Wellington, Proximity AOs and Squad Missions finally Released!

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Jump to navigationJump to search releases today and it includes some epic stuff! Ranging from Proximity Attack Objectives (which are player-driven for the first time in over 15 years), Squad Missions, the Wellington, HC Officer class receiving an infantry-placed mobile spawn to keep battles going, all SMGs audited to have tighter grouping/performance, and a whole lot more! Your subscriptions are directly responsible for keeping us going. This is our last major patch as now we set sights on transitioning into the Unreal Engine and innovating WWII Online's future. Remember we will continue to provide updates to WWII Online through our new trickle-down workflow and supplemental updates. THANK YOU, everyone, for believing in our shared dream/passion, and supporting us which makes all of this possible. Support our current fundraiser going on to help jump starter our Unreal Engine developments at HTTP://www.WWIIOnline.com/fund.

- Cornered Rat Software

View the Readme here:Readme 1.37