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Consolidated Service Records, formally called Combat Stats & Records, is also known as CSR and is a web service offered by CRS in order to show players their missions and combat stats.

CSR Webpage


Player Squad Side Comparisons Performance Tools
  • Player Summary
  • Player Achievements
  • Player Sorties
  • Weapon Sorties
  • Enemy Contact
  • Weapons Versus
  • Squad Summary
  • Squad Members
  • Squad Sorties
  • Squad vs Squad
  • Side Summary
  • Weapon
  • Win History
  • Weapon Class
  • Weapon
  • Community Achievements
  • Squad Top Lists
  • Player Top Lists
  • Community Support
  • Customize
  • Login

In-game stats are an important part of the game and its community. While in-game players are able to see their "Killer" after their mission has finished, they can also see how many kills of each type they got but they are unable to see who they killed. That is where the CSR web service comes in.

After visiting the CSR page for the first time, the player inputs their Gamename and then their stats show up for all of their previous campaigns (Career) and the current campaign. From there, players can then view the different options within the CSR web service.