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Brigades are the fundamental strategic unit of the game. All Brigades are connected to a Division. Each side has 3 Divisional HQ flags, each supplying 3 Brigade flags, hence a total of 9 Brigades. Each flag must remain close to their parent Divisional HQ, these would be highlighted on the map with a red link.

As of 1.28 each ground Division now has 1 Armored Brigade and 2 Infantry Brigades. Brigades move around the game map according to the Brigade Movement Rules.

After you have chosen your persona you need to select a Brigade to fight with. Don’t worry, you can always transfer out of a Brigade if the need arises.

The Brigade Selector shows you the Order of Battle for the country and branch of your selected persona. A brief summary of each Brigade is presented here and you will be able to transfer to the brigade of your choice by selecting a brigade with the mouse and clicking on the "Brigade HQ" button in the bottom left of the screen.

You can also join a brigade from the theater map. Just right-click a Capture Point (CP) name that has a Brigade Flag on it.

Your personas will be associated with the last brigade you played with in subsequent game sessions, but you can transfer out at any time.

Brigade HQ

Brigade HQ is the central hub of all combat operations. From here you will have a list of missions, with such information as who's leading the mission,origin and targets.

UI Brigade Select.jpg

The Communications Tab:

This tab lists the important communiqués from your Brigade Command as well as updated command structures and officers. You should check this page regularly to see who is in command and any standing orders from your brigade commander or even from the high command staff that may have been posted since your last visit, or even since your last mission.

Unit Codes

All the Brigades with their Short Names:


BEF HQ ARMY Supply Division

Brigade Short Title
3rd Infantry Division 3id
2nd Infantry Division 2id
1st Infantry Division 1id

BEF Ground Forces

Brigade Short Title
8th Infantry Brigade 8ib
9th Infantry Brigade 9ib
4th Infantry Brigade 4ib
5th Infantry Brigade 5ib
Special Air Service sas
3rd Commandos 3ib

BEF Armored Forces

Brigade Short Title
33rd Tank Brigade (Armored) 33ab
2nd Armored Brigade (Armored) 2ab
1st Guards Brigade (Armored) 1gb

BEF Paratrooper Forces

Brigade Short Title
1st Airborne Division 1abd
1st Paratroop Brigade 1pb
2nd Paratroop Brigade 2pb

RAF Fighter Forces

Brigade Short Title
60 Fighter Wing 60fw
60 Squadron 60w
61 Squadron 61w

RAF Bomber Forces

Brigade Short Title
70 Bomber Wing 70bw
75 Squadron (CAS Brigade) 75w
76 Squadron (CAS Brigade) 76w
70 Squadron (Bomber Brigade) 70w
52 Squadron (Bomber Brigade) 52w

RN Naval Forces

Brigade Short Title
37 Destroyer Squadron 37ds
38 Destroyer Squadron 38ds


French HQ ARMY Supply Division

Division Short Title
12e Division d'Infanterie Motorisée 12dim
5ème Division Nord-Africaine 5dina
1re Division d'Infanterie Motorisée 1dim
2ème Division Nord-Africaine 2dina
4e Groupe de Reconnaissance de Division d'motorisé 4thmacrd
2e Division Légère Mécanique 2ndlmd

French Ground Forces

Brigade Short Title
13ème Demi-Brigade de Légion Etrangère 13edble
106th Régiment d'Infanterie 106rim
27e Régiment d'Infanterie 27ir
6e Régiment de Tirailleurs Marocains 6dp
1er Régiment d'Infanterie 1ir
43e Régiment d'Infanterie 43ir
22e Régiment de Tirailleurs Algériens 22dp
13e Régiment de Tirailleurs Algériens 13dp
101r Escadron de Reconnaissance 101er
605e Régiment de Pionniers 605rp
13e Régiment de Dragons 13rd
8e Régiment de Cuirassiers 8dc

French Armored Forces

Brigade Short Title
1ère Brigade d'Assaut Motorisé (Armored) 1bdm
14e Regiment de Zouaves (Armored) 14dp
14e Compagnie Divisionnaire Anti-Chars (Armored) 14c
110e Régiment d'Infanterie (Armored) 110ir
104th Anti-Tank Regiment (Armored) 104atr
4e Brigade Légère Mécanique (Armored) 4blm

French Paratrooper Forces

Brigade Short Title
1re Division l'Infanterie de l'Air 1dia
Groupe de l'infanterie de l'air 601 601gia
Groupe de l'infanterie de l'air 602 602gia

Armee de l'Air Forces

Brigade Short Title
Groupement de Chasse 21 gc21
Groupe de Chasse I/1 gci1
Groupe de Chasse III/3 gciii3

Armee de l'Air Bomber Forces

Brigade Short Title
Groupement de Bombardement 6 gb6
Groupe de Bombardement I/12 gbi12
Groupe de Bombardement d'Assaut 18 gb18
Groupe de Bombardement d'Assaut 19 gb19
Groupe de Bombardement III/12 gbiii12

French Naval Forces

Brigade Short Title
Flotille du Pas de Calais fpc
Force de l'Atlantique fda

United States

US HQ ARMY Supply Division

Division Short Title
1st Division us1d
2nd Division us2d
3rd Division us3d
4th Division us4d
5th Division us5d
6th Division us6d
7th Division us7d
8th Division us8d
9th Division us9d

US Ground Forces

Brigade Short Title Brigade Short Title
U.S. 1st Army us1army V Corps usVc
I Corps usIc 51st Infantry Brigade us51ib
11th Infantry Brigade us11ib 52nd Infantry Brigade us52ib
12th Infantry Brigade us12ib VI Corps usVIc
II Corps usIIc 61st Infantry Brigade us61ib
21st Infantry Brigade us21ib 62nd Infantry Brigade us62ib
22nd Infantry Brigade us22ib VII Corps usVIIc
U.S. 2nd Army us2army 71st Infantry Brigade us71ib
III Corps usIIIc 72nd Infantry Brigade us72ib
31st Infantry Brigade us31ib VIII Corps usVIIIc
32nd Infantry Brigade us32ib 81st Infantry Brigade us81ib
IV Corps usIVc 82nd Infantry Brigade us82ib
41st Infantry Brigade us41ib IX Corps usIXc
42nd Infantry Brigade us42ib 91st Infantry Brigade us91ib
92nd Infantry Brigade us92ib

US Armored Forces

Brigade Short Title
13th Armored Brigade us13ab
23rd Armored Brigade us23ab
33rd Armored Brigade us33ab
43rd Armored Brigade us43ab
53rd Armored Brigade us53ab
63rd Armored Brigade us63ab
73rd Armored Brigade us73ab
83rd Armored Brigade us83ab
93rd Armored Brigade us93ab


German HQ ARMY Supply Division

Brigade Short Title
4. Panzer-Division 4pzd
16. Infanterie-Division 16id
3. Panzer-Division 3pzd
33. Infanterie-Division 33id
2. Panzer-Division 2pzd
17. Infanterie-Division 17id
1. Panzer-Division 1pzd
27. Infanterie-Division 27id
20. Infanterie-Division 20id

German Ground Forces

Brigade Short Title
4.Panzer 1 Kampfgruppe 4pdkg1
4.Panzer 2 Kampfgruppe 4pdkg2
16.Infanterie 1.Kampfgruppe 16idkg1
16.Infanterie 2.Kampfgruppe 16idkg2
3.Panzer 1 Kampfgruppe 3pdkg1
3.Panzer 2 Kampfgruppe 3pdkg2
33.Infanterie 1.Kampfgruppe 33idkg1
33.Infanterie 2.Kampfgruppe 33idkg2
2.Panzer 1 Kampfgruppe 2pdkg1
2.Panzer 2 Kampfgruppe 2pdkg2
17.Infanterie 1.Kampfgruppe 17idkg1
17.Infanterie 2.Kampfgruppe 17idkg2
1.Panzer 1 Kampfgruppe 1pzkg1
1.Panzer 2 Kampfgruppe 1pzkg2
27.Infanterie 1.Kampfgruppe 27idkg1
27.Infanterie 2.Kampfgruppe 27idkg2
20.Infanterie 1.Kampfgruppe 20idkg1
20.Infanterie 2.Kampfgruppe 20idkg2

German Armored Forces

Brigade Short Title
4.Panzer 3.Kampfgruppe (Armored) 4pdkg3
16.Infanterie 3.Kampfgruppe (Armored) 16idkg3
3.Panzer 3.Kampfgruppe (Armored) 3pdkg3
33.Infanterie 3.Kampfgruppe (Armored) 33idkg3
2.Panzer 3.Kampfgruppe (Armored) 2pdkg3
17.Infanterie 3.Kampfgruppe (Armored) 17idkg3
1.Panzer 3 Kampfgruppe (Armored) 1pzkg3
27.Infanterie 3.Kampfgruppe (Armored) 27idkg3
20.Infanterie 3.Kampfgruppe (Armored) 20idkg3

German Paratrooper Forces

Brigade Short Title
2. Fallschirmjäger-Division 2fjd
2. Fallschirmjäger 1.Gruppe 2fjdg1
2. Fallschirmjäger 2.Gruppe 2fjdg2
1. Fallschirmjäger-Division 1fjd
1. Fallschirmjäger 1.Gruppe 1fjdg1
1. Fallschirmjäger 2.Gruppe 1fjdg2

Luftwaffe Fighter Forces

Brigade Short Title
Jagdgeschwader 2 'Richthofen' jg2
I.Gruppe 2.Jagdgeschwader 2jg1g
II.Gruppe 2.Jagdgeschwader 2jg2g
Jagdgeschwader 3 'Udet' jg3
II.Gruppe 3.Jagdgeschwader 3jg2g
I.Gruppe 3.Jagdgeschwader 3jg1g

Luftwaffe Bomber Forces

Brigade Short Title
Kampfgeschwader 53 'Legion Condor' 53kgs
I.St.G 53.Kampfschwader 53k1st
II.St.G 53.Kampfgeschwader 53k2st
I.Gruppe 53.Kampfgeschwader 53k1g
II.Gruppe 53.Kampfgeschwader 53k2g
Kampfgeschwader 26 26kgs
II.Gruppe 26.Kampfgeschwader 26k2g
I.St.G 26.Kampfgeschwader 26k1st
II.St.G 26.Kampfgeschwader 26k2st
I.Gruppe 26.Kampfgeschwader 26k1g

Kreigsmarine Forces

Brigade Short Title
8. Zerstörerflottille 8zf
5. Zerstörerflottille 5zf
4. Zerstörerflottille 4zf
6. Zerstörerflottille 6zf