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Wiretap is a presently unofficial data feed directly from the WWIIOL:BE servers.

Wiretap website

It provides XML documents that contain data on a number of facets:

  • CP states
  • HC movements
  • RDP status
  • Factory status
  • Squad lists
  • and more

These are not intended to be human-readable; rather they are used to feed a number of community-developed applications that can provide information about events in the game.

Applications using Wiretap

In alphabetical order:

101st Airborne WWIIOL Browser

The 101st Airborne WWIIOL browser interface [File:image.jpg]

The WWIIOL Browser is an application which you can run on your PC, Mac or on a Linux system. It can be used to see what's going on without running the game, Or, it can be run at the same time as the game, to increase awareness of any places which need help. It gets data from a server run by Playnet and presents it in a readable way.

Features include:

  • Summary of key areas affecting your side (side selectable)
  • Indicates status of AOs, spawnables, hostile firebases etc
  • Town and facility detail including recent capture summary and ownership percentages
  • Capture data by town and facility
  • Browseable brigade structure with brigade movement summaries and full historical log
  • Browseable squad list, capture summaries for squad by side and player
  • Mortar rangefinder
  • Designed to be intuitive to navigate via tree structure, or drill into detail for each item by clicking in the table
  • Will run on Windows, Mac, Linux
  • All data cached to minimise bandwidth, only fetching changes

Click to autolaunch- developed by SLR

Battleground Europe Game Monitor

A composite view of five configurations of the BGEM interface [File:image.jpg]

BEGM is a third party external game monitoring utility for the MMO Battleground Europe (formerly World War 2 Online). It provides access to a wide range of information about the game in a friendly and easy to navigate format. It is designed for those that want to check out what’s been happening without having to load the game up or those at work that want to keep an eye on things while away from the game. It's also useful for commanding officers that need to know what’s going on around them or anyone that wants that extra edge in battlefield intelligence while playing.

Using BEGM you can keep track of significant game events including captures, attack objectives, firebase changes, brigade movements, and factory damage. It allows you to see at a glance what has been happening in the past couple of hours and where the current battles are. You can drill down to details on the facilities within a specific town or scroll around the game map to get the bigger picture. Factory bombers can see reports and graphs of the past 24 hours factory production and damage, from overall side summaries down to each indivdual factory. You can choose to be notified of important events or follow an attack with pop-up alerts – select the events you want to be notified for by a combination of town, country and event type (say, Antwerp, Germany, Spawnable Depot Captured).

Application Site - developed by xiper


BEview is a little utility to view WORLD WAR II ONLINE - BATTLEGROUND EUROPE live server map on your computer, without having to run the full game.

Press ESC to quit, and use RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON (on either map) to move it.

Although my game THE HC GAME loads also citys status and so, its pourpose is not to display correctly all the BE info, but to play with limited units and limited map. Using THE HC GAME engine I am making a much simpler utility to just load and display correctly all the info on current game map: city, brigades, (rdp?),...

If you just want to check map status from work, use BEview. If you want to play your own games or simulate development of current campaigns, use THE HC GAME.

Download ZIP file - developed by ampos250

BGE Information View

The BGE Information View map interface [File:image.jpg]

A Java-based application that allows browsing the map, cities, units, HC activities, captures, movements, and more. Future plans include map history playback.

You need Windows and at least java version 6 (1.6). http://www.java.com/

You need also at least a screen resolution of 1024x768.

You can download the tool here: http://bge.dracopien.ch/bgeiv/app/WinBGEIVSetup.exe