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Version (5-24-2007)


  • Increased the time out for infantry corpses
  • Riders will no longer produce corpses
  • Added new Webley Pistol
  • Satchels now cause screen shake
  • Centered aim eye points for rifles
  • Sappers may not place a satchel while moving


  • Fixed some turret traverse issues when using the mouse


  • Recruits that are not promoted to member within 1 week of join will now be removed from the squad
  • Squad tab page 2 now functions correctly
  • Reworded the recruit log out message
  • Recruits now get more detailmessage about using squad channel
  • Recruits now get information about how long they have been a recruit
  • Recruiters are now flagged on the squad tab
  • Double clicking on a squad mate in the member list will join that mission
  • Fixed some issues that caused changes to squad information to require a host restart to update
  • Added "joined date" to squad members


  • Fixed switching brigade using the map at max zoom out
  • fixed icons disappearing on zoom in
  • Bridges are now selectable


  • Fixed several "glass" doors


  • Fixed several generators of math errors which could cause a variety of visual and sound anomalies


  • Changed the vehicle biasing system to increase the numbers of slots reserved for specific vehicles/categories in your vis list at higher vis limit settings

-* until now the biasing system only applied to the lowest vis limit and filled the rest of your vis list randomly, it should now scale the biasing rules for more of the available vis list slots.

Version (4-19-2007)


The animation system for WWIIOL has been upgraded and with that change come several new or improved animations. This animation upgrade is part of a larger animation upgrade that will see all animations reviewed and upgraded for better look and feel as well as more accurate functionality.

This update also removes the animation smoothing that had been added in 1.25 that could cause a players position not to update to others in a timely fashion. We have reverted to the previous update system while we continue to work on getting the best mix of smoothing and timeliness.

  • -Infantry predictor has been reworked to remove "round the corner" lag (works like old predictor)
  • -Deployed weapons when standing now appear correctly in third person
  • -Deployed infantry can now use all combat emote (ctrl + 1-5)
  • -Deployed weapons now have their binocular view restricted to the deploy traverse
  • -Non-aimed dispersion has been dramatically increased
  • -Updated Granny animation system to latest version
  • -All rifles have had the aim view redone
  • -The K98K has a new stripper clip animation with sounds
  • -The K98K has been given the correct darker color
  • -The British Enfield rifle has a new stripper clip animation
  • -Enfield Rifle moved out from torso in first person view to match others
  • -The French Mas36 has a new stripper clip animation
  • -The Lebel now has a unique HUD icon
  • -The Lebel now has the correct 8mm round
  • -The French Lebel and Mas36 now have the correct number of rounds per clip
  • -The Thompson m1928 now appears as the correct model in third person
  • -The German Rifle Grenade animations have been redone
  • -Updated Bren animations
  • -The Luger has new animations and reload sounds
  • -Added new Webley reload animations (speed loader instead of individual rounds)
  • -Several animations audited for a variety of weapons

Vehicles: Several audits have been done as a result of Liaison and Production Notes Discussion feedback. In addition to these audits several requested features have been added. You will also notice a distinct visual change to all the models in the game as a result of the work on the graphics engine.


  • -French tank commanders now have episcopes (R-35, H-39, S-35, and Char B1)
  • -Tiger turret ammo has been moved to the correct hull location
  • -Tank main gun APHE and HE rounds have standardized fuse times of .02 seconds
  • -Fixed a bug where M10 APHE was not generating shrapnel
  • -M10 mg now uses correct .50 cal sound in 3rd person
  • -Fixed commander cupola view port magnification in Char to match S35
  • -Fixed A13 radio mast missing texture
  • -Fixed tracks moving in reverse
  • -Fixed an error on Tiger RPM gage


  • -Bomber landing gear on the DB7, Havoc, and He-111 will now pass damage on to other components when hit ("bullet sponge" bug)
  • -Corrected P-38 Military (continuous) engine RPM from 2700 to 2600
  • -Hurricane I speeds corrected
  • -Bf110C4B engines changed for the DB601N
  • -All planes have had interior and exterior shading audits
  • -Fixed a bug where gear/flap sounds would overlap when toggling gear quickly
  • -Fixed missing decals on Hurricane IIc
  • -Fixed missing decals on Hawk 81
  • -Fixed missing tracers on .50 cal weapons
  • -Added gear deploy sound to C47
  • -Added rounds of DeWilde animation to British .303 belting
  • -Planes have had the number of LoD (level of detail) reduced from 5 to 3
    • --This LoD reduction should help improve performance
    • --LOD1: 0m *-75m
    • --LOD2: 75m *-300m
    • --LOD3: 300m *-8000m


  • -Ship board AA guns now elevate to 87 degrees
  • -Ship board 20mm has had its destruct time increased to give it more range
  • -British Fairmiles no longer set off EWS
  • -Fairmiles now have Vickers 3pdr deck gun
  • -Fairmile twin 20mm AA now rotates 360 degrees
  • -Fairmile 20mm is now all HE
  • -Fairmiles no longer capture infantry when going under a bridge
  • -Destroyer 37mm rate of fire increased to 80 rpm

Fairmiles and AI:

  • -ATG AI will shoot at Fairmiles up to 1000m
  • -FlaK (20/25mm and 40mm) AI will up to 6000m
  • -MG Towers and LMG AI do not shoot at Fairmiles
  • -ATG AI is not at all locations, although most ports and harbors have a couple of them but they are inside the coastline limit of the ground tile, so you need to get close to the harbor to come under fire from them
  • -FlaK (20/25mm and 40mm) AI is only to be found at airfields near the water (from a Fairmile perspective) and deep water naval spawns, i.e.: Naval BASES not Docks

Misc. Vehicles:

  • -Tracers no longer generate behind the fire point
  • -Ground based AA audited to have contact fuses
  • -Fixed a floating triangle on the Pak40 cockpit
  • -Fixed 17pdr ATG LOD issues at very long range


  • -Spring has returned, the weather has been redone
  • -Water reflections have been removed for performance reasons
  • -Bushes have had their billboard distance increased dramatically
  • -Reduced the density of bushes in open fields for improved visibility and performance
  • -Remaining old clutter objects replaced with new grass object
  • -Added several new builders statues
  • -Added several names to the memorial
  • -Fixed an Ai bug where Fairmiles would not be fired upon
  • -Fixed a bug where trees and foliage were offset from the correct origin
  • -Fixed missing forest centers near Beaurang
  • -Fixed A51 CPs causing a map crash when selected (Live Server/Release terrain)
  • -Fixed a collision based frame rate hit at coordinates 60.2.3N 6.30.5W
  • -Fixed several .report issues

==Squad Recruiting:== We've added a new squad recruiting feature. Squads may set themselves to recruiting. For testing purposes all squads on the test server have been deleted. Please create squads and recruit players to test.

  • -Any player above the rank of recruiter may individually turn on accepting new recruits
  • -Players who are not in a squad may now be recruited automatically by a recruiter and join that recruiter on his mission
  • -The recruiter must be on an active mission to receive recruits
  • -Recruits are automatically added to the squad
  • -Recruits may leave the squad at any time
  • -Recruiters may remove the recruit at any time from the squad
  • -Recruits who have not been made members of the squad after seven days will be removed from the squad (functionality pending)
  • -If no recruiter has their flag on then your squad is not recruiting even if you have the squad recruiting flag turned on

Squad Tab:

  • -Added a squad recruitment message (slogan) to the squad info tab
  • -The slogan may be edited when editing the squad recruitment to on/off
  • -The slogan appears to recruits at the recruitment window
  • -The squad tab has been completely reformatted for quicker access to joining squads

Recruitment Window:

  • -Players not in a squad will be presented with the squad recruitment window after selecting a persona
  • -Players may turn off the option to be recruited on the squad tab

Recruitment Commands:

These commands replace or augment previous squad invite tools.

  • -"/recruit name" sends a squad invite to the player named
  • -"/invite name" is the same as "/recruit name"
  • -"/recruiting on" turns on your "I'm recruiting flag" allowing you to receive new recruits if you are of the "recruiter" rank in your squad
  • -The squad recruiting flag must also be turned on via the squad tab edit controls
  • -"/recruiting off" turns off your personal recruiting flag

NOTE: When this patch goes live any squad members who are recruits will need to be made members or they will be removed from the squad


  • -Fixed ".own" to now report factory status
  • -Fixed squad mate notifications when coming online
  • -Fixed the audio alert on a .m message
  • -Added chat auto-complete
    • --Start a slash command like /h
    • --Tab cycles through all slash commands starting with /h
    • --Commands are cycled in alphabetical order
    • --Dot or slash commands work
    • --Currently only client side commands are supported
  • -Added chat history
    • --When the chat bar is open for input
    • --Up arrow cycles back in the list of recent chat entries
    • --Down arrow cycles forward in the list
    • --Cycling up or down does not wrap when you hit a boundary
    • --The current line is saved and used as the first line in history
    • --New lines are added if they are different from the last line


  • -Players with low rank can no longer click the create mission button and be taken to the mission create dialog
  • -Vehicle tool tips now show what rank is required to access them even when you don't have the rank to access them
  • -Mobile Spawn check box size increased
  • -Mobile Spawn check box entire line can now be clicked
  • -Fixed a bug where your reserved vehicle would show up when you transferred to a new brigade/branch/country using the map
  • -Fixed a double click speed error
  • -The population indicators on persona select now show green for good and yellow for overpopulated


  • -Improved map rendering performance
  • -Approve all waypoints working correctly
  • -Fixed Brigade moves not updating on map
  • -Fixed a right click on CP crash
  • -Fixed a bug where some brigades might not be able to be moved
  • -Fixed a bug where bridge objectives might not be able to be cleared
  • -Fixed map tiles not rendering on the Mac


  • -Added chat commands to all in game manuals


  • -Removed water reflections options


  • -Improved inter-host peering
  • -Improved inter/host connection loss and recovery
  • -Improved cell host chat host connection
  • -Added new performance counters and tracking


Several new performance improvements have been made in this release. Object handling and memory management have been reworked to increase client performance and reduce stutters and memory usage.

  • -Added new memory management routines (PC) to reduce stutters when loading large amounts of vehicles and terrain (flying into battle)
  • -Fixed a bug where the game might render upside down
  • -Added shortcut to start menu for WWIIOL Wiki
  • -Fixed Training link in start menu


  • -Downloads will now be formatted with the extension .dmg instead of the extension .pkg.dmg.gz
  • -Screenshots will now be located in the users Pictures directory

Memorial Additions:

  • -A.J. "Massaman" Bryson
  • -Chris "Frmboy" Cornish
  • -Joshua "Argus" Reynolds
  • -Lawerence "Codger" Davis
  • -Viktor "Snorkel" Sorken
  • -James "Burma" Kyle

Builders Additions:

  • -“OneEagle” Monchen Gladbach airfield
  • -“Hog” Neuse near church
  • -“Ratzilla” Antwerp south side of airfield
  • -“Basturd” North side of Antwerp near t-junction
  • -“Lodgey” Shilde near church