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Firing Positions/Concealment

When you are in a bush. You can`t be seen very easily but if you have a wider view it means that you can be seen easily. But you have a wider firing arc so like the picture shows that moving back a bit can make the difference to you being killed or being in seen. In the top picture the soldier is poking out of cover to gain a wider field of view. In the bottom picture the soldier has pulled back into the cover, reducing their field of view but also improving their concealment. A lot of players will adopt the bottom posture and "pop out" for a look and then pull back into cover again.

It's a balancing act that skilled veterans have learned over many deaths and the hard lessons this brings.

TAC Ops Battle Pos1.png

The next topic is when you are shooting over a ridge and you come up from the prone position to crouched position you can be seen really easily so you just take your shot and go back to cover. Like the picture shows. Mastering the "pop up" is a tactic most skilled players have learned. You need to learn it too, and it's sometimes useful to go onto the training server with a friend and get feedback on what your view of what you're doing looks like to a 3rd person perspective, representing what the enemy will see of you when you are doing it. That way you can match your view to how exposed you will look to the enemy when you are popping up and down behind cover.

TAC Ops Battle Pos.png

Leading Targets with Rifles and Sniper

These pictures explains how to lead targets when jogging and running with a British rifle as the example. All basic rifles are close in terms of bullet velocity so this will function as a general guide for all.

REMEMBER : You want to imagine where the target will be when the bullet arrives, NOT WHERE IT IS RIGHT NOW

TAC Ops Rifle Lead jog.png

French rifle leading.png

These pictures explains how to lead targets when jogging and running with a British sniper rifle.

TAC Ops sniper Lead1.png

TAC Ops Sniper Lead2.png

Best CP Defense Positions

A lot of people find it frustrating to constantly get killed when capturing a CP, because the enemy sprinting into a CP reduces the outcome to a 50/50 deal on many occasions. WWIIOL is a team game, it's always best to use teamwork rather than lone wolf/rambo attempts to win the day. The best way to handle capturing CP's is to have a kill team OUTSIDE THE CP IN CONCEALMENT ... covering the entrances and then your capture dude (or dudes) inside only have to worry about last line of defense situations where a CP defender makes it past your kill team, perhaps wounded and less able to win a quick draw shootout.

Cp defense.png

Cp defense2.png

Best Way To Cover A Tank

This is good when you have more tanks which can cover more sides and also have look outs. Tankers that insist on being the pointy end of the spear at the front of an attack, should consider being in a group of at least two tanks, preferably three, where they can cover each other. The very best tankers do this, and unless out in the fields away from infantry spawning locations and hunting other tanks, often do best when they have an LMG player covering them.

Some of the best tankers will go into battle with their very own LMG dude riding on the tank from the vehicle spawn, and dismounting to cover the tank from anti-tank infantry when they reach the more dangerous approaches to an on-going battle.

TAC Ops Cover Tank.png