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CTD (Crash To Desktop)

A CTD is a Crash To Desktop, or an abrupt abnormal termination of the game. You will not be presented with any messages before it happens, but rather will suddenly find the game gone and your computer desktop in front of you.

While Playing Offline and Online?

If a crash happens in both cases, then it is usually a video or sound card driver issue. Updating them will normally fix this.

Also, please be sure that your system meets our Minimum Required System Specifications

What is my video or sound card?

Only Online

In this situation, there is a wide variety of things which may be responsible.

Look in your /Battleground Europe/ folder for a file called "ww2error.log". These are often helpful to CRS staff in identifying problems. Reproducable?

CTD's which are reproduceable under a given set of circumstances are the easiest ones for CRS to fix. If you encounter a CTD, please try to create it again while noting exactly what actions you took or what events happened in game.

Non-reproduceable problems are almost impossible to solve.

Log Files

Crashes will often generate an error log file that is very valuable to our programmers in tracking down and resolving these problems. If you get a crash, please look in you /Battleground Europe/ folder for a file called ww2error.log.