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Player Place Objects (PPO)

Players can add some defensive structures as well as limited spawn points to the battlefield. There are collectively called Player Placed Objects, or more commonly PPO. The current PPOs are:

  • Infantry Fighting Position (IFP)
  • Dynamic Gun Emplacement (DGE)
  • Fortified Mobile Spawn (FMS)
  • Urban Mobile Spawn (UMS)
  • Ammo Cache
  • Tank Trap

Placing an Object

As Infantry

A new PPO "cycle" function using your mouse has been created. When you hit the 9 key as infantry (for your shovel [PPO tool]) you will be able to use your Left Mouse Button (LMB) to place the object, -OR- Right Mouse Button (RMB) to cycle between many different objects.

As Truck

Use the Z key to deploy, then backspace to cycle. The trucks will be placing the following objects:

  • Fortified Mobile Spawn (FMS)
  • Urban Mobile Spawn (UMS)
  • Ammo Cache

Placement FYI

When placing a PPO, a transparent version of the object appears in front of the player. If the object cannot be placed it will appear red and attempting to place it will give a message describing why it cannot be placed. Common reasons an object cannot be placed are:

  • Cannot place the object on airfields.
  • Cannot place the object too close to other terrain objects.
  • Cannot place the object because of object-specific parameters (e.g., a FMS/UMS must be within a certain distance of a mission's target).
  • Cannot place the object because a player is obstructing the area.
  • Cannot place the object so soon after placing another one. The exact amount of time varies based on the PPO.

The HUD will display a ghosted 3D image tinted either red or green, indicating where the PPO can be placed. Once the system has determined that the object meets the criteria for placement in the terrain, the infantry unit will be forced into the kneel position and unable to move, change states or fire a weapon during the build process. Infantry units will be damageable during the build process. Should infantry damaged any time during the build process, the build process is interrupted.

Cannot Build Can Build Building
PPOCannotBuild.jpg PPOCanBuild.jpg PPOBuilding.jpg

PPO Timeouts

PPOs will be removed from the battlefield after being unused for a period of time (no units utilize or go near the object). Each PPO has a separate time out period.


Fortified Mobile Spawn (FMS)

Front Rear

The new fortified mobile spawn is now the main mobile spawn point. Infantry, light anti-tank, and light anti-aircraft guns can be spawned from these points. As the name suggests, it is fortified and capable of withstanding lots of hits. The FMS is truck deployed only, and there can only be a single spawn point per mission. It can only be emplaced by the Mission Leader. The spawn can be placed both on the frontier and in cities. There are two firing slits on the front of the object for defenders, and instructions on the wall to join Discord and how to setup a zone of control (ZOC).


[ HOW TO ATTACK ] Bombs from Aircraft, HE satchels and HE rounds from mortars or artillery / tank guns will have the most impact. However, small arms (including grenades) will have no effect.

[ HOW TO DEFEND ] Expand your fortification by deploying multiple objects around the FMS (especially the Gun Emplacement [GE] ) and spawn light guns. The [GE] looks the same as the FMS from the air, therefore concealing it from being obvious.

Urban Mobile Spawn (UMS)

The UMS may be only deployed within large cities on the "cobblestone" terrain. It is capable of fitting into tight spots the FMS cannot. Spawning only infantry (no guns), it is also very weak in terms of tolerance to damage. This object CANNOT be placed on the frontier, this is intentional.

Infantry Fighting Position

This small defensive berm is the default PPO for infantry.

From Rear From Side
PPOInfantryPositionRear.jpg PPOInfantryPositionSide.jpg
  • Can be placed by all infantry
  • Able to accommodate prone/kneeling infantry
  • Build timer: 30 seconds, interruptible (moving/damage)
  • Cool down timer: TBD

Placement limitations: Not on water, urban tiles, city tiles, airfields, not within 3 meters of buildings, limited number per area (TBD) Destroyable: No

Time-out rules: IFP will vanish after being abandoned for 5 minutes (timer resets to 0 every time any, friendly or other, unit is within 3 meters)

Although it might not seem like much, as the following screenshots show, the IFP offers excellent cover as long as you stay prone.
Ifp facing 1.jpg Ifp troop.jpg Ifp facing.jpg

Gun Emplacement

Medium sized ATGs can fit inside where they'll be safe from fire from the sides and overhead. It's can also be used as a defensive infantry position or to obstruct enemy fire in otherwise open areas.

Back Side Front
PPOGunEmplacement.jpg PPOGunEmplacementSide.jpg PPOGunEmplacementFront.jpg
  • Can be placed by Engineers only
  • Able to accommodate smaller class of AT guns
  • Build timer: 120 seconds, interruptible (moving/damage)
  • Cool down timer (Determining when another GE can be placed): TBD
  • Placement limitations: Not on water, airfields, within 3 meters of buildings, limited number per area (TBD)
  • Destroyable: No
  • Time-out rules: GE will vanish after being abandoned for 30 minutes (timer resets to 0 every time any unit, friendly or other, is within 3 meters)

Ammunition Cache

Two crates filled with ammunition. These ammo boxes can be deployed by a truck to leave a supply point for all ground based weapons. It has a 30 minute lifetime. The Ammo Cache can be placed multiple times as it acts as a non-spawnable object. This means that there will be multiple ammo points available throughout an AO.

Tank Trap

PPOTankTrap.jpg Placeable by Engineer class only, this PPO blocks vehicle movement. It can be placed on any terrain type. It is only destroy-able by HE satchels and bombs. A single HE satchel will remove this object. HE satchels are available with the Engineer (4), Sapper (2) and now Bolt-Action Rifleman (1) classes.


Distant Closeup
PPOSandbag2.jpg Placeable by Engineer and Standard Bolt-Action Rifleman classes only (not Semi-Auto). Sandbags are immune to small arms fire (grenades and anti-tank rifle can damage), however a few rounds of heavier weaponry will obliterate the object. PPOSandbag.jpg