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Version (12-03-04)


  • -Fixed issue with He111

Version (11-24-04)


  • -Added Sherman M4A2 (Offline testing only)
  • -Added feature to remember bomb selection between position changes
  • -Fixed Stewart crew 4 not killable by fire
  • -Fixed a superstructure damage object error on DD where armor was too thin
  • -Fixed an error with bomb penetration data


  • -Fixed minor issues with Armor FB object


  • -Fixed vehicle based CTD
  • -Fixed 'unknown command or no permissions' reports from the host as a result of certain dot commands
  • -Fixed cause of false dawn

Version (11-18-04)

Vis Limit:

  • -Added new adjustable visible player limits
  • -Added new settings with Low, Medium and High selections
  • -Players should test various settings for this feature to ensure quality performance on thier machine


  • -Increased the starting ammount of ground vehicles slightly to allow for greater numbers through RDP
  • -Fixed Panhard to dig into ground when wheels off
  • -Fixed Daimler to dig into ground when wheels off
  • -Fixed 232 to dig into ground when wheels off
  • -Adjusted bomb penetrations to match balistics in flight
  • -NOTE: New tanks will golive with the addition of the Sherman tank (1-2 weeks), currently these vehicles are available for testing offline
  • -Added Stug III G (offline only)
  • -Fixed driver shuttles on both stug3g and P4g (offline only)
  • -Adjusted rolling coefficients on both Crusader 3 and P4G to improve off-road speed (offline only)
  • -Adjusted brakes and clutch on P4G to improve low and med speed handling (offline only)
  • -Final fix on P4G gunsight (offline only)


  • -Increased the rate at which infantry are available at depots for spawning
  • -Decreased the duration of red out from infantry pain threshold being reached
  • -Fixed a bug where idle/aim LMG troopers were playing the wrong movement sound


  • -Added bombers to EWS detection for all towns
  • -Added enemy bomber EWS message to HQ
  • -Set base EWS timer to 6 min per player
  • -If player dies or despawns their original EWS tmer is cleared in 2.5 minutes
  • -If player sets off another EWS his old timer is killed in 1 min
  • -All timers have a fudge of up to 1 minute


  • -Increased the range for say and yell commands
  • -Added "unknown command" response for unknown .commands


  • -Slowed factory rebuild
  • -Slight increase to large bore AA AI weapons to make them closer in accuracy to smaller caliber AI weapons
  • -Reduced muzzle flash on all AI – AA


  • -Increased to global resupply timer to increase attrition results for battles
  • -Increased the time a mission is posted to 30 minutes
  • -Global Selections on the settings main page will now set both sound levels and vis limits along with other settings
  • -Automatically return mission posting points to all players on a map host restart
  • -Fixed floating flora bug
  • -Fixed streaks caused by effects
  • -Fixed CTD
  • -Updated French files
  • -Updated Italian files
  • -Updated Spanish files

Sounds: All Nations

  • -20mm (AAG’s / PZ.II / Sdkfz. 232) (1st & 3rd person)
  • -40mm Bofors (1st & 3rd person)
  • -Grenades
  • -Satchels
  • -Bolt Action Reloading / Cycling
  • -Sight Adjustment
  • -Persona Hits
  • -Trucks (Opel, Bedford, Morris) (1st & 3rd person)
  • -Tank Explosions
  • -Close Explosions
  • -Distant Explosions

British Weapons:

  • -Webley
  • -Bren Light Machinegun
  • -Lee Enfield Rifle
  • -M1 Thompson
  • -Qf2pounder

French Weapons:

  • -Mas36 Rifle
  • -Mas38
  • -FMAS
  • -MLE24 LMG
  • -Mle34 25mm ATG

German Weapons:

  • -Luger
  • -Mauser
  • -Mp40
  • -Mg34
  • -Pzb39 ATR
  • -37mm
  • -88mm (1st & 3rd person)
  • -Mg37 (1st & 3rd person)
  • -75mm (3rd person)

Version (10-29-04)


  • -Added historical gunsight to PzIV G (Offline only)

Area Chat:

  • -Fixed a bug in the chat permissions system that could cause a crash
  • -Changed channel setup to place "Objective" ahead of "Mission" so that "F1" is generally "Objective"

Attack Objectives:

  • -Added options to the ".objectives" command (abbreviation .obj)
  • -".obj list" will list attack/defend objectives (separately)
  • -".obj -> numbers" will give a breakdown of objective stats for your side
  • -".obj info" will give information on the objective selected on your map
  • -info will include the type of objective, modified by any hold/fall actions
  • -info also shows how long a capture/defense objective has been placed for
  • -options can be abbreviated to first letter, e.g. ".obj n"


  • -Map filters (i.e. civilian, army, airforce, navy, depots) now remember their settings when switching between main map and ingame map.


  • -Fixed "earthquake" bug

Version (10-28-04)


  • -Added Crusader Mk III (Offline only)
  • -Added PzIV G (Offline only)
  • -For scenario purposes, the Blen Torp bomber has been added to the German AC list and spawn files (available for scenario use only)
  • -Added light to big/medium gun flash
  • -Added new muzzle flash to several tanks
  • -Fixed terrain collision issue on SdKfz 232
  • -Fixed a crash when loading transports


  • -Added ability to bomb effectively from higher altitude
  • -Depending on speed of bomber heights are from 3km to 5km
  • -Example: 400mph in a DB7/Havoc, the max. bomb altitude is 3500m (approx.)
  • -Example: He111, flying straight and level after the drop, the max. limit is 5500m (approx.)
  • -Bombing heights of 10km may be achieved by circling the target but are not guaranteed at this time
  • -Maximum safe effective drop altitude should be considered 3km


  • -Added the ability to change sighted range distance on Rifles, ATRs, and LMGs
  • -Changing sight ranging plays a sound and prints a message to chat tellig your current setting
  • -There is a minimum time delay between adjustments

Setting 1 = 100.0m Setting 2 = 200.0m Setting 3 = 300.0m Setting 4 = 400.0m Setting 5 = 500.0m Setting 6 = 600.0m Setting 7 = 700.0m Setting 8 = 800.0m Setting 9 = 900.0m Setting 10 = 1000.0m

  • -PageUp/PageDn are the default keys to adjust this setting

Attack Objectives:

  • -Added the ability for High Commanders to place Attack Objectives on Choke Points
  • -Commanders may use the .attack command to issue a request for the order
  • -Commanders can ratify requests using the .attack command
  • -Commanders can request the withdrawl of an attack using the .clear command
  • -Commanders can ratify the withdrawl order using the .clear command
  • -Attack Objectives may only be placed on front line towns
  • -Attack objectives may only be placed on enemy owned towns
  • -Attack objectives have a minimum lifetime before they can be withdrawn
  • -When an attack objective is placed, this initiates the table build time in that town in exactly the same manner that it does now when a town becomes frontline. In that way placing an attack objective is like declaring that town is now front line and able to be captured. When the objective is placed, tables will appear so that radios can begin to draw. Once radios are up facilities can be captured contesting the town and the system flows normally from there.
  • -The number of attack objectives that can be placed depends on the server population but will generally be between 4 and 12.
  • -Objectives can be withdrawn or achieved and will require a few minutes before they are available again to be placed.
  • -That availability may also be limited if the number of Objectives placed already exceeds the number that the server population limit allows. This means that you may have more Attack Objectives than your population would warrant but you cannot place new ones until you resolve the ones already placed.
  • -On the withdrawal of an Objective the town reverts to the current owner.
  • -Defense Objectives are automatically placed against Attack Objectives. This removes the need to do bunker duty across the front looking for tables while still allowing EWS to function to alert players to enemy movements that may not correspond to an Attack Objective.
  • -The only time an Attack Objective will be automatically removed is if the town becomes uncontested (defender) and is no longer front line or the town becomes captured

A walkthrough of Attack Objectives:

  • -Side A decides to attack a town along the front
  • -A commander selects the town from the map and issues the attack order (.attack)
  • -A confirmation is sent to the commander of his request and the command staff is notified
  • -Additional commanders approve the order with the number required depending no the server population. If the population is low only one commander is needed. While this presents the opportunity for not enough commanders to be available this has proven not to be the case as yet with other objectives. Commanders are high ranking players with a duty to the men under them and generally take that responsibility seriously. Under deployment, the brigade commander will be issuing these objectives and when he is not present there will always be an acting brigade commander available from his officer staff.
  • -Once the objective is confirmed a message goes out on the HQ channel notifying players of the attack orders.
  • -A defense objective is posted and a notice is sent out on the defenders HQ channel. This won’t be the case under deployment but is a placeholder for the brigades automated defense objective which will always be available.
  • -Tables appear and radios begin to appear in the selected town. This mirrors the current mechanism for a town becoming frontline and ready to be attacked and allows for the defense to prepare if they have not already initiated a defense based on EWS reports of enemy in the area.
  • -If the attackers contest the town once the radios come up, the options to Hold and Fallback become available. These options are no longer dependant on the overrun flag being set but that option is still available so that troops can give warning to other players and the high command of situations where the enemy has a commanding presence.
  • -If the attackers successfully take control this terminates the hold or fallback and the defenders fire bases will become active, as now.
  • -If the attackers manage to gain ownership of the choke point the offensive fire bases close and supply begins to be routed to the chokepoints military bases, as now.
  • -If the objective is withdrawn by the attacker prior to achieving ownership, the attackers will be notified that the objective is being withdrawn and they should RTB. If however the attackers manage to gain ownership in that time period then the objective ends normally. Other wise the objective is cleared when the withdrawal period is over and defenders are notified that their defense objective has also been removed.

Mission Only Spawning:

  • -Non mission vehicles have been removed from the spawn lists and will be added to the base spawn list at a given town.
  • -Missions posted will have an initial spawn timer to encourage players to group up with the mission poster and coordinate efforts.
  • -Recurring spawns will also have a timer though it will be lesser.
  • -The ability to manually set the mission launch time has been removed but will still be available for special events.
  • -Once the timer runs down the Launch button will activate and remain active until the user chooses to launch.
  • -If the user has not selected a vehicle at this point, a dialog will appear instructing him to do so.
  • -The UI map will now limit the places that you can select based on your personas ability to post a mission there and if there are missions already available.

Area Chat:

  • -The <enter> Key will now activate and send the say command for area chat.
  • -Area chat will have a new chat icon.
  • -The ability to yell over a greater distance is added with the .yell command.
  • -Similarly the .whisper command has been added.
  • -Aliases have been made for using .w and .y.
  • -Tell has been added as a dot command as .tell and aliased as .t. This functions the same as an .m or .message.
  • -Enemies who are in close proximity to you (a third of the distance of friendly say, yell or whisper) will be heard in your chat buffer in a garbled text format.
  • -The radio channels are now accessed with the F1 thru F4 keys.
  • -These keys cannot be remapped at this time.
  • -Selecting one of these keys will open the chat window with that channel tuned for transmit.
  • -Players can transmit on multiple radio channels by selecting multiple F keys.
  • -Players can area chat and radio transmit by selecting <enter>. And any F keys.
  • -XMIT is now off for all channels by default.
  • -New radiotuneoff art
  • -New radiotuneon art
  • -New Send and Sendenabled art
  • -New talk and talkenabled art
  • -Added .noechat which disables receipt of enemy area chat

Current Radii area chat, .whisper and .yell

Area Chat friendly: 40m hostile: 10m

Whisper friendly: 10m hostile: 4m

Yell friendly: 80m hostile: 50m


  • -Updated translations
  • -Added attack and defend icons to UI map legend
  • -Map filters (i.e. civilian, army, airforce, navy, depots) now remember their settings


  • -Changed several key bindings by default:

F1 chat F2 chat F3 chat F4 chat

F5 unused F6 unused F7 unused F8 wep (plane only)

F9 screen shot F10 Change field of view [nb: this is what used to be F4] F11 none F12 none

control+F9 "External locked" control+F10 "External rubberband" control+F11 "External fixed" control+F12 "Set fixed camera"


  • -Added new belgian town building
  • -Added new infantry revetment
  • -Added new ATG revetment
  • -Fixed bug with tree wind matrices. Wind should now appear more chaotic on trees
  • -Improved general tree performance
  • -Fixed reported floating office in Beauraing
  • -Fixed unenterable forest near Huy
  • -Fixed Charleville FB not being destroyable
  • -Fixed unenterable forest near Wellin
  • -Added hit sounds for church bells


  • -Fixed a problem that was causing FBs to go AWOL, as well as various other buildings


  • -On a strat restart any contested towns will automatically receive an attack objective
  • -Issuing fallback or hold will now create a "decision" code for that town (like an overrun)
  • -Added code to recover the damaged state of factories after a server restart
  • -Hold at all costs will no longer provide unthrottled access to spawn lists being drawn from a different town
  • -Fallback and Hold can now be initiated via "point & click" in addition to using the code system
  • -Fallback and Hold have had their requirements reduced to:
    • --Town must have a defense objective
    • --Town must be contested

(No longer has ews or overrun requirements)

  • -Fixed an anomaly affecting 3d tree rendering
  • -Fixed the high altitude horizon anomaly (black triangle)
  • -Changed fog cull distance (performance improvment on many machines)
  • -Top-level "hot spot" map now indicates the location of capture/defense objectives not contested towns
  • -Fixed Mac CTD


  • -Add mouse look to buzzard
  • -Add zoom in/out with mouse wheel
  • -Default spawn with icon off buzzard/skull