US Paras and DLCs Released!

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Today version will be released at 7PM Server time, which introduces the US Airborne with their own C-47, plus a revised Dakota (UK C-47 variant) and two new infantry classes available for Hero Builders + Steam Leadership DLC, the NCO and Ammo Bearer. It also includes several good bug fixes that you guys have been reporting. Steam DLC setup will occur over this week on the store page, meanwhile players are now able to join our game as a Free "Rifleman" only account effective immediately. To help clean up a series of patching from our Terrain update recently, all users will be required to do a "full" re-install of the game for this update to make sure you have a fresh WWIIOL directory.

IMPORTANT: If you have not yet read about the important product changes that are starting to take effect for WWII Online, please read about it asap. Reminder, all Premium users have been granted a free "Rifleman" and can access the game and forums to stay connected with us at any time (effective now).

-Cornered Rat Software

View the Readme here: Readme 1.35