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Version (3-16-2007)


  • -Newly cptured CPs take the ownership of the first country's brigade that occupies them
  • -This only happens on the first occupation after the capture by a side


  • -Improved stability of NetCode2 Beta


  • -Fixed a map host crash that resulted in CTHLs and arena locks

Version (1-15-2007)


  • -Added new settings and new ww2.exe to fix launch errors when a player has not set settings after an upgrade
  • -Fixed a memory leak with infantry corpses
  • -Fixed a collider update bug (bouncing grenades on vehicles)
  • -Fixed center on me (really this time...we think)


  • -Fixed a connection error at launch
  • -Menu bar no longer causes cursor to appear when clicking top of screen
  • -Added cmd+tab (first time you hit command+tab in full screen hides the game, second tap will bring up app switcher)
  • -Added cmd+H (hides app)
  • -Added cmd+F (toggles full screen mode)

Version (1-5-2007)


  • -Added OIC versions of the /move, /clear, /attack commands
  • -Provided HC staff with a list of brigade shortnames for use with the /oic commands that were left in the client
  • -When an non-HC OIC uses the HC channel, their name is suffixed with ":oic"


  • -Lessened the number of branches where possible
  • -Moved add report and waypoint to the top level
  • -Moved report and waypoint type selection to the confirm popup
  • -Added delete > all reports to the delete report option
  • -Added approve > all reports to the approve report option
  • -No longer show the add report option while not in game
  • -Increased the font size of the right click menu
  • -Added player's callsign to the send chat to option


  • -You will need to reselect your audio device
  • -Fixed a bug where some audio devices with non-ascii names were not selectable
  • -Fixed a bug where various preferences might not correctly initialize


  • -Fixed a stutter issue when a vehicle executed its visible damage state
  • -Fixed a memory leak


  • -Fixed a joystick calibration issue

Version (12-22-2006)


  • -Boresighted the German rifle grenadier's rifle
  • -Reviewed LMG shooting from the hip


  • -Fixed a bug where HUD windows weren't showing or hiding properly
  • -HUD windows now only get updated if they are going to be visible based on your HUD settings


  • -Fixed sound initialization error
  • -Added "USE NETCODE2"; uses beta netcode that might perform better


  • -Fixed center on me


  • -Fixed a CTD
  • -Fixed a chat disconnect bug

Version (12-21-2006)

  • -Fixed an STO damage error

Version (12-21-2006)

  • -Fixed a threading crash

Version (12-21-2006)


  • - Added several new weapons, animations and sounds
  • -- British smoke grenade
  • -- French smoke and fragmentation grenades
  • -- British Webley pistol
  • -- French m19235 pistol
  • -- German Luger
  • -- British M1928 Thompson sub-machine gun
  • -- French Mas38 sub-machine gun
  • -- German MP40 sub-machine gun
  • -- French Mas36 rifle
  • -- French Lebel rifle (scoped and rifle grenade variants)
  • -- German K98K rifle for all variants
  • -- G30, VB, and Mills rifle grenades and cups
  • -- British Bren light machine gun
  • -- French Chat light machine gun
  • -- German Mg34 light machine gun
  • -- British and French Boys anti-tank rifle
  • -- German PzB39 anti-tank rifle
  • -- German satchel charge
  • - Added dirt effect to binos and scopes

Infantry Corpses:

  • - Added Infantry Corpses
  • - These are client based, you will only see corpses for people you see die

Deployed weapons:

  • - ATR and LMG weapons may now deploy while standing or crouched by using the 'B' key
  • - In order to deploy a weapon there must be a suitable surface to deploy upon

Bouncing Grenades:

  • - Added the ability for non impact detonating grenades to bounce
  • - Added variable throwing strength to grenades
  • -- Maximum throw is at 2 seconds hold down
  • -- Minimum throwing strength is 25%

Grenade Times:


    • HE 4.5sec
    • Smoke 5 sec (4.5sec historical)*
    • Rifle Impact


    • HE 4sec
    • Smoke 5 sec (Impact historical)*
    • Rifle Impact


    • HE 5sec
    • Smoke 5sec
    • Rifle 8sec
  • Note: Smoke grenades were set to 5 seconds so that they would bounce instead of impact and possibly create floating or stuck smoke clouds


  • - Added M5 3 inch AT Gun
  • - Added PaK 40 AT Gun
  • - Added QF 17 Pounder AT Gun
  • - New ATG have new crew models
  • - Increased power curve for AT/AA guns to increase hill climbing
  • - Adjusted brakes on several older ATGs
  • - Adjusted all wheeled and tracked vehicles engine power profiles and gearing to correct hill climbing anomalies in performance
  • - Trucks, armored cars and half tracks (and the Vickers) have had mass moments rebuilt to better handle changes of direction and movement over undulating terrain
  • - Fixed track rotation bug on m10, m4a2, and m4a3 Sherman variants
  • - Fixed cupola rotation bug fixed on Sherman 76
  • - Fixed VC pit on Sherman 76
  • - Added new External art for Sherman 76


  • - added /hccp command which brings up the high command control panel (hccp)
  • - added hc options to map right click context menu (nominate, take charge, remove and move brigade)
  • - to move a brigade, selection the origin cp you want to move a bridge from, then right click the destination cp and choose HC Options > Move Here > <brigade name>
  • - make brigade list default to your brigade on show
  • - added HC/OIC objective management via the context menu: attack, defend and clear objectives
  • - Support for taking control of any HC Unit from CINC down (UI interface not in 1.25.0)
  • - Cannot nominate non-HC above brigade


  • - Made all bushes variable height
  • - reduced the height of bushes
  • - Added new town building


  • - The Brigade list now shows the OIC
  • - The Brigade list now shows the brigade short name
  • - Random music now plays off line
  • - made mini-map repositioning easier (to grab)
  • - Re-added ability to change mini-map mode in game (click on mini-map)
  • - Updated several manuals


  • - Added new right click menu to map with new options dynamically generated based on the underlying map objects and game context (in game, leader, etc...)
  • - You can now join brigades of any branch and country provided they are on the same side as you (currently only works in the theater map)

Center on me changes:

  • - When the "center on me" check box is enabled the map will always open centered on the player
  • - When the "center on me" check box is disabled the map will open at the location the player was last viewing
  • - The "center on me" check box may only be disabled by manually clicking on it
  • - Using the "center on me" button will center the map on the player and enable the check box
  • - "Center on me" states are persistent


  • - When chat window is active <ENTER> you can use the up/down arrows to scroll through the last 100 lines
  • - Added bridge and fb status to /own
  • - Changed /status to indicate player should use /own
  • - Changed format of # channel prefix to be [1,2,3,4] instead of 1: 2: 3: 4:
  • - /commands listing players now use * to indicate spawned and () to indicate AFK


  • - Changed weather selection to greatly favor clear days with light fog
  • -- Pattern 1:1 (light cloud/weather) has a 50% chance of occurring
  • -- Light clouds 1:x has a 68% chance of occurring, 69% chance of light fog, 19% med fog, 12% heavy fog
  • -- Mid clouds 2:x has a 18% chance of occurring, 38% chance of light fog, 38% med fog, 24% heavy fog
  • -- Hvy clouds 3:x has a 14% chance of occurring, 38% chance of light fog, 38% med fog, 24% heavy fog
  • - Fixed a couple of issues with start-of-day weather/fog selection sometimes not occurring


  • - When a CP has no factory link, initial delivery of vehicles (trickle timer, e.g. recapping the AB) will take 3x longer, and complete delivery will take up to 4x longer


  • - Significantly increased scoring for bomber aircraft which damage factories and bridges and RTB
  • - Slight increase in scoring for bomber aircraft which damage factories and get RESC


  • - Changed time to pass at one of two rates:
  • -- 0600 - 1800 passes at 3x real time (4 hours)
  • -- 1800 - 0600 passes at 20x real time (1hr)
  • -- Total of about 30 minutes of night

Side lock:

  • - Fixed bug that prevented players changing from the overpopulated side to the under pop side
  • - Fixed bug that occasionally allowed players to become side locked by clicking once on a persona
  • - Fixed bug that very rarely caused a player to become side locked forever


  • - Added preferences tab in game
  • - Most options are now located in the preferences tab in the UI
  • - Added the ability to set a custom hud arrangement
  • - The Y key now cycles between default, custom and none HUD variants


  • - Upgraded the shader engine
  • - Added a new Settings application to support in game preferences
  • - Added support for wide screen and large resolution monitors

Special thanks for several new sounds:

  • - LT Michael "Mike" Patti
  • - Georg "georgh" Heissmann

Special thanks to our team of translators:

  • - Iñigo "Wingmann" Zapata
  • - Francisco "cid250" Moreno Garcia
  • - Pierre France
  • - Christian "hchris" Heinle

OIC For the non-HC player

To become OIC of a brigade, you must contact an HC member and have them nominate you; while this is no different than what we had in 1.25, the difference occurs once an HC member nominates you.

Once your nomination has been approved, you should receive a small pop-up window in your chat buffer advising you that a brigade has been offered to you - to take the position click Accept.

Having accepted, you and all players in the division will be notified that you are now OIC of your particular brigade. This gives you:

  • - Access to the "/hc" channel (type just "/hc" to list other commanders/OICs on-channel)
  • - Exclusive ability to move your brigade
  • - Ability to propose moves for other brigades in your division that do not have an OIC
  • - Ability to request an attack objective for your brigade

Use the "/hc" command to communicate with other officers/commanders and work with them rather than against them. High Commanders have the ability to remove as well as appoint OICs. Operating your brigade

Brigade actions are performed through either through map context menus or the new "High Command Control Panel". Type "/hccp" to bring up this new window. The HCCP has two tabs, "Notices" and "Map". The notices tab shows you a history of high command actions - appointments, removals, attacks, moves, etc. You can also use it to vote against a proposal, e.g. a brigade move. OICs can only veto certain proposals. However, you can veto your own proposals. The map is a simplified map to allow you to place orders without leaving the HCCP interface.

Proposal/Veto System

Each action that a brigade can take is submitted as a proposal which is visible to all other commanders/OICs. This presents them with a window of opportunity to veto the action. If any HC or OIC vetoes the action, it is canceled immediately. Use the /hc channel to discuss why and/or re-schedule the action.

To veto an action, bring up the HCCP, go to the Notices page, select the proposal from the list and click "Veto Selection".

Moving a Brigade/Division

To move a brigade, left click on the city containing the brigade you wish to move to select it and right-click (or ctrl-click on a single-button Mac) on the destination city. Select the context menu HC Options > Brigades > Move Here and click the name of the brigade you wish to move to this destination.

Brigade/Division Move requests take longer if you are not the OIC of the unit. If a unit has an OIC, only the OIC can move it. Placing or Clearing an Objective

To place or clear an attack/defend objective, left click on the city or bridge target and right click to bring up the context menu. Select HC Options > Objectives. Use "Attack" to attack front-line, enemy held cities or to instruct players to destroy a target bridge. Use "Defend" to instruct players to repair and defend a target bridge - defense objectives for cities are placed automatically. To remove an existing objective, use the "Clear" option. Once a clear order has been issued, players are given 15 minutes grace and notice.

Placing an attack objective assumes you are the OIC for that attack, and your name will be specified in the ALLIED or AXIS announcement sent to players, along with your brigade, e.g.

  • ALLIED: 1st Guards Brigade ordered to take Antwerp. OIC jamm40.
  • AXIS: 1.Fallschirmjäger ordered to take Schilde. OIC kitty420.

Stepping down from OIC

If you change brigade/branch/country, you will automatically be stood down from your field commission, as you will if you exit the game. You can also manually resign by right clicking on your brigade on the map under HC Options > Brigades > My brigade > Resign. Planned Features

This isn't the final OIC system. We have a number of concepts in design for making OIC a more effective role, a link in the chain of command/organization. This instance is merely a formalization of the /allied and /axis designation of OICs for attacks and to make managing brigades for TOEs remotely feasible. OIC For the High Command Staff

The /hccp command is available to HC staff on their HC personas at all times. In addition to the functions described for normal players:

Move any brigade.

  • HC officers can move any brigade that does not have an OIC, although these proposals take longer to clear than they do for an OIC. We have lifted the requirement that you join a brigade to move it, however.

Nominate OIC candidates

  • Right click on a brigade and select HC Options > Brigades > The Brigade > Nominate OIC

You will be prompted to enter the name of the player you wish to nominate

Assume control of your brigade

  • If your current brigade does not have an OIC you may assume immediate control of that brigade. We will be releasing a point release with an orbat tab that lets you see and fill all the positions of the orbat.

Replace OIC of brigade you own

  • If you are the owner of a brigade and there is an officer filling the OIC role, you can (but are encouraged to do so amicably) replace them, again under HC Options > Brigades > The Brigade > Replace OIC.

Remove OIC candidates

  • You may propose the removal of a non-HC player from an OIC position, again under HC Options > Brigades > The Brigade > Remove OIC.

Veto any proposal

  • Non-HC players may only veto certain actions - they cannot, for instance, veto a removal.