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Graphics Problems

Upside down screen

Normally this can be corrected by downloading the latest drivers for your video card. Alternatively, there should be an option in your Advanced Display Settings for Rotation. This is generally found under the Settings Tab for your Video Card. If you are unable to correct the issue please let me know.

Intel video:

Right-click on your desktop and select Properties. Under the Settings tab, click on Advanced. Click on the Graphics Properties button, then go to the Rotation tab. From there you can disable screen rotation.

If you do not have this option, then upgrade to the newest video drivers and you should then have the option available.

ATI video (usually mobility drivers):

Sometimes ATI releases a driver version where players experience an upside down screen ingame, and there is no option to change it. Usually, using the Omega Drivers version doesn't have this problem: http://www.omegadrivers.net/


How Do I Reactivate An Old Account?

Reactivating an old WWIIOL:Battleground Europe account is simple. You do not need to purchase a new Activation/CD key. You only need to update your subscription terms and payment method.

  • Go to http://www.battleground-europe.com/
  • On the left menu, hover the mouse over Help & Account Info then click Your Account.
  • Enter your username and password to login. If you don't remember your password, you can reset it.
  • At the top of the page, click Subscription.
  • After the section showing your subscription information, follow the link that says "I would like to change my payment method."
  • Then simply choose your subscription terms and update your payment method.

Game Won't Start

"ww2.exe has encountered an error"

Some players get this message when trying to start the game because the user account they are logged into their system with does not have the appropriate permission (Admin status).

Crash While Loading

You should be able to correct the problem by updating the drivers for both your video and sound card. It is normally an old driver that causes the game to revert to the desktop.

Also, please be sure that your system meets our minimum system requirements.

Recording with FRAPS

There is a known issue with fraps and video recording using FRAPS. FRAPS Freezes for 10-12 seconds when fraps trys to capture for the first time. We do not know what causes it. Or how to solve it. The best work around is recording a quick video before you play.


Main Article: Ranks


Main Article: Scoring

Patching, Installing

I can't download the game

  • Try to fix your connection to the FTP site. Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Internet Options -> Connections (tab) -> LAN Settings (button). Check Automatically Detect Settings. Click OK to everything. That should let you access the FTP server.
  • The built-in Windows firewall will also block your connection: http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;283673&Product=winxp

I Get The Message "Invalid Play.arc" When Updating To The Latest Version

Please download the full install version of the game, then uninstall the currently installed version using Add/Remove programs. Make sure you remove all the folders the game creates (/Cornered Rat Software/, /Playgate/, etc.). Then install the full build. That should resolve the issue for the moment. Check by running the game offline and looking at the version number that appears during the loading process on the bottom left corner of the screen.

However, this error on updating is likely to eventually occur again. It happens because an error in your memory (or possibly just the memory stick sockets such as improper seating or dust and dirt) causes a small file corruption while the game is running. Eventually, the size of the game is different than what it used to be, and this looks like something very suspicious is going on with your system. At its worst, it jeopardizes the secure operation of our game servers and they will automatically ban you for 10 days.

To avoid this potential, and future errors on updating, please check your RAM by running a Memory Test

Using Memtest

Keys and Accounts

I Bought A Second Key But Got No More Playing Time

To use your second Key, you need to set up a separate account and activate it with that key. Each account needs its own key, but only get the 30 days of playing time the first time a key is added to the account.

Keys and Accounts

I Bought A Second Key But Got No More Playing Time

To use your second Key, you need to set up a separate account and activate it with that key. Each account needs its own key, but only get the 30 days of playing time the first time a key is added to the account.

Mac Issues

Please go to this page for Mac-specific problems.

Old Installs

The game is in a state of continuous development but because the game has been out for 6 years, some people come across very old and out of date versions of the game and install those. And this can cause problems because we have changed the name of the game and where it installs to make things easier. The current name of the game is Battleground Europe and it can be found at Start/Programs/Cornered Rat Software/Battleground Europe. If you Start menu does not have that, you need to install the latest version (and remove the previous). For instance, if you have the following in your Start menu, all programs/strategy first/wwiionline/strategy first, you need to remove that and install the new stuff.

  1. Download the latest Full Install version of the game from our Downloads page.
  2. Thoroughly uninstall previous installation
  3. Install the fresh download

Password Reset

If you need to reset your password in the future, please refer to the following page (which you can also find on the menu of our main page under the Help and Account Info section: http://www.wwiionline.com/scripts/wwiionline/user/reset.jsps

To Update Your Credit Card Information

To update your credit card information, first login to your Account pages. From the Subscription section, follow the link near the bottom that says "I would like to update my payment plan." The next screen will ask you to reselect your subscription term, then it will give the option to put in new billing information. The new billing information will automatically be used on your next billing date.

ATI Radeon Xpress 200 Video Processor

Many players have tried that video processor and none have been able to achieve playable performance with it. Most simply crash. Unfortunately, it does not appear to be compatible with the game (as well as a couple of others from the reports I've received). We believe that no integrated graphics processor can offer acceptable game performance and require dedicated 3D graphics processor cards.

Using Checknet to verify firewall settings


KFS1's Checknet application will check your firewalls to make sure the game has access.

If the test fails, make sure any firewalls that you may have are allowing access to the game (TCP ports 27015-27021) or are disabled, including the WinXP firewall, that can be disabled from the 'Control Panel', then try launching again.

Joystick not recognized

Are you using a USB keyboard? Some of these conflict with various joysticks. Is it possible for you to try with a PS/2 (round jack) keyboard to see if this is the case?

If you don't have a USB keyboard, try renaming or removing the /CFML/ folder in your /Battleground Europe/data/ directory. Some users have reported that has resolved the issue for them.

Can't Login To the Forums

On a trial or have an inactive subscription?

If you are on a trial account or your premium subscription is inactive, you cannot login to the forums or access the subscriber forums. However, you can view the public forums and post as a guest.

Database glitch

In some cases, the forum permissions of a premium subscriber are unintentionally removed. Playnet Support staff must manually reset your permissions. Please contact them at http://support.playnet.com.

Can't apply for OCS

Newly activated accounts, accounts in "grace", and trial accounts are not eligible for OCS and thus cannot login to the OCS application pages.

Dot/Chat/Text Commands

To see the list of all "dot" command you have access to, enter help into the chat bar. They are explained here: Dot Commands