KE/HE Audit and new CS Tanks added!

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This important update includes the long awaited High Explosive and Kinetic Energy audits, which means explosives are significantly more lethal and non-explosive projectiles will function according to historical properties. Several new close support vehicles have also been added to the game. The naval game has received some love and now you may ride on an FMB. We've also audited turret and ammunition reload speeds for tanks. This is one of the most significant updates in terms of improving the quality of game play that we've been able to offer in a long time. The players have been asking, and now CRS has delivered. We appreciate your support and can't wait to see you in-game. Full details within the article including some greater explanation about what's coming by the Community Manager, Blkhwk8.

-Cornered Rat Software

View the Readme here: Readme 1.35