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In many ways, the Off Topic forum is the core of the WWIIOL:Battleground Europe Community. For some highlights of the history of OT, see this thread:

King Mole

All Hail King Mole

This is a story celebrating the tragic life and death of King Mole.

As suddenly as King Mole was whisked into our lives he departed just as quick. Bushman was fortunate to have found King Mole when he did as he was just engaged in the final battle of his life with Bushman's Dragon Kitties. It is assumed that he fought bravely and valiantly. The battle was all but over when he found him and took him in his care. It was later discovered that the wounds sustained by King Mole were mortal and he would be soon seated in the Great Halls of Valhalla.

Lo, King Mole did not die in vain. His introduction to Off Topic had earned him multitudes of loyal followers. He was a role model as well as a kind and benevolent king. His passing was marked with a viking funeral and recorded for all future generations.

I have a mole, what should I do with him?

Player Campaigns/Crusades

Creed's Motorcycles

Subotai's Parachuting Dogs

OT Wurm Invasion

OT Trial Wars Invasion

Second Life Invasion


Occasionally the denizens of Off Topic need to release pent up aggression and tension. Something or another will trigger an episode and sparks will fly. This usually ends with multiple thread locks and perhaps a couple bans.

WWIIOL Rooftop Prank

Ouch9th's demise

Gearbomb and Shurkon came across an AFK player(ouch9th) in-game and decided to play a little prank. This effort involved bumping into ouch9th to move him from his original location to the rooftop of a building. This took several hours to accomplish and the end result was the first recorded tk(teamkill) of it's type!

WWIIOL Rooftop Prank

You can also view this as a Flash Animationas provided by SmackD.