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Infantry Play

In order to play as infantry you will need to select an Army Persona. Once you have selected a mission you will be in the Ready Room where you’ll find all of the available equipment for that mission. For new players, a Rifleman is often the only available infantry option to begin with.

Standard W,A,S,D movement keys and mouse controls apply to the infantry play. Your weapons and inventory can be selected using the mouse wheel or the top row number keys. You can fire from the hip using the Left Mouse button, or use the Right Mouse button to aim first. The R key reloads your weapon. Holding down the Left Shift key while moving forward (W) brings you to a sprint (for a limited time). The V and F keys toggle prone and crouch respectively. Q and E allow you to look left and right, while Z and C give you the ability to lean around corners while standing. If you’ve played any first person shooters over the past few years, this information will be plenty to get you into the action, under fire and hopefully returning some if it!

Basic Rifleman Commands
Action Key
Fire Left Mouse Button
Aim Right Mouse Button
Reload R
Sprint Left Control (hold)
Look Left Q
Look Right E
Crouch F (toggle)
Prone V (toggle)
Lean Left Z
Lean Right C

Infantry Units

Infantry Units can be found at: Units

Infantry Names

Short Name Formal & Specific Name
French German
Rifleman Fusilier Voltigeur Karabinerschütze
Submachine Gunner Fusilier Voltigeur PM Maschinenpistolenschütze
Grenadier Gewehrgranatschütze
Light Machine Gunner Fusilier Mitrailleur Maschinengewehrschütze
Anti-Tank Rifleman Fusilier Anti-Char Panzerbüchsenschütze
Sniper Tireur de Précision Scharfschütze
Light Mortarman Tireur Lance-Grenade Leichter Granatwerferschütze
Sapper (Engineer?) Sapeur Infanteriepionier
Semi-Auto Rifleman  ?  ?
Anti-Tank Soldier  ?  ?
Paratrooper Parachutiste Fallschirmjäger

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