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Brigades are the fundamental strategic unit of the game. Each brigade is connected to a Division.

Brigades move around the game map according to the Brigade Movement Rules.


After you have chosen your persona you need to select a Brigade to fight with. Don’t worry, you can always transfer out of a Brigade if the need arises.

The Brigade Selector shows you the Order of Battle for the country and branch of your selected persona. A brief summary of each Brigade is presented here and you will be able to transfer to the brigade of your choice by selecting a brigade with the mouse and clicking on the "Brigade HQ" button in the bottom left of the screen.

You can also join a brigade from the theater map. Just right-click a CP name that has a Brigade Flag on it.

File:Map joinbrig.jpg

Your personas will be associated with the last brigade you played with in subsequent game sessions, but you can transfer out at any time.

Brigade HQ

Brigade HQ is the central hub of all combat operations. From here you will have a list of missions, with such information as who's leading the mission,origin and targets.

UI Brigade Select.jpg

The Communications Tab:

This tab lists the important communiqués from your Brigade Command as well as updated command structures and officers. You should check this page regularly to see who is in command and any standing orders from your brigade commander or even from the high command staff that may have been posted since your last visit, or even since your last mission.

Differentiated Brigades

As of 1.28 each ground Division now has 1 Armored Brigade and 2 Infantry Brigades.

File:Ui communications.jpg

The Order of Battle