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The skill you need to master is staying hidden. If you keep far enough away from where the bulk of the fighting is taking place, your biggest concerns should be soldiers hunting for you or and LMG/counter sniper trying to spray your position from afar.

To be a successful sniper you most focus on your survival and get safe back to claim your kills otherwise your be killed.

The infantry fighting position will NOT make you invisible at the long ranges you should be engaging the enemy at as well as shield you from machine-gun fire, and occasionally moving around or letting a few enemies slip by will help prevent the enemy from zeroing in on your location.

If the enemy engages you at medium to short range, you have probably already lost:

The scope prevents you from aiming with your rifle's iron sights, making it extremely difficult to fire accurately while moving. Snipers are equipped with a scoped rifle, four smoke grenades, and a combat knife. (copyright Batteleground Europe)

Simple but useful tactic as sniper team

As sniper the best way is to work in 2 man’s team 1 is spotter and close support SMG and then the shooter

Get safe in to the town, AF or FB, select the right possession, and behind bush and SMG most be a little bit away from sniper to spot and SMG NEVER fire only if the team is compromised. Then make the prober thinking

  • Think like the enemy sniper before you make the shot
  • Make the plan to get in and to get away from where you are crawl long and hidden
  • Look for counter snipers normal in windows, high ground, church tower, hill top
  • Aim and follow you selected target and ONLY fire ONE shot and then move to new location
  • Kill the sucker
  • ONLY fire 1 shot and then move fire 2 and you will die

The important to use god sniper is the commander and if he use them will it is a major power impact and will be high and allied will spend forces to look for sniper and that is take the momentum out of the defence.