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  • Fixed a cause of the concussion bug
  • Re added concussion effects (audio and screen shake)
  • Fixed mission results pending bug
  • Fixed the Out of memory bug
  • Reduced SpeedTree memory allocations considerably
  • Improved infantry memory and performance


  • All third person avatars and animations have been redone
  • Added new base infantry
  • Added new paratroopers
  • Infantry classes now have unique kit loadouts
  • Infantry now have normal and specular maps
  • Improved bouncing grenade functionality (ceilings and vehicles)
  • The trenching tool is now in weapon slot 9
  • Improved the trenching tool HUD feedback
  • Added trenching tool animation for digging
  • Updated corpses
  • Updated ragdoll functionality
  • Removed Officer and HC avatars
  • Removed emote system (except .ammo)
  • Removed multiple faces
  • Removed infantry decals
  • Removed lean


  • Corrected horizontal stabilizer aspect ratio on bf109f2
  • Corrected horizontal stabilizer aspect ratio on bf109f4
  • Corrected horizontal stabilizer aspect ratio on bf109g6
  • Fixed the Fairmile compass
  • Sherman Commanders damage model now in the correct location

Aircraft Gun Convergence

  • Audited all minimum convergence to be 100m (was up to 250m)
  • Convergence ranges standardized 100m to 800m


  • Upgraded to Xaudio2 engine
  • Requires installation of xaudio files (in installer)
  • Fixed bionic ears
  • Fixed weapon trailing sounds
  • Adjusted sound volume and attenuation


  • Updated infantry and para UI pics
  • Updated map icons for performance
  • Training bypass now offers yes/no instead of ok/cancel
  • Fixed a skull icon appearing when a hulk disappeared
  • Fixed promotion messages being cut off in the pop up
  • All new text drawing for improved performance
  • Improved splash screens for wide screen monitors
  • Prevented combat training unit select screen from stretching in ultra-wide screens
  • When a building is captureable, we now say whether it's captureable by the enemy
  • Bailed air crew no longer appear as airborne rifle on the map


  • Ragdoll preferences removed
  • Removed unused audio preferences now that we have Xaudio
  • Added some missing tool tips
  • Radial clutter can no longer be manually turned off in the XML file
  • Removed the "low memory" option


  • Now indicates when killed by AI instead of displaying a dash


  • Updated tutorial to account for automatically placed contact reports


  • Updated several towns
    • Couvin
    • Eupen
    • Hamoir
    • Mariembourg
    • Spa
    • Quite a few others that we didn't make a note of at the time


  • Switching from non-Chinese to Chinese now tells you to restart
  • Updated all languages


  • Fixed Magic Mouse behavior issues

Builders and Portraits

  • Added Killban
  • Added Xiper
  • Added McKay "mac25" Allen
  • Added Mike "Boudreau" Jennings