Trucks and Prime Movers

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British French American German
Light Tr uk bedford.jpg
Bedford OYD
Tr fr laffly s-20.jpg
Laffly S-20
Tr de opel blitz.jpg
Opel Blitz
Heavy Tr uk morris.jpg
Morris CDSW
Tr de sdkfz 7.jpg
SdKfz 7

In order to command a vehicle you’ll need to select an Army Persona. After selecting a mission, the Ready Room will list the available vehicles. Select one and enter the game.

You’ll start in the driver’s position. The E key will start your engines. Switch gears with the [ and ] keys. The R key will switch you into reverse when your vehicle is in Neutral. If you have a joystick your gas pedal will be a simple push forward on the device by default. If you do not have a joystick then the arrow keys will work.

There may be multiple positions to man in each vehicle. You can jump to these positions using the top row number keys.

Trucks as Resupply Units

When you are a truck driver you can drive out to the battlefield, ensuring as best you can that you are operating along a safe route where you won't be killed (since you have no weapons or protective armour) and resupply your friends *in the field* when they run out of ammunition. Just by parking next to a vehicular weapon, whether it be a tank, an armoured car, AA or AT gun ... they will be resupplied for the ammunition they have used in battle.

Infantry can also resupply their ammunition if they stand next to a resupply truck parked somewhere in the field.

Trucks as Mission Point Creators (MSP)

When you are a truck driver you can also place a mobile spawn point (MSP) in the world, which is handy for say a mission leader wanting to get a point of origin for an attack (or even a remote defensive spawn) in place quickly but which is some distance from his nearest current point of spawn. Only 1 mobile spawn point (MSP) is allowed per truck/mission, but of course a mission leader can delete the MSP if it becomes in any way undesirable to keep it and another is preferred.

Basic Vehicle Controls

Action Key
Start/Stop Engine E
Shift Gear Up ]
Shift Gear Down [
Engage Reverse Gear R (must be in neutral)
Accelerate Joystick Forward
Break Joystick Backward
Turn Left Joystick Left
Turn Right Joystick Right
Change Crew Position Number keys
Zoom View Keypad Decimal (delete)
Fire Main Gun Joystick Button 1
Fire Secondary Gun Joystick Button 2
Change Ammo Type Backspace

Truck Names

Short Name Formal & Specific Name Alternative Name
Bedford Truck Bedford OYD Bedford
Morris Gun Tractor Morris CDSW Morris
Opel Blitz Truck Opel Blitz 3,6-36S Opel
SdKfz 7 Halftrack Sonderkraftfahrzeug 7 SdKfz 7
SdKfz 251 Personnel Carrier Sonderkraftfahrzeug 251 Ausf. C SdKfz 251 C
Laffly S-20 Truck Laffly S-20 TL (Tracteur Léger) Laffly
GMC CCKW Truck General Motors Truck Company CCKW Deuce