Laffy S20 TL SPPA

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Laffy S20 TL SPPA.png
Laffy S20 TL SPPA
Type 6WD Truck SPAA
Armament 25mm CA mle 1938
Maximum Speed 66 km/h

Game Play

In WWIIOL, the Laffy S20 TL SPPA is best used as the support vehicle it is, that is, some distance behind the main firing line. because of its general vulnerability to everything. It CAN be fired when on the move, however, you will meet with rapidly diminishing returns unless you are on flat ground and/or multicrewed. Use its good turn of speed to keep up with armoured columns, or bring it forward to where enemy aviation is making life hell for your friends.

see the AA guide for more details.

Control Variations

The Driver has a backview (key Del) to look behind. The Commander must deploy (key Z) to operate his binoculars and to clear the Oerlikon gun for action. The Gunner has a single gun view magnification (numpad . or Del key) and is allowed to fire on the move as soon as the Commander has deployed.