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Welcome to WWII Online

World War 2 Online is a Massively Multiplayer Online ( MMO) First Person Shooter ( FPS) game with some Role Playing Game (RPG) elements encompassing land, air, and sea action.

The game is owned by Playnet Inc. which was founded in 1999, and developed by Cornered Rat Software. WWIIONLINE officially went live on June 6, 2001. The game has been online continuously since then, making it one of the longer running MMOs currently on the market.

The Game World

The vast majority of games are "arena" types, where you play in a tiny area with invisible walls. Most MMO's are also limited in size, as well as scope. Those that attempt to have huge play grounds do so with "ZONES".

Within World War II Online you can Drive,Fly or even walk the Length of the map (Europe) without having to load different zones.

WWII Online World Scale.jpg
(note: the map has grown significantly since this comparison was created! Now is 800km by 400km!)

Overview to game

Gameplay takes place as part of a campaign where the war starts in the early phase of WWII (during the Battle of France period in the spring/summer of 1940) and progresses through a timeline passing through all the stages of the conflict right up to the arrival of the Americans in 1942 and then onto the later stages of the war. Weapons and equipment in your supply change according to this timeline, commonly referred to as tiers, this gives a dynamic feel to the changing technology and weapons as the war progresses. Each WWII Online campaign ends when one side or the other owns approximately 95% of the entire map.

This game is extremely rich and dynamic and will take a little time to learn it all and rank up. But once you have learned the ropes you will find this sim is truly spectacular. Like any game you will need to take time to learn how to play it. Fortunately there are many helpful players in game as well as guides to help you, it has a dedicated Training Server, and this Wiki to get you started with the game.

To get a better understanding of playing WII Online then please visit Here.