Ground Support Bombardment

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Ground Support is used to kill enemy units in battleground, often helping directly to ground troops. It's driven by Fighters-Bombers, Tactical Bombers and Dive Bombers. There are a lot of famous planes in WWII acting in this role as Stuka, Havoc, Sturmovik, P-47 Thunderbolt.

In Battleground Europe, ground support is based on bombing enemy tanks, strafing enemy infantry & cannons and bombing bridges.

Fighers Bombers in Battleground Europe:

  • P39 (Bell Model 14a / P-400 Airacobra) (France)
  • Bristol Blenheim MkI (UK)
  • Hawker Hurricane MkIIc (UK)
  • Messerschmitt Bf110C-4/B (Axis)

Dive Bombers in Battleground Europe:

Tactical Bombers in Battleground Europe:

  • Douglas DB7 B-3 (France)
  • Bristol Blenheim MkIV (UK)
  • Douglas Havoc MkI (DB7 (UK)
  • Heinkel He111H-16 (Axis)