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Daimler Mk.I


Ar uk daimler.jpg
Daimler Mk.I
Type Armored Scout Car
Armament Main Gun: QF 2-pounder
Coax MG: 7.92-mm Besa machine gun
Crew 3 (Driver, Commander, Gunner)
Weight 7,514kg
Top Speed 75km/h
Main Gun Optics
Designation No. 33 Mk. IV S.
Magnification 1.9x
Field of View 21°

Based on the outstanding performance of the earlier Daimler Scout Car, an up armored and up-gunned version was developed. Employing the turret of the Tetrarch light airborne tank, and thus replacing the light machine gun (LMG) armament of the original Scout Car with the venerable (at the time) 40 mm QF.2pdr gun, the Daimler Mk.I had a main gun armament equivalent to many medium tanks of the early war years.

It was very mobile and fast off road which gave it the perfect performance profile for an advanced scout and reconnaissance vehicle. Unfortunately however, during the early period of World War Two, dedicated Luftwaffe bombing raids delayed the combat debut of this fine armoured car: the British Army had to wait until mid 1942 before it could see the formidable Daimler in action. In Battleground Europe … the introduction of the Daimler Armoured Car (DAC) into action on the front lines comes in the first round of equipment upgrades to the BEF armoured forces equipment list.

Game Play

The Daimler is an exceptional armored car in Battleground Europe. It’s armed with a gun that can easily kill all but the heaviest panzers and capable of much better off road speed, its only weakness is its light armor and its lack of high explosive rounds; it is equipped with AP ammunition only. You can certainly kill enemy tanks, but remember that you cannot fight them forever in long gunnery duels: your armor will not withstand any sustained shooting match with even a light tank, so don’t be seduced into thinking you are invincible just because you have the relatively good firepower of the high velocity British QF2.pdr. gun. You’re not.

Use your speed to go out and go around enemy forces, there is no reason to get stuck in a gunfight you will more than likely lose when you can move around to fight to your better advantage as a sneaky and highly mobile ambush unit. Flank enemy armour and hit them from the rear or sides, where their armour is thinnest.

Use the time it will take the enemy tanks to rotate their turrets to find you to make your escape at speed before they can target you. Learn how to ambush, be sneaky, and always make them work harder to find you, and then when they look like they have found you; move again to make it harder still. Come from unexpected directions; lie in wait on resupply roads to kill any reinforcements they are bringing up to resupply their attack.

It’s worth considering always keeping your commander popped out for maximum situational awareness: if you hear a vehicle coming from a direction you don’t expect, just leave or relocate to somewhere you can better ambush the approaching enemy. Take note that with your front view slit at “open” the entire front plate of your hull/driver position is exposed.