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A fallback manuever allows a brigade to open up it's defensive firebases into the town it currently occupies, by giving up the armybases or other military facilities in that town. This would include airfields or naval docks. A fallback is always associated with a .overrun alarm which can be executed when a brigade(s) is being overwhelmed by the attacking opposition force, and the High Command agree that a strtegic withdrawl to a stronger defensive position is desirable.

A fallback order will FAIL to be accepted if the town being retreated from:

  • Is currently under a "Hold At All Cost" (HAAC) directive
  • Is not currently under attack from the enemy and thus has no Defend Objective (DO) on it
  • Does not link to a friendly town
  • Iis not currently in a contested state, ie: the enemy have not captured any facilities in that town
  • (this is a requirement of .overrun being valid in order to request a .fallback)
  • Does not know which brigade is attacking it (?meaning?)

Link requirements of .fallback :

  • A linking depot must tie the town being fallen back to with the town being withdrawn from
  • No enemy firebase on any enemy link to the target town being fallen back to, may be open
  • Armybase in the target town being fallen back to must be owned by your side

Other requirements to initiate a .fallback :

  • The officer requesting a .fallback must be currently on an active mission within the brigade that is wished to fallback
  • A .overrun alarm must already have been issued for the town the brigade falling back is currently defending
  • A .overrun alarm is only applicable if the enemy already have the defending town contested under an Attack Objective (AO)
  • The brigade falling back cannot be trapped in a surrounded pocket with nowhere to fallback to
  • The officer requesting a .fallback order has to specify a target town for the withdrawing brigade to retreat to

Once the fallback is approved there is a "warning" interval before the fallback is executed. Only the enemy will be able to capture facilities in the town under fallback during this interval. When the fallback executes, all military facilities have their ownership changed to match the country of the brigade which initiated the attack objective.

Where does the brigade go when it automatically falls back because it was bounced by enemy capture? (system fallback) :

  • A brigade (or its Divisional HQ) will fallback automatically if the AB in the town being defended is captured
  • A brigade can only ever auto fallback a distance of one linked town away
  • If a suitable fallback target is not available it will "bounce" off map to training
  • "a suitable fallback target" is determined by a prioritized list of qualifying criteria
  • The first criteria is for a brigade to "join my divisional HQ" if it is within a 1 link radius
  • If Div.HQ is not able to be joined, the brigade will look for a sister brigade in the same division, no more than 1 link away
  • If neither Div. HQ nor a sister brigade are within one link away, any friendly town 2 links away from it's divisional members will be chosen
  • (thus restoring the one link away relationship after the bounce)
  • If none of the above are available, even if a friendly town 1 link away is available, the brigade will bounce to training

Detailed Steps

  1. The CP must be Contested.
  2. The officer requesting the fallback must be engaged on an active mission from the brigade that it is desired be fallen back
  3. An emergency .overrun alarm must have already been succesfully raised on the town you wish to fallback from
  4. The fallback is issued by the HC. A white flag will appear on the map, but the fallback has not yet occurred. If the CP (town) is uncontested by the defenders (they retake all captured facilities) prior to the fallback defensive FB's coming up, then the fallback will be aborted.
  5. Ownership of the AB's and control of the CP changes hands, and the defenders defensive FB's behind the town come up.
  6. 10 minutes after the change of control, the AB can be re-captured by the side that issued the fallback.
  7. Once the ABs are capped, a brigade can be moved back in.