Early Warning System

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Early Warning System (EWS) icons appear below the Town Name as orange icons or outlined orange icons with a black center. There are different EWS icons that indicate the proximity of enemy units to a Town, Infantry, Armor and Ships.

EWS State

The EWS system indicates when the enemy is close by. There are 3 states of EWS.

  • None (no EWS appears around the town, no enemy units in the area.
  • Black with Orange edge, this means there is light enemy activity in the area.
  • Solid Orange icon, this means there is heavy enemy activity in the area.

EWS Dynamics

  • Infantry
    • Appears: When enemy infantry are 250 meters from town, or an enemy truck (potential MSP) is within 1km.
    • Covers: All enemy infantry, trucks & halftracks
  • Armour
    • Appears: Approximately 2-3km from the Town
    • Covers: All enemy armor, ATG's
  • Ship
    • Appears: ????
    • Covers: All enemy shipping