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New Features

- Global Audio Alert for Attack / Defense objectives being placed.

- New crew member models on the Pak36, 2 Pounder and SA mle 1934 Anti-Tank Guns.

- Ammo cache PPO lifetime doubled.

- Ammo cache PPO receives new and improved texture.

Game Play / Strategy

- High Command now has more time to place spare AO's.

- AO availability threshold increased, meaning more players are required prior to additional attack objectives.

General Fixes

- HEAT rounds do less damage to Fortified Mobile Spawn PPO.

- BF-109 rudder fix, and improved handling.

- Mortar barrage waypoint acts as a proper waypoint.

- USA Flag is properly displayed / in code with US standards.

- SA mle 1934 (25mm) ATG typo fix in spawn list.

- Mac users can now adjust their mouse sensitivity settings.

- You should no longer receive "invalid building" messages.

Other Notes

- Underlying work for the Mac client.

- Standard loading screens replaced holiday screens.

- Copyright updated to 2017.

- A bunch of other stuff in preparation for Steam that's under the hood. (03 December 16)

New Weapons shared for US Forces

In an effort to rapidly balance this new update, we shared some French artillery weapons with the US forces. The following weapons have been added to the US kit:

- 25mm light anti-tank gun.

- 47mm medium anti-tank gun.

- Hotchkiss 25mm anti-aircraft gun.

Player Placed Object (PPO) Fixes

- US FMS now correctly spawns light ATG’s and AAA.

- Units that spawn from FMS can now RTB at FMS.

- Ammo cache lifetime extended slightly.

- SdKfz 251c now allows driver to cycle / place PPO’s.

- Gun Emplacement can be placed much closer to other objects.

- Increased cool down and build time of Gun Emplacement.

- Reduced cool down and build time of Sandbags.

- Sandbags buffed to require 2-4AP or 1-2 HE rounds to destroy.

- Mortar damage against PPOs increased.

- Reduced Tank Trap cool down timer.

General Fixes

- Compass on all destroyers and troop transports corrected.

- Morris tractor coasting bug fixed.

- Squad recruitment fixed.

- Credits updated. (27 November 16)


- Fortified Mobile Spawn (FMS)

- Urban Mobile Spawn (UMS)

- Ammo Cache

- Tank Trap

- Sandbags


- PPO cycle function key (infantry & trucks)

- Gun Emplacement & Foxhole now destroyable

- M1 Garand added to the British kit (Tier 1)

- Standard Bolt-Action Rifleman receive 1 HE satchel


- Squad and player decals now display properly again

- Squished a CTD issue with Mac client

- Tons of behind the scenes code fixes and corrections preparing for Steam


The new fortified mobile spawn is now the main mobile spawn point. Infantry and both light anti-tank and light anti-aircraft guns can be spawned from these points. As the name suggests, it is fortified and capable of withstanding lots of hits. The FMS is truck deployed only, and there can only be a single spawn point per mission. It can be placed both on the frontier and in cities. There are two firing slits on the front of the object for defenders, and instructions on the wall to join Teamspeak and how to setup a zone of control (ZOC).

[HOW TO ATTACK] Bombs from Aircraft, HE satchels and HE rounds from mortars or artillery / tank guns will have the most impact. However, small arms (including grenades) will have no effect.

[HOW TO DEFEND] Expand your fortification by deploying multiple objects around the FMS (especially the Gun Emplacement [GE] ) and spawn light guns. The [GE] looks the same as the FMS from the air, therefore concealing it from being obvious.


The UMS is the old FRU model (boxes with radio), and may be only deployed within large cities. It is cumbersome and capable of fitting into tight spots the FMS cannot. Spawning only infantry (no guns), it is also very weak in terms of tolerance to damage. This object CANNOT be placed on the frontier, this is intentional.


A small box with ammunition visible (not the old FRU boxes). These ammo boxes can be deployed multiple times on a single (or many) missions. This will offer a wide variety of supply points throughout fights for all ground based weapons. It has a 15 minute lifetime unless an infantry man resets the timer by walking over the boxes.


Placeable by Engineer class only, and destroyable by HE satchels and bombs from aircraft only. A single HE satchel will remove this object. HE satchels are available with the Engineer (4), Sapper (2) and now Bolt-Action Rifleman (1) classes.


Placeable by Engineer and Standard Bolt-Action Rifleman classes only (not Semi-Auto). Sandbags are immune to small arms fire (grenades and anti-tank rifle can damage), and heavier weaponry will obliterate the object.


[INFANTRY] Simply select the PPO build tool (9 key), Left Mouse Button (LMB) to place, Right Mouse Button (RMB) to cycle objects available to your class.

[TRUCKS] Select Z to deploy, then hit (Backspace key) to cycle. (3 November 16)

Hotfix with improved predictor code:

- Should significantly improve apparent clipping.

- Minor connection hiccups should no longer cause severe warping.

- Overall movement is somewhat smoother.

- Removed some less useful collision checks to hopefuly improve FPS for affected players.

1.35.5 (10 October 16)

- Created a new infantry predictor. We plan to improve this, but this should fix several lag-related issues and result in more responsive close-quarters infantry combat.

- AO limits are now based on the side with the lowest population, not the overall population.

- A significantly underpopulated side will receive a bonus to their capture/recapture speed.

- Fixed and reenabled in-game tutorials.

- Fixed ATRs being unable to build the foxhole PPO.

- Fixed the camera position being incorrect when parachuting.

- Numerous behind-the-scenes improvements and cleanup.

1.35.4 (25 July 16)

- Reenabled .overrun and .fallback commands.

- Players no longer fall through transport ship's deck when boarding them.

- Fixed paratroopers getting stuck when jumping from too high an altitude (~3km).

- Rain cloud altitude increased to 2km.

- Destroyer EWS increased to 4km.

- The entire squad member list should now sort properly, not just the members on the current page.

- "Auto-purge" of inactive squad recruits enabled.

- Squads can now be created using the name of a previously disbanded squad.

- Fixed UI text overlapping in the unit select screen.

- Fixed issues the Mac was having with waypoint labels.

- Added .bug command for reporting bugs. This logs a little bit of extra info to help us track down the actual cause of the problem.

- Numerous behind-the-scenes improvements and cleanup.

1.35.3 (29 June 16)

- Fixed "False Dawn" bug.

- Enabled air raid siren.

- Disabled training tutorials until they can be fixed/updated.

- Convergence set via the keymapper should now be saved properly.

- Did some optimizations to help improve loading times when transitioning between areas.

- Made some changes to how version numbers work.

1.35.2 (31 May 16)

- Fixed intermittent crash.

- Fixed score from captures all going to a single player.

- Fixed the client outputting messages about invalid buildings.

- Fixed rare crash on the strat host.

1.35.1 (19 May 16)

Significant Improvements

- Infantry death lag dramatically reduced.

- Multicrew activated, performs flawlessly.

- Character offset is gone.

- Higher frames per second in most cases.

- Better connection stability.

- Removed NetCode2 Beta.

- Bedford Black Out resolved (FINALLY).

- Spawning in different towns is faster.

- Several infrastructure security improvements.

Rocket Propelled Anti-Tank Changes

- RPATS are not loaded on spawn.

- RPATS cannot sprint while loaded.

- RPATS cannot aim when not loaded.

- Cannot switch weapons when RPAT is loaded.