QF 17 Pdr

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At uk qf17pdr.jpg
Royal Ordnance Quick-Firing 17 Pounder
Type Heavy Anti-Tank Gun
Armament 3 in (76.2 mm) Anti-Tank Gun
Gun Elevation  ?
Turret Traverse  ?
Crew 2 (Commander, Gunner)
Weight 2,923kg
Tow Class Heavy
Main Gun Optics
Designation  ?
Magnification  ?
Field of View  ?

The introduction of the 17 Pdr AT gun came not a moment too soon as the ability of the existing 6pdr AT guns to deal with increasingly heavily armored Axis tanks was found to be not adequate at all, as was the case with both sides generally as the war progressed. In the end the 17 Pdr AT gun became one of the best AT guns of the war, especially after it was fitted to the turret of several Allied AFV's. The QF 17 Pdr. went on to become a terror of enemy tanks crews everywhere it went.

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