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Although not officially supported by CRS, several players have taken it upon themselves to try to run Battleground Europe on a Linux platform.

Below is Caydel's account on his way to make the game playable, taken from the forums. The original thread can be found here:

Caydel's Guide

In 2008, I wrote the original How to Run WWIIOL Flawlessly in Linux[/URL] post that is stickied in this forum.

With the new 1.33 release, and the updates to Wine over the last 2.5 years, it's time to update that post. However, given that it was edited by a Rat (presumably to sticky it), I no longer have the ability to modify it.

As it currently stands, the game is very close to running perfectly in vanilla wine. Unfortunately, there is still a persistent mouse problem. Luckily, at this point there is a patch that hopefully will go into Wine within a few releases that will fix this.

1. Download the source code and patch it

  • (Easy way): Download my pre-patched Wine 1.3.15 source, and extract it.
  • (Advanced way): If you are comfortable with Git, check out the latest copy of the Wine source code, then apply the latest patch from

2. Install the build dependencies

Depending on your distribution, the exact packages you need to install to compile wine may differ. Please reference the Wine Recommended Packages page to get a list of packages you have to install for your distribution before compiling Wine.

For Ubuntu, Fedora, & SuSE, the easiest way to do this is to download and run as root (e.g. with sudo). Right-click on the link and (save link as).

To run it use:

  • $ sudo sh ./

3. Compile the source

Once you've installed the build dependencies you need, you're ready to compile the package. In the terminal window, after having navigated to the extracted source code, run the following commands:

  • $ ./configure
  • $ make
  • # make install

The last command requires root privileges. Although you should never run Wine as root, you will need to install it this way.

4. Install Battleground Europe and enjoy!

As the title says, just download and install the game. Happy hunting, and let me know how it goes.