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Flag big de.jpg
Einigkeit und Recht und Freiheit
Alignment Axis
Army Heer
Air Force Luftwaffe
Navy Kriegsmarine
Size 357,021 Kilometers squared (not all modelled)
Training Area Kiel

Germany is one of the playable nations in Battleground Europe. Led by the Oberkommando der Achsenmächte, they are currently the only playable Axis country.

Armed Forces

The Wehrmacht has three branches: The Heer, Kriegsmarine and Luftwaffe. As the only Axis member it has as many divisions as all the Allies combined and, although having less variety overall, its equipment is more diverse than any other individual country's.


A German soldier lies in wait with an M34.

In the initial tiers, the Germans start the campaign with a focus on speed and maneuvering: Most German guns are underpowered against the Allies' heavier tanks, have accuracy problems at longer range, and their armor is paper thin in comparison. This is not to say the Germans are at a disadvantage, however: In the air, the Stuka dive bomber offers precise targeting and, when that's not appropriate, the He 111's 8 250kg bombs offers a brute-force alternative. Additionally, the legendary FlaK. 36 AA/AT gun can tear apart any Allied tank at 1 km or more if handled properly — both in the initial tier and in later ones.

Although it's improved in Tier 1, by Tier 2 German guns are all but equal with their Allied counterparts: The PaK. 38 and 40 AT guns are far superior to the earlier PaK. 36 the Panzer IV G offers a strong mix of mobility, armor, and firepower; and the StuG III G serves as a powerful tank destroyer. Furthermore, the introduction of the Tiger in Tier 3 adds even more firepower to the German arsenal.

The Swastika

Due to laws in Germany [[1]] and elsewhere [[2]], the swastika is not allowed in the game. In places this has been replaced by the Iron Cross, such as on the Axis flag for example, or in some cases removed all together, such as on the tail fin of German aircraft.

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