passed along to new players when they first experience the game.

Basic Tips

  • Patience - one shot can kill you, no massive health bar or healers in this game. Play it like you would a real war game and you'll live longer. Use cover, run, dodge etc. don't just rush in like Rambo.
  • Watch what the older players do they know (mostly) how to play well and you will learn from them and how they play.
  • You have to invest time and effort to learn in this game but the payback is a real blast.

Higher ranks (levelling in other games) allows access to Binoculars. Players use them alot and you can be seen from further away by older players. Don't think as you can't see them they can't see you.

  • Play with the best visual settings for you, lower graphics is better than being killed as your lag is bad. It’s not all about graphics its about staying alive.
  • Think about joining a squad, you'll benefit hugely plus you have people to protect you and you’ll make friends.
  • Consider using Teamspeak (available on Mac & PC) even if you can only listen it helps you greatly. Get a microphone/headset and join up with a bunch of people. Most will be extremely willing to help and you get to make friends on a more personal level.

Don’t be afraid to use the .ignore command. Like all game we have our fair share of whiners, whingers and moaners, don’t get distracted by their idle chat.


  • Practice offline & on training server with weapons, planes, tanks etc. rather than on live game.
  • Get your head round keymapper, the edge it can give you playing is great.
  • Ask for help from trainers (see below)


  • Don't worry about asking for help (on Help Channel) or on the forums, we were all new once.
  • As well as the help channel make use of the .TR command and private messages (for those afraid of asking for help publicly)
  • Trainers will NOT take the mickey or put new guys down, if they do, they wont be Trainers for long.
  • The .Help command is also useful, many people don't use that.
  • The help channel has many helpful and knowledgeable people tuned to it. Use it.


  • Never fire your last bullet, reload before your empty and it may save your life.
  • Stay out of the church tower (one of the first place people look).
  • Think before typing in spatial (open chat e.g. no channel) chat during battles it gives away your position.
  • If you want to spawn armour or an ATG then spawn infantry first and see if its safe.
  • Touching any enemy moving vehicle or gun will kill you instantly.

ATGs take more then one bullet sometimes. 3 shots each crew does the trick till later when you’re surer of your aim.

  • Multicrew with an experienced player, he can then tell you some tips and tricks.


  • Mark contacts on map so all players can see them.
  • Learn the range ring on the map for range estimation. From center of circle to the outside is *about 100 meters or 1km depending on map zoom.
  • Use your map in cover and don't stand around in the open checking it.

MSPs/FMS(Mobile Spawns/Fortified Mobile Spawn)

  • When defending towns look for friendly MSPs/FMS outside of town. That will usually get you out of the attack area long enough to get your first kills.
  • Always ask the mission leader if you can put an mobile spawn up before you do it (sometimes a mission is made for a specific task and a ms on it will "ruin" the purpose of it)
  • Never put up a MSP/FMS on the "main defence mission" in a town. It’s extremely frustrating when you for example are defending the AB/bunker area and someone set up a "defensive ms/fms" on that mission and you end up in the middle of nowhere.


  • Bug (.bug) any stuff that could be fixed or is bugged in game.

If you want a good reputation then don’t complain about the game, it will get easier as you learn.

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