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Once a mission is selected from the Mission List you will be exposed to more detail about the goals, leaders and who is on the mission. You are preparing for combat here so pay attention.

The Ready Room

Here is your last stop before going into harm’s way. You’ll be able to access some of this info in the field through the in-game map, but this will be the last time you can review everything before spawning in.

The list of deployable forces shows you what equipment is currently available for the mission. The capacity shows you how many of each unit are based at this origin. The difference between the available and the capacity is basically how many of that unit have spawned through here into combat…some may be in combat, or may have been lost. You can get a good idea of how heavy the fighting is from this mission’s origin by comparing these numbers. An intelligence briefing on each unit type is also available to review.

UI Mission Briefing.jpg

Briefing Tab

The Briefing tab shows Mission Members and gives an indication if they are spawned in or not. The leader will be color-coded so that it is easier to identify him. The Mission Details offer a review of the general info. The Deployed Forces pane shows how many units of what type are spawned in and fighting. Finally, the Mission Orders pane is the brief written by the mission leader.

Your primary goal in the Ready Room is to prepare for combat. You can select a combat unit and reserve it here while you get the lay of the land. You also have access to the mission channel to chat with your mission mates here. More often than not the combat chatter of your fellow soldiers fighting in the field can give you the most useful information before your boots hit the dirt.

Select a combat unit from the available deployable forces if you haven’t reserved one already, and press the Enter World button. Lock and load soldier, this is it!

Multi-Crewing Vehicles

Two players may work a single vehicle together using the Multi-Crew functionality. Almost every vehicle in BATTLEGROUND EUROPE supports more this. When multi-crewing a vehicle, one player is the Commander and the other is Crew.

To become a vehicle Commander, reserve a vehicle by selecting it in the Ready Room, then click REQUEST CREW. A list of available Crewmen will be displayed. Highlight the crewman you want and click SELECT CREW.

To become a Crewman, just click the JOIN VEHICLE button in the Ready Room of a mission. A list of available Commanders and their vehicle will be displayed. Choose one and click SELECT COMMANDER.

After the Commander clicks ENTER WORLD, you’ll be together in the vehicle and ready to roll. Commanders always control the number 1 position (usually a driver/pilot) and Crew members are usually placed in the primary gunner or bombardier position. In vehicles that have many positions BOTH crew and commander can move to various positions.

Air force mission Profile

Here is an example of a basic air sortie, with typical setup and in flight activities.

After Action Report (AAR)

After Action Reports are available for all your completed sorties (into and out of combat once is a “sortie”) during your current online gaming session. Details of your sorties can be found here by selecting each one in the list, kills, time on mission, and other info is displayed.

Mission Creation