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Bug Fixes

- Corrected an issue which made it appear that the spawn list was empty whenever changing from a list that had a large amount of units

- Updated the Ridderkerk North Bridge so that is can now be selected and targeted

- The Churchill Mk V and Mk VIII CS tank's range finder is now fixed

- FB flags now stay the correct size whenever zooming the map out

- Fixed an issue that made it appear that a unit was facing in the wrong direction but firing in a different direction whenever being viewed from a long distance away

Adjusted Content

- PPO Changes:

-- FMS

All FMS tolerance values restored to 1.35.14 values, which will improve placements throughout the game world

30 second deployment timer (reduced by half)

Adjusted the range from enemy facilities to 300m (down from 400m)

-- UMS

Removed the surface restriction so it can be placed in urban / non-urban environments

Reduced deployment range from 400m to 250m from enemy facility

Changed naming from UMS (Urban Mobile Spawn) to LMS (Light Mobile Spawn)

-- HCMS (Rifle Only Spawn)

Reduced deployment range from 400m to 200m from enemy facility

-- Sandbags

Changed from 45 second to 30 second cool down timer

-- Tank Trap

Reduced cool down to 3 minutes from 6.5

-- Curved Sandbags

Reduced cool down to 30 seconds from 75

-- Barbed Wire Box

Reduced cool down to 60 seconds from 180

-- Barbed Wire Fence

Reduced cool down to 60 seconds from 180

- Added a link between Gouda and Tiel in order to help with cutting off the northern towns

- The Side channel is now replaced with the Origin channel (the side channel can be re-tuned manually)

- The FlaK 37's gun sight Field of View has been adjusted to make it easier to follow targets

- The British town icon was cleaned up and made to be more like the other town icons

- The distance for how close you must be to a hitch point has been adjusted from 2 to 3 meters

- The credits have been updated to reflect recent changes to the CRS team

- Light Machine Guns (LMGs) from all countries have been updated with these restrictions:

-- No firing while moving

-- No reloading while moving

New Content

- A new Airfield layout has been added to Den Haag

- New translations have been added for recent releases

S! Cornered Rat Software (07 March 19)

This release is a hotfix for an issues that came up with the latest release.

Bug Fixes

- Corrected the issue that caused missing FB icons and the wrong town owners

S! Cornered Rat Software (28 February 19)

This release brings totally new towns onto the map and has a large number of other terrain fixes.

Bug Fixes

- Updated the map to show only two Infantry spawns in the Talmas AB

- Fixed a floating building in Empel and Tielt-Deinze FB

- The Vise West AI pit, Temse AI ATG pit, Vliss Hangar AI, Liart AI Tower/ATG pit, Reims AF AI pits and Hastiere AI MG pit is now repairable

- Moved a Kaarst Dus Depot, Habay-Arlon Fb inf spawn, Eghezee Building, Cambrai AI and Tents, Albert - Corbie FB, Ieper-Lille, Aubigny building, Talmas depot, Jodogne - Wavre FB, Haybes buildings, Florenville road, Eghezee - Namur FB, Londinieres - Foucarmont FB and Lechesne - Vouzier FB from being clipped into a berm

- Removed vegitation from the Temse Depot, Liart Depot, Lockeren-St.Nik FB, Havelange East Depot, Nandrin Depot, Bouillet Depot, Seclin - Lens depot, Seclin-La-Basee depot, Seclin-Lille Depot, Eeklo AI pit, Bailleul, Frevent building, Saulty building, Aubigny building, Bruay building, St.Pol AB wall, St.Pol AI tower, Bethune AI tower, Villers- Bretonneux depot/AB bunker/Vehicle spawn, Lumbres depot, Escoeuilles Depot, Assigny building, Samer AB, Lier - Schilde FB and Roermond West

- Fixed a floating bush in Waterloo

- Added a gunner to the Knokke South AI, Niklaas South AI tower, Rocroi AI pit, Berry-Au-Bac Docks, Reims South AAA AI, Lille NW ATG AI, Maubeuge ATG AI, Boulogne South ATG AI pit, Abbeville West AAA AI, Walsoorden NW AI pit, Metz North docks, Brussels NE-NW AI tower, Andenne, Jodoigne building, Tienen building, Tienen church, Oudenaarde AI Tower, Chimay AI pit, Deinze AI pit, Margate AI pit, Cambrai AF AI, Dunkerque Docks, Mendig, Wissant, Calais, Boulogne, Fressenneville North/South AB, Montreuil, Berck Plage, Dover, Antwerp SAB AI tower and to the NE sector of the town

- Corrected the issue with the Florenville SE ATG AI

- Updated the orientation of one of the Orval AI tower and Oudenaarde AI pit

- Updated a Reims West Dock AI pit and a Signy MG AI pit so that it's no longer sunken into the ground

- Shifted a Betheniville-Sommepy Depot, Spontin Depot and Hannut Depot so that it no longer clips into other buildings

- Updated a Spontin AI pit, Oudenaarde AI pit, Talmas depot, Zandvliet building, Bertrix and Liege South AB barracks so that it doesn't clip into a building

- Removed the Japanese flags from the Berry Au Bac-Reims Depot and the Roye-Marqueglise Depot

- Corrected an issue at the Chauny-Jumencourt depot which was causing a CTD

- Removed AI from the Cambrai AF Hangar

- Moved the Dunkerque shore AI so they aren't in the water

- Made an invisible object SW of St.Ricquier disappear

- Shifted the Montreuil Infantry spawns so they are not longer blocked by the AB wall

- Moved around the Ypenberg AF hangars

- Removed some extra boxes from Varengeville - Sur-Mer

- You can now exit the Liege West AB barracks and West ab Breda barracks

Adjusted Content

- All Training Grounds have been moved to Area51

- The new Barracks have been further optimized

- Removed an extra road in Reims

- Moved the Waterloo city flag icon so it wasn't so far away on the map

- Enabled damage to the Dinant Road Bridge

- Removed the extra Dinant Rail Bridge

New Content

- The new Pentagon and Town Bunkers have been added to some of the new Towns

- The Americans now have a Training Area at Area51

- Added towns: Torcy-Le-Petit, Charlois, Scheveningen, Oostvoorne, Brielle, Briell - Maassluis Ferry, Rozenburg, Pernis, Ridderkerk, Hoek Van Holland, Maassluis, Rotterdam, Gouda, Zoetermeer, Delft, Monster, Scheveningen, Den Haag, Saint Valery en Caux, Cany Barville, Fecamp, St.Aubin Sur Scie, Saint Laurent en Caux, Yerville, Totes, Saint Saens and St.Martin-Osmonville

- Added Coastal's Armory for the Field Marshall fundraiser

- Added additional links from England to the new French towns

S! Cornered Rat Software (05 February 19)

This release is a hotfix for numerous issues that came up with the latest release.

Bug Fixes

- The FlaK36's (88) collider has been adjusted so it doesn't hit the top of the FB tent

- Bombs that were not showing explosions are now fixed

- The British M10 and Achilles decals have been fixed so that they are no longer upside down

- Fixed a clipping issue for the Fuel Tanks, Loading Docks, AF Bunker, Castle Wall, Mansion Stairs and Church

- The Mobile Spawn box will now remember if it has been unchecked

- The PzIIc and Pz38(t) commander's view has been fixed to be in line with the gunner's view

- Corrected an issue during installation that required external DLL files to be installed

- Disabled High DPI scaling by default

Adjusted Content

- An "Instrument" view (num-pad .) has been added to the FlaK36 (88) in order to assist players with seeing in front of the shield

- The Credits have been updated

- PPOs now have a 120 minute life span

- Tank Traps and Gun Emplacements will have a 240 minute life span

- Bomb Ballistic Coefficient (BC) values have been updated so that they are closer to the real-life values

- The Netcode3 option is now removed from being in the Preferences menu and will be forced to being enabled

- Country flags, next to town names, have been updated to look better and sharper

- The M10 and Achilles internal sounds have been updated to match other units

- The gunner's forward view port for the Pz3-L and Pz3-N has been unblocked

- The old crew members for the SA 37mm have been retired and replaced with updated crew members

- The internal art for the Churchill tanks has been updated

- Keysie has been added to the Fallen Soldier Memorial

- The Sdkfz 7/2 SPAA's Bofors has been replaced with the Flak37 model

S! Cornered Rat Software (27 December 18)

This release is a hotfix for numerous issues that came up with the latest release.

Bug Fixes

- An issue that was preventing the PC Steam client from seeing snow is now fixed

- Corrected an issue that was causing long delays in the time it took to spawn in

- Hedgehogs have been re-added to the FMS

Adjusted Content

- The P40, H87b3 and KittyHawk now have matte/zinc chromate primer for their instrument panels

- GP bombs have been updated to MC in the Havoc manual

- Updated the spawn location for the Dinant East AB Barracks

- Updated the Barracks spawning location to be in the center of the room

S! Cornered Rat Software (21 December 18)

This release adds lots of new content, several improvements to your game play and some all new functionality as well. Become a Builder to help CRS accomplish more. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from CRS - Salute!


New vehicles added

- Panzer III L

- Panzer III N w/Schurzen Skirts

- Firefly

- Achilles

- Churchill 8 (Close Support)

United Kingdom receives the following via lend lease

- Sherman III (M4A2)

- Sherman IVA (M4A3)

- 3in SPM (M10)

- Stuart V (M3A3)

Guns / Artillery

The following units now have shields protecting their crew

- Flak 36 (88mm)

- Allied Bofors + new textures

- German Flak 28 + new textures

- Crusader III AA Mk I (SPAA)

- Sdkfz 7/3 (Halftrack SPAA)


- FW190A-3/B with SC250 Bomb

- P40F with AN64 500LB Bomb

- H87-B3 with F200 Bomb

- Kittyhawk II with MC500 Bomb

- Havoc receives new MC250 Bomb

- Stuka “Jericho Siren” trail sound added

- Macm39 air tracer round fixed for the French aircraft


- New HC Officer (only) trooper class added

- New “rifle only” mobile spawn PPO for HC Officer class

- New curved sandbag PPO for rifles and engineers

- Two new barbed wire fence PPOs for rifles and engineers

Terrain / Environment

- New infantry barracks design for the Army Base

- New grass models adding new life to the virtual battlefield

Fixes and Improvements

- Infantry damage from fragmentation improved

- Truck audio reduced at a distance to improve survivability

- Armored Piercing rounds added to heavy shore battery load out

- Destroyer hull thickness reduced (all countries)

- Copyright updated to 2019

Fortified Mobile Spawn (FMS) Fixes

- Spawn location moved to reduce clipping of guns

- Rooftop modified to reduce aerial detection

- Harder to place on excessive slopes

S! Cornered Rat Software (20 November 18)

This release is a hotfix for numerous issues that came up with the latest release.

Bug Fixes

- Corrected an issue that was causing the game to crash whenever selecting the Manuals tab

- Fixed a crash whenever selecting a Persona while certain languages were used

- Some configurations were not being added to the settings file, this is now fixed

- The City Finder is now working again

- An issue that was causing the Chat host to crash was corrected

- A configuration issue that caused one of the testing clients to be unable to be built has now been fixed

Adjusted Content

- Updated the save location of some internal files while debugging

New Content

- Added Thomas "JAMMYMAN" Kendall Jr. to the Fallen Soldier Memorial

S! Cornered Rat Software (31 October 18)

This release is a hotfix for numerous issues that came up with the latest release.

Bug Fixes

- A problem that was causing high CPU usage on the server was fixed

- Lighting has been adjusted to fix the black smoke that would happen at Dawn and at Dusk

- Some error logging was fixed

Adjusted Content

- Multiple areas of the networking code was redone

- The Ammo Cache, Sandbags, Gun emplacement and Foxhole PPOs were adjusted

- The Credits have been updated to reflect recent changes in the CRS team

New Content

- James "beck395" Beck has been added to Fallen Soldier Memorial

S! Cornered Rat Software (13 September 18)

This release is a hotfix for numerous issues that came up with the latest release.

Bug Fixes

- Fixes invisible FBs for Sittard-Maaseik and Orval-Carignan

- Moves a facility maker in order to fix a Depot exit in Arlon

- A tree was removed from the Weert South CP, an Eind building and Roermond West AB bunker

- Fixed a broken AI pit in the Wiltz AF AB, Bilzen AB, Manhay, Vise, Maastricht West AB, Hallslag AF, Sittard and Kaarst AB

- Redirected the Manhay North ATG pit to point away from town

- Moved a fence that was in the road within Sierck-lesBains

- Corrected the Griendtsveen-Helmond Depot being clipped into the ground

- Moved the Echternach church so that it is no longer blocking the road

- Fixed an issue with two objects being capable for the Vianden City CP

- Corrected the Prum-Hillesheim and Julich FB from being clipped into a hillside

- Added the hatch opening and closing sounds back in for the DLC Vickers Mk VIBs

- A Trier road has been fixed that was sloped on a hillside

- Machine Gun Anti-Air AI has now been corrected to only target aircraft

- Missing ABs from Aachen, Feschaux and Hastiere have been fixed

- Shifted two buildings that were clipping into each other in Monchen

- Moved a Hillsheim building so that it's not clipped into a hillside

- Added further corrections to the lighting system in order to correct issues that were being seen during sunrise and sunset

- Lowered a building in Dusseldorf so that it is no longer floating above the ground

- Removed bushes from a Namur building

- Bomb Penetration constants have been upped as a temporary fix until other issues are corrected

- An open terrain seem near Val-de-Vesle is now fixed

Adjusted Content

- Some translations have been updated for the recent Steam DLC changes

- Replaced a Boom AI tower with one that is climbable by players

- FBs with "Other" objects may be objects other than tents that are required to be destroyed before an FB goes down

New Content

- The 7th AST Vehicle Decal has been added to the game

- Field Marshal and Squad funders have been added to the credits

S! Cornered Rat Software (27 August 18)

Bug Fixes

- The black tree trunks (normal maps) have been fixed

- The FMB railings should now stop infantry from falling overboard

- Invisible FB tents have been fixed for the Wuust-Oost FB, Prum-Hillesheim FB, Spontin-Dinant FB, Couvin-Vireaux FB, Conde-Leuz FB and Tienen-Leuven FB

- The default Keymap was adjusted on Bofors and 88s so that reverse and the brake do not get applied at the same time

- Fixed the Mol-Leopoldsburg FB that was clipped into a berm

- An ATG Pit has been removed from a building in Bergen Op Zoom

- Corrected a few issues with AI Pits from Thionville, Andenne, Antwerp and Oostmalle

- Spelling for the Diest-Hasselt Depot has been corrected

- Corrected a few spelling mistakes in the Manuals

Adjusted Content

- The .factories command now outputs its info horizontally and adds the factory town abbreviation

- The British C47 has been renamed to the Dakota

- The different Level of Details (LODs) for trees has been adjusted in order to make them closer in appearance

- The infantry movement keymappings have been update to keep in line with the industry standards

- The default mission orders have been updated to remove old information

- The ability to zoom out in most maps has been greatly enhanced so that players can see more of the map at once

- The Steam email verification information has been updated

- The Steam Upsell message has been changed to reflect changes with DLCs

- Mandatory Training has been reverted back to only showing Training Suggestions

- The MG151 has been updated to have a tracer round again

- The Sky color has been updated to appear more blue

New Content

- The US Paratroopers have been added with the C47 Skytrain, SMG, Sapper, Sniper, Mortarman, AR and Assault units

- Field Marshall fundraiser rewards have been added to the map for Lafleur (Leuze), Kilo (Spa) and Ness (Sandwich)

- Downloadable Content (DLCs) for Steam players have been added for the Leadership Pack, Paratrooper Pack, Light AA Gun Pack, Light AT Pack, Light Armor Pack, Medium Armor Pack, Combat Fighter Pack and the Reserve Pack

- Adds a new "NCO" Infantry class, it has an smg, ammo can (1) and allows for placing an ammo cache PPO (available for Hero Builders & Leadership DLC)

- Adds a new "Ammo Bearer" Infantry class, it has ammo cans (4) and a rifle (available for Hero Builders & Leadership DLC)

S! Cornered Rat Software (4 August 18)

Bug Fixes

- German factories #3 and #5 weren't showing up as viable RDP production facilities

New Content

- The .factories command will show a listing of all RDP facilities and their current damage (1 August 18)

Bug Fixes

- The wrong error message was being shown whenever a Steam player tried to log into a server that was offline

- AI location fixes for Antwerp AF,

- Soignies Halle Depot North facing AI ATG that died immediately on repair

- Cayeux/Le Crotoy flag building going invisible

- Dunkerque depot in Gravelines is sunk into the ground

- Building clipped into Maldegen/Eeklo capture building

- Dusseldorf AF AB infantry barracks has 2 invisible buildings where spawning

- Diest AB has white bldg next to barracks that won’t rubble

- Berlamont AB has big white bldg next to bunker that won’t rubble

- Crates that couldn't be destroyed at Virton AB, Seclin, Vitry NE CP, Revin Month Depot, Dusseldorf Ratingen CP, Corbie W of S CP, Boulogne E of E CP,

- Tree in the middle of the vehicle spawn at Maldgem/Breskens FB

- Vervins/marle flag building doorway blocked by barrels

- Missing AI soldiers for Sierck-les-Bains AB MG tower, Grave AB AI MG tower, Gamaches AI tower, Chilly S AI MG tower in AB, Arras at Saulty CP AI MG tower,

- Missing AI for Schilde ATG W CP, Rethel AB AI ATG2, Reims S dock heavy AA AI, Oostende E AB AI AA MG, Mol AB AA AI MG, Liege S AB AI MG tower #2, Liege N dock AA AI, Leopoldsburg AB AA AI MG, Knokke E coastal gun, Hesdin E AB AI AA LMG, Gent docks, Charleroi docks, Catillon Landrecies Depot MG pit, Boulogne N dock AABIG-GUN2, Antwerp AF, Brussels AF, Wuustwezel AB AA MG, Steenberger AB AI MG

- Missing buildings Avesnes

- Charleroi Building inside of building

- Tents misplaced at Hillesheim

- Tree in spawn building Valkenswaard-Bergeyk Depot

- Eindhoven AF AB north wall floating above ground

- Berm line floating near north RR at St Quint

- Wesel bridges missing icon

- Malmedy, building within building

- Bridge at Landrecies is 1 foot lower than roadway east side

- Floating buildings at Marle

- Floating building, Densborn

- Willemsted/Moerdijk FB berm in infantry spawn

- Talmas distorted AI tower

- Berm in CP blocking door Roisel/Peronne CP

- Missing building Ste.Menehould

- Billboard half in building, Marle

- Houffalize-Gouvy Deopot Misspelling

- Bush in eeklo-ljzendijke CP

- FMB spawned inside harbor model

- Floating Buildings in Densborn

- Billboard inside CP In Koln

- Bush in Flavion-Phillipville depot

- AI Pit outside Rethel is pointing into air like sculptor

- Fixed a broken terrain seam

- Fixed some treeline issues around Heinsberg

- Removed an AI inside a building (Leige)

- Fixed a broken AI in Bouillon

- Fixed a building object in Ham

- Fixed a terrain anomaly near Spontin

- Fixed an FB Brussels, Heerlen, Ijzendjike, Albert,

- Fixed a dock spawner at Oostende

- Fixed a spawner at Dusseldorf AF/AB

- Fixed an AB wall at Chalunes, Rethel

- Fixed an elevation issue at Caudry, Lueze, Orchies, Rethel, Vouziers, Hillesheim, Nettersheim, Zandvliet

- Fixed a vertice anomaly near Hillesheim

- Closed the Egheeze-Hannut gap

- Fixed a terrain seam near Lier

- Closed the Beauraing-Gedinne gap

- Fixed a berm issue round Neufchaeau

- Repaired a terrain seam near Verdun

- Fixed a berm issue at Consenvoye

- Removes numerous bushes from different buildings

Adjusted Content

- The credits have been updated with the latest team listings

- Antwerp and Brussels are now split up into individual sectors that are all capturable as separate enteties

- Town layout updates for Habay, Hastiere, Lislet, Breskens, Caudry, Damvillers, Eind, Lueve, Heinsberg, Eeklo, Orchies, Frevent, Lillers, Cassel, Bailleul, Martelange, Torhout, Densborn, Gravelines, Marquise, Menen, Thulin, Sierck-les-Bains, Thionville, Spontin, Rethel, Vouziers, Hilleshei, Nettersheim, Wellin, Egheeze, Hannut, Lier, Zandvliet, Neufchateau, Verdun, Consenvoye, and Gembloux

- Steam specific and other translations have been updated

New Content

- New roads are in place for new towns

- Adds the new town of Varengeville-sur-Mer

- Added Builder Voodoo1 statue at Hillesheim

S! Cornered Rat Software (5 July 18)

Bug Fixes

- Corrected an issue with a .own error message about factories

- Added better error reporting to the Steam login process

Adjusted Content

- Factory repair times have been adjusted from 27 hours to 48 hours in order to rebuild completely from 100% damage

- Bomb ordnance arming timers have been adjusted from 2.5 to 2 seconds

S! Cornered Rat Software (23 June 18)

Bug Fixes

- Corrected an issue that broadcasted the ordnance timer error message to everyone within visual range

- Adjusts the factory damage threshold so that satchels can damage factories again

S! Cornered Rat Software (21 June 18)

Bug Fixes

- Turret traverse rates have been updated for the Crusader III CS, and Churchill V CS

- The Daimler Armored Car has been updated to correct an issue with slow commander traverse rate

- The issue that prevented German and Italian infantry the ability to pass ammo to another player is now fixed

- You can now hear when Para and Infantry riflemen place satchels

New Content

- Steam players will now be able to sign up for email newsletters

- Fairmiles will now be available under the Ship category

- Ordnance Arming Timers are now enabled for Bombs (2.5sec) which restrict the distance they can be dropped from before exploding

- Ordnance Arming Timers are now enabled for Mortars (1.5sec) which restricts the distance they have to fly before exploding

- Factory maximum damage values have been updated so that a German bomber does 50%, a French bomber 20%, and a British bomber 12%

- Whenever a Chinese player changes to the Chinese langauge, they will now get a popup to restart the game

S! Cornered Rat Software (2 June 18)

After the release of it was found that there were a few apparent errors that needed to be fixed quickly.

Bug Fixes

- Allied satchel damage reduced to match the German satchels (post HE Audit)

- Fixed an issue with German and Italian riflemen having Allied satchels

- Reduced the max damage needed to take down an FB to match the reduction of the satchel damage

- Fixed the reload time and sound for the M1 ATG

New Content

- In Game Polls once again work and will show up on the Welcome screen right after logging in

- Satchels now look better from the third person view

S! Cornered Rat Software (30 May 18)

Bug Fixes

- Kinetic Energy (KE) values for multiple rounds have been updated to more closely reflect historic numbers (almost every unit is affected)

- High Explosive (HE) shrapnel for multiple rounds and bombs has been updated to more closely reflect historic numbers (almost every unit is affected)

- The Sapper in game tags seem to have reverted back to being Engineers, this is now fixed again

- Overmatch calculations have been added to the KE projectiles

- Turret speed and ammunition reload times have been adjusted to reflect historic numbers for a number of different tanks

- Bunker windows have been further closed up to prevent grenades from being thrown through them

- The Carcano rifle's audio has been updated to be more realistic

- Numerous unit names that appear on the despawn screen have been updated

- Both StuGs and the StuH should now change Level of Detail (LOD) at the same ranges

- The French and German FMBs now have the ability for infantry to ride on them by pressing "j" just as is with the British FMB

New Content

- The Axis get the StuH 42 (Assault Gun) for a Close Support (C/S) role

- The Allies get both the Crusader III C/S and Churchill V C/S tanks

- Smoke rounds have been added to the M4A2 Sherman and Churchill VII tanks

- The Granny library, which allows for infantry, for the PC client has been upgraded to the latest version

- Translations for the new units have been added

- The credits have been updated to reflect new changes to team members

S! Cornered Rat Software (09 March 18)

Client related

New Content

- For Fighter-Bombers we see the introduction of the Hurricane Mk IIb "Hurribomber" for both the British and French air forces. It will carry two 250lb GP Bombs and ten .303 Machine Guns. The German air force will get the Bf 109E-4/B (Jabo) which will carry a single SC250 250kg Bomb and its standard armament of two 7.9mm Machine Guns and two 20mm Cannons.

- Close Support (CS) Tanks will include the Crusader II CS and Matilda II CS for the British ground forces. CS tank armament will include High Explosive (HE) and Smoke rounds along with their standard machine guns. The German forces, while not specifically CS tanks, will receive Smoke rounds for both the PzIVD and StuG III B tanks.

- The British ground forces will be receiving an upgrade to the Vickers light tank series which will be the Vickers Mk VIC. It has an upgraded primary weapon, the 15mm BESA heavy Machine Gun.

- The Italians will be joining the German ground forces. They will constitute of the Carcano Rifleman and the Beretta Submachine Gunner, which will have standard infantry loadouts made up of other German gear.

- The 250 Hispana Squad Decal has been added for recognition of their support in the 2017 fundraiser

- New Builder, Volunteer, and Rat Decals have been added

New Commands

- Joining another player's mission will now be much easier than it used to be. With the addition of the .join <player name> (or .j) command, players that are not spawned into the game will be able to quickly join another mission without the need to navigate through the Graphical User Interface.

Bug fixes

- Locked the bailout, build PPO, confirm box, despawn, and quit windows so that they are not able to be moved on the screen

- The HC Manual, in game, has been updated with missing commands

- Alt+Tab was broken a few patches ago and should now work better than it was

- Chinese Graphical User Interface text has been updated to add missing text

- Updates the UK SMG Thompson spelling and French Grenadier weapon name

- Updates the gunsights for the Pak36, 17-pdr, and M4A3.

- Mission points for Capture, Destroy AI, Infantry Resupplier, Destroy FMS, Repair Bridge, Damage Bridge, Damage Factory, and Damage FB are now configurable by the Game Managers

- Updates the capture timers for campaign 152

- Fixes the way balancing capture timers work

- Bunkers have been updated to only be capturable from within the radio room

- The Credits have been updated to reflect CRS team changes

- An ongoing task is to ensure World War II Online is available to as many players as possible in their native language, the Game UI etc, has multi-lingual capability. This is continuously being updated as the game evolves.

S! Cornered Rat Software (31 January 18)

This Production Update serves to include yet more NEW content into World War II Online by the addition of the "Tank Buster" aircraft.

Client related

New Content

Here they are, the "Tank Busters".

For the Axis forces it's the 37mm armed, Junkers Ju87-G2.

For the Allied forces, the British have the 40mm armed, Hawker Hurricane Mk II D. While the French receive the 37mm armed Bell mle 26 (the French version of the US P39-N).

The US Bell P39-N Airacobra has also been created and will be added once the USAAF is included in World War II Online in the future.


Bug fixes

- The following vehicles and guns have had their gunsights revised to make them more consistent with their appropriate historic counterparts: M10, M4A2, ROQF 17pdr, M5A2 3" and the M1 57mm.

- It was found the Sapper had been mislabelled as an Engineer. This has now been corrected.

- Player Placed Objects (PPO) have been re-examined, specifically the Fortified Mobile Spawn (FMS). The FMS can now ONLY be damaged by Aircraft Bombs and HE Satchels. All other weapons will have no effect on FMSs only. The other PPOs are unaffected by this revision.

- The Tutorials have now been completely revised. The Basic Armor and Fighter Tutorials have also been reintroduced.

- Reverts a change to High Explosive (HE) rounds not exploding that was allowing HE to kill armor that it shouldn't have been able to kill.

- Updates both Fortified Mobile Spawns (FMS) and Urban Mobile Spawns (UMS) to have a reduced build timer of 60 seconds instead of 90 seconds.

- Updates the Early Warning System (EWS) ranges for trucks from 1500 meters to 700 meters.

!S! Cornered Rat Software (21 December 17)

This hotfix primarily serves to correct some bugs that were discovered within the New Self Propelled Anti-aircraft guns (SPAA).

Bug fixes

Sd.Kfz 7/2 (Axis Forces)

- It was discovered there was no 3rd person sound when the 3.7cm FlaK 36 was firing, making it difficult to locate. The 3.7cm FlaK 36 now makes noise when it is firing.

- A revision of the 3.7cm FlaK 36’s ammunition supply. It is now 34 x 6 rounds and no longer the 50 x 4 rounds, to be in line with its Historic performance.

Crusader III AA Mk1 (All Allied Forces)

- Some issues with the Crusader III AA Mk1 40mm turret in relation to its un-deployment have been addressed.

- It was found there was different views between the Commander and the Gunner when Multi-crewing. This has now been resolved.

Both Vehicles

- It is now possible for the Commander to use his Binoculars regardless of the guns deployment state.

< S > Cornered Rat Software. (15 December 17)

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house,

Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse;

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care,

In hopes that “the Rats” soon would be there;

Well here it is; the Christmas update.

This Christmas update primarily serves to introduce new, yes NEW! content into the game.

As an added Christmas bonus, this update also addresses the longer term issue of “Un-killable Infantry”.


New Content (SPAAs)

- Sd.Kfz 7/2 AA (Axis Forces)

- Crusader III AA Mk1 (All Allied Forces)

For the time being, the Sd.Kfz 7/2 AA is using the current Bofors gun for its artwork, until the actual 37mm FlaK 36 AA artwork can be made game ready. The data in use IS for the 37mm FlaK 36 AA however.

On the other hand the Crusader III AA Mk1 is mounting the tried and true “Bofors 40mm Automatic Gun”.

Supply Availability (SPAAs)

To start, we will have the following for SPAA availability:

- Tier 1 and onward (not available in Tier 0)

- Infantry brigade: 10

- Armor brigade: 10

- Division HQ: 20

- Naval brigade: 10

- Air brigade: 20

- Available for Premium Subscription

- - Upgrade to premium at

- Rank required: 5+


- Trucks now display a cool down timer to indicate when the player may place another of the selected PPO’s. This is the same functionality available to Infantry PPO placement in-game now.

- Fortified Mobile Spawns (FMS) PPO will now have its own reporting symbol. This can be used in place of the current ad-hoc symbol usage prevalent in-game now. It can also be used for other enemy placed objects and is located in the - “Add Report pop-up” under the name of: Enemy Spawn/Object.

- The Gunsights for the Sherman’s and M10 have been reverted back to the state they were in prior to the release of v1.34.10.

- World War II Online is a community of people from all around the world. In memory of those within this community who are, unfortunately no longer with us, the In-Game Memorial has been updated to include those who shall continue to forever, be a part of this unique community of people.

- An ongoing task is to ensure World War II Online is available to as many players as possible in their native language, the Game UI etc, has multi-lingual capability. This is continuously being updated as the game evolves.

World War II Online currently supports:

- English

- Chinese

- French

- German

- Italian

- Spanish

- This release continues the multi-lingual support through the efforts of the Translation Team.


- Un-killable Infantry has been an issue plaguing World War II Online for a while now. This release should put this issue in the past as the source of this issue has finally been identified and corrective actions have been implemented.

- An additional source of “Death Lag” has also been isolated and removed by this release.

- It had been reported the CP Capture Timer would become stuck at 1s remaining. It now completes its countdown correctly.

- Within the Chat Tutorials, there is a requirement to press the “Enter” key. Only the Main Keyboard Enter Key was recognized. Now the Number Pad Enter Key is also recognized.

- There is now some guidance for New Steam Users to assist them to create a valid callsign.

- In an ongoing effort to speed up the download/patching process, un-necessary files are being identified and removed.

- On the Steam Mac Client there were multiple “G” meters displayed within the Vehicle Status Window, in place of the usual meters. This has been fixed.

- The Weather Report system had encountered some irregularities. It is now functional again.

- Sometimes when you move between the two levels of the Capture Building in a damaged state, the UI would change the building state to “Not Capture-able”. It would only occur if you jumped or fell through the damaged floor to the lower level. This has now been resolved.

- It has been noticed, sometimes when a HE round hits a non-terrain object, i.e. a vehicle, the round fails to explode. This is now corrected.

- At some point in the not too distant past, the Detect Controllers Button ceased to function. This Button is now functional again.

- On Steam Clients only, some additional in-game informational messages were displayed. This no longer occurs.

- With the recent re-introduction of the “Sapper” into the game, the manual entries were not added. This has now been done.

- A clean install of the Game Client, the Channel Selector (F3) was not tuned to the “Side Chat” Channel. This is now been corrected.

- The Playgate launcher is now correctly branded World War II Online.

- The in-game credits have been updated to reflect the growing team at Cornered Rat Software and include the newest members of the team.

There you have it, for now...

2017 has been a good year for World War II Online. Several significant milestones have been achieved. 2018 is looking to be better, with additional New Content arriving and even more milestones to be tackled.

So from all of us here, to all of you, where ever you are in this world, we wish you Safe and Merry Christmas, and a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

!S - Cornered Rat Software. (1 November 17)

This hotfix focuses primarily on resolution of critical client issues.

Host related

- Minor improvement to death lag

- Added dynamic cluster node shutdown

Client related

- Default PC resolution will now match desktop resolution, backend window handling updated

- Fixed patching issue with Mac clients with bleeding edge OS X versions

- Updated crew models for the following vehicles: Flak36, Laffly, Bofors, Opel, Sdkfz7, Bedford, Morris

- Improved client validation of first-time steam callsigns

- Morris slip-n-slide no longer slippy

- Updated credits

- Corrected AB Bunker picture frames (16 September 17)

This maintenance update primarily serves to improve the handling of extended ACSII (EASCII) characters present within the users My Documents folder path.

Server related

- Addressed the Save and Restore of the Forward Base (FB) state. This ensures the individual FB states after a server restart are the same as they were before the server restart.

- Addresses the "Red Padlock" issue found on the Persona Selection Screen that prevented Persona Selection and therefore entry into the Game (

- Improvements to server stability/reliability to ensure maximum up time.

Client related

- Improve the handling of extended ACSII (EASCII) characters contained within the users My Documents folder path. This will alleviate the issues some users were experiencing saving Game Settings, e.g. Game Video Resolution.

- Adjustments to the Fortified Mobile Spawn (FMS) to reduce the occurrences of AA and AT Guns flipping when they spawn into the game at an FMS placed on uneven terrain.

- Add the missing Truck to the United States Training Tutorials.

- Remove the Advanced Training Tutorials for Basic Armor until further review can be completed.

- Map and HUD Training Tutorials are now optional (1 September 17)

This maintenance update primarily serves to stabilize the server cluster with multiple cell hosts active and address a mac client language selection issue.

Server related

- Addressed time coordination related issue (

- Crash tracking enhancement (

- Addressed multi-cell host crash scenario

Client related

- Mac clients can now switch languages in-game

- Italian language was causing a hangup on both clients (18 August 17)

This maintenance update primarily serves to enable Steam users to download and play the game on both Mac (OS X) and PC platforms. Additionally the following issues have been resolved:

Server related

- Addressed two previous server crash issues

Client related

- Game rebranding to World War II Online, updated loading and splash screens

- Corrected numerous issues with tutorial system

- Localization process established applying to all new updates (Italian, Spanish, German)

- Enforce mandatory training (tutorial) for all new users

- Addressed capture issues when more than 12 players capturing at once

- Addressed issue with despawn button

- Game credits updated

- Offline clones are now properly oriented and killable

If you are proficient in English and one of our supported languages (French, German, Spanish, Italian, and Chinese) we encourage you to contact us ( and support WWIIOL! You can also participate if are a bilingual English speaker and would like to see your Native tongue supported as well. In upcoming releases we will be auditing all of the existing translations so your help is appreciated. (20 April 17)

This update is a hot fix to address a level of detail (LOD) issue with the Flak30 which was rendering it invisible in some cases.

Also included:

- Address minor glitches on the Playgate screen

- Make some improvements to netcode3 (17 April 17)

Priority Steam Items

- Netcode3 for infantry being introduced for mass testing review

- Re-enabling multiple cell hosts to manager more concurrent users

Art Improvements

- Crew members on Hotchkiss 25mm AA replaced for Allied forces

- Crew members on Flak30 replaced for Germans

- FMS poster now shows “Discord” information

General Fixes

- Damaged propellers no longer disappear in external view

- Propeller damaged accurately reflect in 3rd person (29 January 17)

This is an important game update primarily focused on "under the hood" fixes in preparation for Steam. Releases of this nature will occur in the future as they are ready, certainly as we get closer to Steam.

The out of game "Squad Tools" directly benefit from these changes. Our community development team has been working on these and cannot wait to get them released to you.

Ongoing development continues on several components, relating to Steam prep / due diligence cleaning / content production. (09 January 17)

New Features

- Global Audio Alert for Attack / Defense objectives being placed.

- New crew member models on the Pak36, 2 Pounder and SA mle 1934 Anti-Tank Guns.

- Ammo cache PPO lifetime doubled.

- Ammo cache PPO receives new and improved texture.

Game Play / Strategy

- High Command now has more time to place spare AO's.

- AO availability threshold increased, meaning more players are required prior to additional attack objectives.

General Fixes

- HEAT rounds do less damage to Fortified Mobile Spawn PPO.

- BF-109 rudder fix, and improved handling.

- Mortar barrage waypoint acts as a proper waypoint.

- USA Flag is properly displayed / in code with US standards.

- SA mle 1934 (25mm) ATG typo fix in spawn list.

- Mac users can now adjust their mouse sensitivity settings.

- You should no longer receive "invalid building" messages.

Other Notes

- Underlying work for the Mac client.

- Standard loading screens replaced holiday screens.

- Copyright updated to 2017.

- A bunch of other stuff in preparation for Steam that's under the hood. (03 December 16)

New Weapons shared for US Forces

In an effort to rapidly balance this new update, we shared some French artillery weapons with the US forces. The following weapons have been added to the US kit:

- 25mm light anti-tank gun.

- 47mm medium anti-tank gun.

- Hotchkiss 25mm anti-aircraft gun.

Player Placed Object (PPO) Fixes

- US FMS now correctly spawns light ATG’s and AAA.

- Units that spawn from FMS can now RTB at FMS.

- Ammo cache lifetime extended slightly.

- SdKfz 251c now allows driver to cycle / place PPO’s.

- Gun Emplacement can be placed much closer to other objects.

- Increased cool down and build time of Gun Emplacement.

- Reduced cool down and build time of Sandbags.

- Sandbags buffed to require 2-4AP or 1-2 HE rounds to destroy.

- Mortar damage against PPOs increased.

- Reduced Tank Trap cool down timer.

General Fixes

- Compass on all destroyers and troop transports corrected.

- Morris tractor coasting bug fixed.

- Squad recruitment fixed.

- Credits updated. (27 November 16)


- Fortified Mobile Spawn (FMS)

- Urban Mobile Spawn (UMS)

- Ammo Cache

- Tank Trap

- Sandbags


- PPO cycle function key (infantry & trucks)

- Gun Emplacement & Foxhole now destroyable

- M1 Garand added to the British kit (Tier 1)

- Standard Bolt-Action Rifleman receive 1 HE satchel


- Squad and player decals now display properly again

- Squished a CTD issue with Mac client

- Tons of behind the scenes code fixes and corrections preparing for Steam


The new fortified mobile spawn is now the main mobile spawn point. Infantry and both light anti-tank and light anti-aircraft guns can be spawned from these points. As the name suggests, it is fortified and capable of withstanding lots of hits. The FMS is truck deployed only, and there can only be a single spawn point per mission. It can be placed both on the frontier and in cities. There are two firing slits on the front of the object for defenders, and instructions on the wall to join Teamspeak and how to setup a zone of control (ZOC).

[HOW TO ATTACK] Bombs from Aircraft, HE satchels and HE rounds from mortars or artillery / tank guns will have the most impact. However, small arms (including grenades) will have no effect.

[HOW TO DEFEND] Expand your fortification by deploying multiple objects around the FMS (especially the Gun Emplacement [GE] ) and spawn light guns. The [GE] looks the same as the FMS from the air, therefore concealing it from being obvious.


The UMS is the old FRU model (boxes with radio), and may be only deployed within large cities. It is cumbersome and capable of fitting into tight spots the FMS cannot. Spawning only infantry (no guns), it is also very weak in terms of tolerance to damage. This object CANNOT be placed on the frontier, this is intentional.


A small box with ammunition visible (not the old FRU boxes). These ammo boxes can be deployed multiple times on a single (or many) missions. This will offer a wide variety of supply points throughout fights for all ground based weapons. It has a 15 minute lifetime unless an infantry man resets the timer by walking over the boxes.


Placeable by Engineer class only, and destroyable by HE satchels and bombs from aircraft only. A single HE satchel will remove this object. HE satchels are available with the Engineer (4), Sapper (2) and now Bolt-Action Rifleman (1) classes.


Placeable by Engineer and Standard Bolt-Action Rifleman classes only (not Semi-Auto). Sandbags are immune to small arms fire (grenades and anti-tank rifle can damage), and heavier weaponry will obliterate the object.


[INFANTRY] Simply select the PPO build tool (9 key), Left Mouse Button (LMB) to place, Right Mouse Button (RMB) to cycle objects available to your class.

[TRUCKS] Select Z to deploy, then hit (Backspace key) to cycle. (3 November 16)

Hotfix with improved predictor code:

- Should significantly improve apparent clipping.

- Minor connection hiccups should no longer cause severe warping.

- Overall movement is somewhat smoother.

- Removed some less useful collision checks to hopefuly improve FPS for affected players.

1.35.5 (10 October 16)

- Created a new infantry predictor. We plan to improve this, but this should fix several lag-related issues and result in more responsive close-quarters infantry combat.

- AO limits are now based on the side with the lowest population, not the overall population.

- A significantly underpopulated side will receive a bonus to their capture/recapture speed.

- Fixed and reenabled in-game tutorials.

- Fixed ATRs being unable to build the foxhole PPO.

- Fixed the camera position being incorrect when parachuting.

- Numerous behind-the-scenes improvements and cleanup.

1.35.4 (25 July 16)

- Reenabled .overrun and .fallback commands.

- Players no longer fall through transport ship's deck when boarding them.

- Fixed paratroopers getting stuck when jumping from too high an altitude (~3km).

- Rain cloud altitude increased to 2km.

- Destroyer EWS increased to 4km.

- The entire squad member list should now sort properly, not just the members on the current page.

- "Auto-purge" of inactive squad recruits enabled.

- Squads can now be created using the name of a previously disbanded squad.

- Fixed UI text overlapping in the unit select screen.

- Fixed issues the Mac was having with waypoint labels.

- Added .bug command for reporting bugs. This logs a little bit of extra info to help us track down the actual cause of the problem.

- Numerous behind-the-scenes improvements and cleanup.

1.35.3 (29 June 16)

- Fixed "False Dawn" bug.

- Enabled air raid siren.

- Disabled training tutorials until they can be fixed/updated.

- Convergence set via the keymapper should now be saved properly.

- Did some optimizations to help improve loading times when transitioning between areas.

- Made some changes to how version numbers work.

1.35.2 (31 May 16)

- Fixed intermittent crash.

- Fixed score from captures all going to a single player.

- Fixed the client outputting messages about invalid buildings.

- Fixed rare crash on the strat host.

1.35.1 (19 May 16)

Significant Improvements

- Infantry death lag dramatically reduced.

- Multicrew activated, performs flawlessly.

- Character offset is gone.

- Higher frames per second in most cases.

- Better connection stability.

- Removed NetCode2 Beta.

- Bedford Black Out resolved (FINALLY).

- Spawning in different towns is faster.

- Several infrastructure security improvements.

Rocket Propelled Anti-Tank Changes

- RPATS are not loaded on spawn.

- RPATS cannot sprint while loaded.

- RPATS cannot aim when not loaded.

- Cannot switch weapons when RPAT is loaded.