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German armed trawler.png
armed trawler
Type Patrol Boat
Armament 1 x 76-mm main gun,
1 x 20mm Flakvierling 38,
2 x twin 20-mm Oerlikon cannon
Crew 6 Total (Position: Role)
1: Helmsman
2: Lookout
3: Forward Deck Gun
4: Starboard Anti-Air Gunner
5: Port Anti-Air Gunner
6: Rear Anti-Air Gunner
Weight 750 tons
Top Speed 12 knots


Vorpostenboot, were German patrol boats which served during both World Wars. Most Vorpostenboote were pre-war fishing vessels, yachts or harbour craft Such vessels were ideal because they were plentiful, and were of simple and robust design, advantageous in rough waters. They were the German equivalent to the trawlers of the Royal Navy. These Armed trawlers mainly performed escort duties for slow convoys, port picket and shore patrols. The trawlers were formidable AA platforms and defensive enemies for submarines and light vessels but no match for capital ships.

Game Play

Its role in World War II Online is to support amphibious operations and provide and other fire support close to shore, as well as defence against smaller vessels. The trawler is slow, but deadly!

Crew Insights

Here is a detailed explanation on the type of crew and the Armament it controls.

  • Position 1. Helmsman - Not much explanation required, from here you can turn the Engine On/Off and navigate the Boat.
  • Position 2. Lookout - This Crew is Equipped with Binoculars.
  • Position 3. Forward Deck Gun - This Position would be the 76mm Anti-Tank Gun.
  • Position 4. Starboard Anti-Air Gunner - Stood on the Right side side of the Ship (Starboard) controlling Twin 20mm AA Gun.
  • Position 5. Port Anti-Air Gunner - Stood on the Left side side of the Ship (Port) controlling Twin 20mm AA Gun.
  • Position 6. Rear Anti-Air Gunner - Equipped this time with a Quad QF 2pdr Pom-Pom AA Cannon.