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Battleground Europe is designed as an online game, but there is an offline mode that allows you to practice with any of the 80+ vehicles and weapons without the limit of rank levels. You can also select to spawn in from any facility, in any city (CP) modeled in the entire theater to allow you some freedom to explore the game world. The only enemies will be the fixed AI emplacements throughout the map. There are no mobile units or missions in offline mode.

Spawn Selection

Using the Spawn Selection filters allow you to easily view and select from the many combat units of British, French and German forces. Choose a unit and click the Enter World button to begin a practice session at Area 51.

Theater Map

While the Spawn Selection tab will automatically spawn you in a training facility on a remote island in the North Sea, the Theater Map allows you to select any facility within any city anywhere on the map and spawn at that location. Be aware that you must select the appropriate facility to spawn in at, for example you must select an airfield to spawn a plane in. Use the City Finder and Map Options tools to help you navigate the map. Click on a city, then on an appropriate facility (Army Base, Airfield, or Docks). If you’ve already selected a unit press the Enter World button, if not pick one from the Spawn Selection tab and Enter World from there. The map will remember the location you picked and drop you in there.


to access offline mode in steam, you can launch ww2.exe from the program directory.