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Here is some I have used in game and RL, and hops yous can see the red line and have used in the game Arma 2 and it is working like a charm .

I will give more i tactic and strategy form my RL changed to use in game if you like that.

Most units, whether regular infantry or armoured, have an incredible amount of fire power at their disposal.

The commander has great influence on the players, it is very important to help, support, communication and NOT be personal in anyway for that will only break the moral

They cover a sizeable amount of area when dispersed for battle and can be very versatile in their operations.

Some units do not have certain organic weapons, like mortars, some do. This means that the availability of certain organic weapons can greatly influence how the company or battalion fights.

This allows the units to exploit an advantage without having to rely on higher authorities but get advice from the commanders and that way you change the momentum and get the unit involved in the battle.

It also allows the units to operate more independently and effectively on its own but still lead by the HQ commanders by motivation and knowledge.

While mortars is not a lot of fire power, it is dedicated to the company and can provide immediate support until higher authorities can authorize additional support.

Mortars also allow the units to deploy their own illumination and smoke rounds quickly, which can greatly influence a battle.

Using mortars and spotters in the battle can be vital combined white snipers and artillery fire and if the commander also can get LW the battle is almost already a victory.

Using 2 to 3 man team to make caps of a city. Get the 2 to 3 man teams in the spawn depots and others CPs AT the same time and you can take a town very fast and have heavy tanks ready to move in to AB when the cap begins.

Communication is the VERY magic word and coordination for if some start to early the commander will be in **** very fast.

Same method can be used to Navy OPS drop the inf and let them run in to be ready to CAP and get the DD to hammer the harbour.

When a soldiers enters battle the commander, will hold back a reserve.

When an advantage presents itself, the commander will deploy his reserve in an attempt to favourably influence the battle and hold up the momentum.

A unit without a reserve can find itself in severe trouble if something goes wrong (and it usually will). The commander will have no one to reinforce a platoon with, or protect a flank that is under attack.

For this reason, the bigger the reserve the better. Of course, with the presence of a battalion reserve, the commander may be more willing to commit his own reserve.

During a battle, the HQ commander must frequently rely on his commanders to tell him what is going on. The units occupies a large area and it is not always practical to go to the front and see what is going on.

A good commander will look at the action is so he can see for himself what is going on and then make the tactic and strategy combined white his fellow officers.

The HQ Commander and his staff deploy to where they can best control and influence the battle. If a Commander is firing at the enemy with his personal weapon, he is nothing more than an over trained rifleman so he usually does not want to be too close to the front.

The commander shall command the troops and make the right decisions and riley to other commander to close to the fighting and take the object. If the units has the responsible for deploying the right equipment so that it will do the most damage to the enemy and break the moral.

This usually means breaking it up and dividing the attack in 2 to 3 waves and the spearhead MOST have air cover to achieve the momentum.

There shall be assigned panzer, artillery and infantry to cover from sappers or ATG or ATR from squad commanders.

The commander has the responsibility because he led the troops and there are assigned to him.

How he fights often depends on what assets he has and what his mission is, but communication is the magic word and use of tactic and strategy.

More will come later Axeinc